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How to Win the Lottery (Tricks and Keys)

Who has not ever wondered how to win the lottery? I think everyone, right?

The possibility of becoming a millionaire for the simple fact of playing a game of chance is something too attractive to not consider from time to time. However, the hard reality is that there is no 100% infallible method.

Like you, I also want to touch the lottery and fulfill many of my dreams, but getting rich through this famous game of chance is something extremely difficult.

However, there are different tricks and strategies to increase the chances of winning effectively. Mathematics does not deceive.

And that is what I want to talk to you about today, how to earn money in the lottery from a statistical and mathematical point of view. I think it is a very interesting topic and the following information can help you. Do not miss it!

Are there tricks to winning the lottery?

Although it is undeniable that the luck factor plays an important role in gambling, its relevance is much lower compared to purely statistical and mathematical factors.

After all, we must not forget that the lottery is a game created based on mathematical operations and a probability system.

Thus, to have any possibility of winning in kolkata fatafat result where mathematics is the main basis, it is essential to apply methods that take into account at all times the percentage of probabilities of losing or winning in each play.

Does that mean that you can’t win the lottery by playing random numbers without any criteria?

No, at all, but there is no doubt that the options to achieve this will be extremely lower than applying a logical method based on mathematics.

For example, playing numbers based on indicated dates (anniversaries, birthdays, etc.), or simply those that come out randomly on the machine of any establishment or online platform, is not precisely a good way to optimize your options to get an award.

But this does not happen exclusively in the lottery, in games such as poker or sports bets become even greater importance.

Playing “crazy” and without any criteria will only lead you to lose money without any chance of recovering it.

Anyway, contrary to what happens in those two games (where it is necessary.

How to Make the Lottery Touch: 10 Strategies

If you really want to know how to win the lottery, the first piece of advice I can give you is that you forget the word “luck” and start applying the following methods and tricks that great professionals use.

Some will seem very obvious, but you should not underestimate their potential (especially if you have never tried them).

All are very effective and in the long term, they can make the difference between not winning anything or taking any prize.

Let’s know about How to Win the Lottery.

1.- Choose your numbers and keep the combinations

Whether you buy your tickets physically or online, choose your own numbers and do not let the person of the establishment or the web software choose the combinations for you.

On the other hand, do not change the numbers in each draw, be faithful to a combination and always play with it.

Although from a merely statistical point of view, all numbers have the same chances of being winners, experience says that changing combinations in each raffle reduces the chances of winning. It is as if you start from scratch every time.

To check this, you can perform a simple test: choose a number from 1 to 6 and throw a die 20 times. Subsequently, he throws the dice again at the same time but this time choosing a different number in each run. When did you get more? 😎

2.- Do not play previously awarded numbers

Before choosing the numbers you are going to play, it is more than recommended to find out if such a combination has been winning on occasion.

For example, if you have never played the eleven game (my favorite lottery), you can check the history of all winning numbers with a simple mouse click.

The reason to follow this strategy is very simple: the chances of the same number winning twice from a Grand Prix is ​​highly unlikely.

3.- Form groups to acquire more tickets

It is possible that this strategy already knows it and even you have used it. It is about sharing the largest number of tickets and//combinations possible among several people.

Thus, your chances of winning the lottery will always be much greater. It is logical: more combinations = more % success.

For example, this way of playing in a Group I carry it using a personal level for many years with several of my friends and family. We do it playing the pool, the famous chance game for football lovers in Spain.

Rare is the week that we do not take any prize, although obviously all are of a little amount and we have not yet achieved the long-awaited full 15. What is a reality, is that the options of a hit are much greater than if they played alone.

As a negative point, it must be taken into account that every time you get an award, you have to distribute it among all participants, so with this strategy, it is difficult to become a millionaire.

Anyway, a small award is better than anything, don’t you think?

4.- Do not give up and be persistent

Unfortunately, there are no tricks to touch the lottery overnight, so it is essential to be patient and take this game as a long-term project.

