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Bape Shark Hoodies, Don’t Buy!

Bape Shark Hoodies, Don’t Buy!

It would be easy to authenticate the Bape Shark Hoodie by inspecting its labels. For the logo to appear correctly on the neck label, specific fonts must be used.  The washing label should have the correct model code indicated, as this is one of the common flaws found in replicas, which makes it a good idea to double check the label before washing. The washing label must also be accompanied by a small, golden logo tag that must be placed underneath it. To conclude, the sleeve tag of an authentic item must have the right grainy texture so as to be recognizable as an authentic item.

You can follow the guide below to learn how to tell a real Bape Shark Hoodie from a fake Bape Shark Hoodie.

How To Check A Bape Shark Hoodie?

Method of Using Washing Labels

Using the golden tag method

Method of sleeve tags

A Zipper Method

What makes Bape hoodies so expensive?

My BAPE hoodie looks real, but is it?

An Authentic Bape Shark Hoodie Has A Neck Label

During this authentication process, the first step would be to check the embroidery and stitching of the neck label. Make sure the corner stitching is consistent, meaning there are no major flaws visible in the stitching when it comes to the corners. White stitching is also required for the neck tag stitching.

It is important that you verify the logo of the Bathing Ape as some of the cheaper replicas could be stopped as soon as possible. Ensure that the logo matches the authentic reference below in order to ensure that it is authentic. A dense embroidery must be used, while the beige color should be used for the face of the ape.

Besides the text on the neck label, there is another detail that deserves to be mentioned. There would be little space between the letters of a real tag, so it would be a thin and consistent font with little spacing between the characters. Also, it would be a good idea to have a look at the ‘1993’ text as a reference.

Real Bape Shark Hoodies: The Washing Label

The washing label is one of those details that is often copied very accurately when it comes to the washing process. The stitching at the top is where fake Bape manufacturers often fail.t is the stitching found at the top. On the authentic Bape hoodie, the stitching has a very peculiar pattern, while on the fake Bape hoodie, it looks too loose or too dense. Ensure that the stitching checks out by using the below comparison of real and fake Bape Shark Hoodies.

In addition, it is worth noting that the printing found on the copies is often identical to the original. As an example, the authentic reference below shows an item that has been used a lot and has faded. You shouldn’t be concerned about this! Overly thick printing should concern you.

False Vs Real Bape Shark Hoodies

In particular, this method would be reliable when comparing lower-grade replicas. There would be a grainy texture to an authentic golden tag, but it would not be too aggressive. Replicas usually have their tags stitched on the side and have a rough texture.

You can see the difference in color between the two labels in the comparison below. Make sure you also pay attention to the shape of the Bape logo, which is rarely copied well.

Want to learn more about authenticating other designer and Bape items? The following pages have Bape Tees, Givenchy Signature Sweatshirts, and Off-White Hoodies.

Authenticating Bape Shark Hoodies: The Sleeve Tag

When checking the sleeve tag, take care to ensure that the stitching does not appear inconsistent. There may be double stitching at the top of retail hoodies, but it will never look messy or untidy. Make sure you examine the logo embroidery, which will have a grainy look, almost polka dot-like. The sleeve tag on the fake Bape would have a very aggressive pattern on it, so the Bape logo could appear very light on the face features are also respected.

On the label, there is also a ® sign in the bottom right corner of the label which is something else to pay attention to. To see what a sticker on an authentic Bape hoodie would look like, take a look at the comparison below.

False Bape Shark Hoodies: The Zipper

Make sure to look closely at the zipper and its structure to complete this authentication. Authentic zippers would be bulky and wide, whereas fake ones are often narrow.

Ensure that there are no additional mechanisms added to the zipper itself, and that the metal details are made from the right materials. Fake zippers are often made of plastic.

The final step is to verify the font used in the Bape logo and to verify that it matches the authentic reference shown below. Be sure to check the placement of the logo.

Where Can I Find Bape Hoodies?

In spite of the fact that most of the product is made in China, it is of higher quality than normal brands. Remember that you are also paying for the status.

Does My BAPE Hoodie Really Exist?

You don’t need to worry if you followed these methods and didn’t find any differences. We recommend using the legit check services for a guaranteed answer since each replica is different.


The following five steps should help you to compare a real Bape Shark Hoodie to a fake one in order to make a more informed decision. Nevertheless, if you have any remaining questions, our team of experts will be glad to assist you in finding the answers you need. Over 10,000 people have verified their items with the help of our legit check services.

Ensure that the stitching on the sleeve tag appears consistent. In retail hoodies, double stitching won’t look untidy or messy. Examine the logo embroidery, which is grainy and almost polka-dot-like. The fake Bape’s sleeve tag would have an aggressive pattern on it, so the Bape logo would appear very light on it. More Information 












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