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10 Reasons Why Your eCommerce Business Needs SMS Notification

Since the dawn of time, efficient communication has been essential, as we all know. Effective commuting gives a company a competitive advantage over its rivals. The older timer “SMS” is the ideal form of communication for an eCommerce company trying to keep clients with their service. SMS meets the bill for all types of eCommerce firms with a high open rate of over 98% and the lowest cost. 

Despite the development of alternative communication channels. SMS continues to be the most widely utilised method of communication and is expanding at a rate of 4% annually. SMS notification is a vital component that every eCommerce business. Whether a market leader or a startup, cannot afford to overlook. 

Let me explain the causes of this. 

SMS notification increase patron loyalty 

A terrific technique to interact and cultivate devoted consumers is through SMS notification. A succinct and informative SMS indicating the progress of an order fits the bill because life is hectic. The consumer is kept engaged and happy through SMS order alerts such as order confirmation, order despatched, order out for delivery, order delivered, and so forth. 

An eCommerce company may improve customer satisfaction and decrease inbound inquiries by informing clients via real-time SMS about each stage of the order process. When a consumer receives additional attention and excellent service from a seller. Their loyalty tends to grow along with the customer return rate and the likelihood of word-of-mouth recommendations.

SMS alerts make it possible for eCommerce to communicate more quickly

People prefer SMS over other forms of communication because it keeps them updated without requiring any more work or interfering with their regular activities. The urgently needed information is quickly sent with only one click and a 160-character SMS notice. 

90% of SMS are read within 3 minutes and 94% are read within 5 minutes of delivery since they take less time to read. In fact, SMS notification plugin is frequently used by eCommerce behemoths like eBay, Amazon, Snap Deal, Flipkart, and others on their websites.

SMS alerts provide potential for future marketing 

A well-informed order delivery is appreciated by today’s service-oriented client. Once you’ve achieved a high order delivery score. Using a loyalty or discount coupon in the order delivery SMS might encourage repeat business. This tactic not only makes a pleased consumer grin twice as big. But it also makes a disgruntled client feel better. 

SMS alerts enable potential future marketing possibilities. Keep in mind that some consumers detest receiving too many SMS notifications, so always offer an opt-out option.

SMS opens more messages 

SMS notification has a startlingly high open rate when compared to email notification. It performs better than its closest rivals. Twitter (29% open rate) and email (20% open rate), with a 98% open rate. This is mostly due to the 150 times a day that an average person checks their phone. Particularly when they feel the buzz or hear the tone of an SMS that has been received. SMS opens more messages.

Reliable SMS notification 

SMS notifications do not have to contend with spam or filtering as emails do, guaranteeing a 100% delivery to active mobiles. An SMS is therefore more akin to a barrier-free direct line to your consumer. There is nothing more thrilling for a consumer than receiving their purchase, and each SMS order notification that is provided without interruption maintains that excitement level.

SMS notifications save money and time 

eCommerce should be grateful to SMS inventor Matti Makkonen for his invention, which is helping them all save a tonne of time and money. SMS is the cheapest and most effective form of communication when compared to other forms of communication. 

As an illustration, during its 2016 Prime Day, Amazon recorded 600 orders every second. Without a solution like SMS, consider the expense, time, and infrastructure required to convey the status of all orders at each stage. SMS notification saves money and time.

Bulk SMS gateway service may be purchased for as little as 0.0035$ per SMS, and thanks to automation provided by SMS order notification plugins for eCommerce websites, sending SMS alerts to customers takes just a few seconds. SMS effectively spreads the news to all of your clients while keeping money in your wallet. Without employing SMS alerts, it is very difficult for any eCommerce website to compete with its rivals.

SMS links evolving habits 

One channel that has been there since the start of the mobile age is SMS. More than any other method or software, it has successfully adjusted to shifting mobile platforms and OS. In addition to being a fantastic solo channel, SMS also has the opportunity to advertise other forms of marketing, like social media, email, and eCommerce applications. 

By including a link that opens or installs the app, you might, for instance, utilize order status SMS to advertise your eCommerce app as an alternative way to track orders. 

SMS connects evolving habits.

SMS order notice conveys a sense of reality 

Imagine yourself as a consumer who spent their hard-earned money online and never received any kind of purchase confirmation. You might feel short-changed at first. eCommerce is aided by SMS notifications in bridging the physical and digital worlds. When you receive a prompt order confirmation SMS. It’s as if you’re holding your purchase in your hands. And subsequent order status SMS ensure that you continue to feel that way until delivery. 

SMS order notification provides a sense of reality. A word of caution: never make your customers anxious about the status of their orders. As this can harm your eCommerce business by increasing the number of incoming questions (which need extra employees) and decreasing customer happiness.

SMS is independent of the internet 

Although email and messaging applications like WhatsApp, Wechat, Facebook, and others have permeated society. Their use is still constrained by membership costs, mobile device requirements, and internet data costs. To conserve battery life or data costs, a client can disable the internet on their mobile device. SMS, on the other hand. Utilises the standard mobile network and is not reliant on the internet or any other technological concerns. Making it possible to communicate with anybody in contemporary society. Because a user’s mobile device is often on at all times, an SMS always gets your client the important order-related notifications and updates on time.

SMS might lessen online shopping cart abandonment 

It is depressing to see that 67.45% of eCommerce carts are abandoned. According to a survey by the Baymard Institute. By configuring your SMS Notification Plugin on your e-commerce website to promptly SMS a discount voucher to a consumer who has abandoned a basket. SMS notification can assist you combat such circumstances. This effort is successful in getting a consumer who is backing out of a purchase to return to the website and finish the transaction, lowering the abandonment rate.


“Pennies earned are pennies saved.” One must keep costs under control while providing the greatest service possible in the eCommerce sector. Which is growing more competitive by the day. It is beneficial and vital to incorporate an SMS order notification plugin into your website. To bolster this. It’s important to note that eCommerce behemoths like Amazon, Ebay, Ali Baba, Flipkart, Snap Deal, etc. continue to use SMS as their primary method of customer care and marketing.

SMS makes both the eCommerce owner and the buyer happy because of how effective and affordable it is. When it comes to return on investment. The brief but precise old-school SMS is at the top of the list of favoured communication channels. Nothing makes an eCommerce business owner happier than seeing a decent return on investment grow over time.

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