Without going any further, my first important prize got it after 3 years in a row of playing every week at the same number. It was a four-digit prize (I hit 5 numbers), although I could have made a millionaire if I had successful 6.

It was a real grief, although I can’t complain since I had never touched anything and that money came very well to “cover holes,” hehe.

So, do not give up at any time, and keep playing (if your economy allows it, of course). The one to follow her, get her!

5.- Do not use numbers based on special dates

Do you want to know How to Win the Lottery?

A very common way to play the lottery by many people is to use numbers based on special dates (anniversaries, birthdays, etc).

You have to know that this method is not optimal or recommended since it greatly limits the number of possible combinations.

This is because all these numbers exclude figures above 31, which are the maximum number of days in one month.

If you think about it, you will realize that playing in this way establishes combinations of too-static numbers (type 06/11/73, for example).

Although we all have dates that remind us of special moments (sometimes good and others bad), you should not give importance when playing gambling. The numbers do not understand feelings or memories.

Making a small reflection, you will see that the probability that the winning number of a raffle coincides with the exact date of a special event for you is practically non-existent.

So, you have to focus exclusively on maximizing the chances of winning.

6.- Establishes a limit and reinvested the profits

Although everyone wants to know how to hit the lottery, practically no one considers how not to ruin it along the way.

In my opinion, this game of chance must be considered a long-term investment, which means establishing controlled spending guidelines.

For example, on Christmas dates many people go crazy buying tickets everywhere without any control, making an expense that can often cause an important mismatch in the family economy.

Thus, you must establish a maximum expenditure limit for this type of game and never exceed it.

In addition, the money invested in gambling must be a minimum part of your capital for investments (no more than 1%). There are much more optimal and profitable ways to invest your money.

On the other hand, when you win minor awards, the ideal is to reinvest the profits to buy more tickets, always using the same system but changing the combination of numbers.

In the case of the winner of a fat prize, it is already your decision to continue investing or not. In my particular case, I would forget everything and dedicate all my time to being with the family, enjoying my hobbies and living life in full.

7.- Check the most fortunate numbers

A good strategy is to find out the luckiest numbers over time in that lottery where you have decided to play. For example, the luckiest number in the Christmas Lottery in Spain is 5 (awarded 32 times).

On the other hand, the tenth finishes in 4 and in 6 have winning results of the fat prize up to 27 occasions each. Although it is not a definitive fact, it can serve to make a combination with more chances of success.

8.- Avoid scams that flood the Internet

If you decide to play the lottery online, you must pay attention to the following recommendations not to fall into all kinds of frauds and scams:

  • Play exclusively on legal pages and backed by the government of your country.
  • Do not pay for courses that promise methods to win the safe lottery.
  • Do not access sites through links received in your email in which they assure you that you have won a raffle (when you have not even participated in it).
  • Avoid registering on pages that offer combinations based on rituals or miraculous methods.

9.- Do a study of coincidences and patterns

Making a quick online search, you can easily find numbers and patterns that have been winners of fat awards throughout history in a particular game. If you find anyone that is repeated very regularly, you can use it for your combinations.

For example, in the Lottery La Primitiva, the numbers 47 and 39 are the ones that are most repeated, with a total of 351 and 349 times respectively.

As is evident, the greater the period you analyze a game in question, the easier it will be to identify patterns or coincidences.

Almost all pages of lotteries have their historical results filed by dates, so it does not hurt to review them from time to time.

10.- Choose combinations with two consecutive numbers

According to various studies conducted by analysts from several countries, combinations containing two consecutive numbers usually have a slightly higher percentage than average.

You can take this data as an interesting reference when making your plays.

However, you must choose only two consecutive numbers (3, 4 …), in no case three (1, 2, 3 …), since according to statistics, probabilities are significantly reduced.

Final Words

This is all about how to win the lottery. We hope that you liked this article. Thanks for reading this article.

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