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How to Draw Sad Cartoon Girl

How to Draw Sad Cartoon Girl. Start with a pencil sketch. Do not stretch too harsh in the earlier steps. Use light, smooth strokes to draw.

Begin to Draw Sad Cartoon Girl

Step 1

sad cartoon girl 2

Start by drawing a large circle as a Sadness head guide at the top of the page. The cycle does not have to be perfect. It’s just a guide. Leave enough space underneath for the rest of the body of the Sad Girl Drawing.

Step 2

Next, draw two intersecting lines on the head of Sad Cartoon Girl, one vertical and one horizontal. Fold the lines to fit the shape of the circle. These are construction lines that will later help you position your facial features.

Step 3

Draw two small oval shapes to guide the sad eyes. Draw them to sit above the horizontal construction line and on either vertical building line. The oval on the left should be more miniature for perspective.

Step 4

Draw a long curved line under the head to guide the body of grief. The line should be an oval shape sitting behind the head.

Step 5

On the body of grief on the lower left side, draw a small circle as a guide for her two joined hands.

Step 6

To the left of the little loop, tighten two small lines as guides for Sadness’ left hand. Draw two more prominent lines to the right of the small process as a guide for his right hand.

Step 7

Under the body, draw two rectangular lines with the edge missing to guide the Sadness legs.

Step 8

Draw a small shape under each foot as a Sadness foot guide. The figures should be round at the top and flat at the bottom.

Step 9

This is for the first sketch! You have the primary form of Sad Cartoon Girl. Now login and click on your plan. From this point on, push harder with the pen to have darker lines and a more defined sketch.

Step 10

Darken the original oval shapes inside the head with heavy lines to create the profile of the sad eyes. Add a curved eyelid line to each look.

Step 11

In each eye, draw a circle for the iris of Sadness. Inside each iris, draw a small circle on the side to show the glow. In the center of each iris, draw another circle and shade it for the pupils.

Step 12

For the first part of her glasses, draw two large ovals around the eyes of Sadness. The lenses are circular, but from this angle, they look oval. Notice that the ovals are tilted slightly to the left and that the oval on the left protrudes somewhat from the head. Use construction lines as guides to place the ovals in the correct places.

Step 13

Now draw the outside of the Sadness glasses as two more ovals. Follow the path of the first ovals as you design the outside of the glasses. When you reach the middle part between the eyes, add a small bow that connects the ovals.

Step 14

Above each eye of Sadness, draw a long, thick shape for her eyebrows. We should tilt the eyebrows out of the face to create a sad look. Be careful not to overlap the lens lines. The eyebrows should be after the mirrors.

Step 15

Just below the middle of the Sadness glasses, draw the nose with a series of short curved lines. Under the nose, draw a slightly larger line for the mouth. Notice that the mouth curves down to give a sad expression.

Step 16

Sad hair is a bit complicated, so it is divided into two parts. First, draw the left side with a series of long curved lines. The lower part of the hair starts near the top of the initial circle and then moves to the left and down to the face. Make sure you keep all the lines behind your glasses. The tip of hair starts above the initial circle and moves to the left and below the face in a wavy line. Add the lower ends of the hair as short top shapes.

Step 17

Now draw the right side of the sad coat utilizing the initial process as a focus. The bar for the good side of the hair begins further the glasses and then curves to the glasses’ right. Add the lower part of the hair as short sharp shapes and then twist the line upwards to meet the upper left side of the hair.

Step 18

Using the shapes inside the body as a guide, draw Sad Cartoon Girl’s right hand. Draw the needle inside the initial circle using a series of curved lines for the fingers. Then track the course of the initial strings to make the arms and add the sweater cuff to the wrist.

Step 19

Using the other two lines as a guide, draw Sad Cartoon Girl‘s left hand, and do not forget to attach the sweater cuff to your wrist. Draw the other hand with a series of curved lines for the finger, but be careful not to overlap the fingers of the first hand.

Step 20

Draw the Sadness of the Sad Cartoon Girl sweater above the arms and below the head. Use a jagged line on the right side of the collar to make it fluffier. Add a few lines inside the shape for more details and darken the line for her face on the left.

Step 21

Darken the starting line to create the Sad Cartoon Girl sweater under his arms. Draw an extra bar at the bottom to start the bottom edge of the shirt.

Step 22

Design Sad Cartoon Girl pants under the sweater, darkening the initial helplines.

Step 23

Use the original shapes as a guide to design Sadness slippers. Follow the primary path of the principles, but bend the front of the shape down to create the opening of each slipper.

Step 24

That’s all! Now you have a lovely sketch of Inside Out’s Sadness. You can stop at this immediate plan for a rough, rough, or complete look by moving on to the next step.

Step 25

sad cartoon girl 1

For a more complete and inked look, carefully draw the outlines of the sketch with a pen or marker. Wait for the ink to dry, then utilize an eraser to erase any pencil marks. Now you have a complete grief plan in ink! You can control here or go to the last step to complete your grief plan.

Last step

sad cartoon girl

For a complete grief design, you need to color it. You can use attributes, crayons, or actual crayons! Sad hair and eyes are blue. You can add a little blue to the inside of her hair to give it more shine. His glasses stand purple. Her sweater stands white, though you can count a little gray on the sides to give it a more significant dimension. His skin is blue, his pants and slippers are dark blues. That’s all! You now have a complete plan of grief.

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