Sleeping in the desert in Morocco

Sleeping in the desert in Morocco

Sleeping in the desert in Morocco is one of those once-in-a-lifetime experiences. If you go to Marrakech, it is something not to be missed. And if you combine it with a route through Morocco crossing in 4×4 or motorcycle the route of the old tracks of the Dakar, the High Atlas and stopping to sleep in kasbahs in the middle of fairytale landscapes, the experience is completely unforgettable.

A trip through Morocco is amazing, but if there is something we will never forget in life is sleeping in the desert, so we tell you our experience for when you live it too.

Where to sleep in the desert in Morocco? Hotels, camps and haimas

Recommended hotels

A great place to stay in the desert of Morocco is at the foot of the Erg Chebbi dunes. Last time we stayed at Nomade Palace in Merzouga, a hotel with swimming pool, quiet and with views of the desert that seem to be taken from a postcard.

In the middle of nowhere, with nothing around but the intense orange of the sand. In our case, sleeping in the desert, we only stopped to leave our bags and rest for a while before leaving by camel to the haimas that were inside the desert of Merzouga. The next day we returned in the morning for a shower and breakfast.

If we repeat someday, without hesitation we will take a full day to enjoy it to the fullest because we liked it so much, that we miss to take advantage of it a little more.

 Sleeping in a haima in the Moroccan desert

Sleeping in the desert in Morocco is already a unique experience, and sleeping in a haima is something you should not miss.

Great if you are traveling alone, in a group or as a couple. And although we don’t have kids, it seems to us that to go with children of at least 8 years old it must also be amazing.

You can book accommodation on your own in a camp to spend the night in the desert of Morocco. We leave here the best rated by other travelers, with a great location, for you to choose:

Erg Chebbi camel trek Camp: It has tents and rooms. Great location and very good comments for their kindness and hospitality.

Merzouga & Camel Trekking Camp: Tents in the desert and like the previous one, with very good comments about the accommodation and the hospitality of the owners.

Family desert Camp: With free WiFi and access to a garden. Terrace with mountain views, fully equipped kitchen and private bathroom with shower. In addition, the rating of this accommodation is one of the best in Merzouga and very good value for money seks hikayeleri

What to do in the desert of Morocco?

Camel trekking in Merzouga

If you are not going to make an organized tour from Marrakech and you arrive on your own in Merzouga, you can also make a camel trek through the desert of Morocco on your own.

We leave you several options to book a night in the desert:

In our case, we made a small route at sunset for an hour and a half or so, from the hotel to the haimas.

Of course, if you dare to live the experience, remember: It’s amazing, but you won’t get rid of the pain in your ass and back when you get off the animal. If you suffer from any of this, consider arriving by 4×4 or quad. tour Marruecos 3 dias

In exchange, you can see the sunset in the middle of the desert,

advancing in caravan,

and the landscape changing color, as the sun goes down, from orange to gold… to arrive at the camp at night… It is something unforgettable.

But we also give you some practical information so that you know what to put in your backpack that day, something that had us a bit confused because we did not know very well what we were going to find when we arrived so, now knowing it, here are our recommendations.

What to bring to sleep in the desert Morocco

No need to bring pajamas or a toilet bag to take a shower. Less weight in your backpack. The toilets are prefabricated, like the ones you can find in fairs. Take just enough to go to the bathroom, and comfortable clothes that you can sleep in. Although it all depends on the camp you go to, in our case we showered on the way back at the Nomad Palace.

Pack warm clothes for the night. The temperature drops a lot and a good fleece is appreciated.

A bottle of water in the desert always comes in handy 😉 Anyway the hotel provides 1 large bottle for the road.

It is better to wear closed shoes. It is more comfortable to move through the sand and safer if you meet any desert critter.

And most importantly: A good camera because you will “jartarar” to take pictures and the tones of the dunes ae to make real postcards.

More tips for traveling to the desert of Morocco

Travel insurance

Take a good travel insurance is what we recommend for this trip. In the end it is a minimal cost added to the expenses of the trip and it can save you a lot of trouble in case you need it. We have been using IATI for more than 10 years, a travel insurance without deductibles (very important), which has 24-hour service in Spanish.

And with this we finish with the tips for sleeping in the desert in Morocco. What do you think? Is there anything you miss or would add? Leave us your comment below, it always makes us happy to know that you are there and we will be happy to answer you.


An obligatory stop on any trip to Morocco. If you are only going to be a couple of days in Marrakech and you have not been before, we tell you what for us you can not miss.

We make a summary of all the things to see and do in Marrakech because although there are no beaches, it is so beautiful, you can not miss it.

Essaouira, a must on a tour of the beaches of Morocco

Essaouira reminded us a lot for its beaches to others in southern Spain as Tarifa or Conil, just as windy, and perfect for sports like surfing or kitesurfing. A great place to go to the beach in Morocco.

Sidi Kaouki a great beach for surfing in Morocco
Sidi Kaouki, a super long and fine sand beach perfect for surf lovers and tranquility.

Kaouki beach is only 26 km from Essaouira. If you want to know how are the beaches of Sidi Kaouki, where to stay and what to do in Sidi Kaouki, check out our article.

Agadir, one of the best beaches in Morocco

Enjoy one of the best beaches in Morocco in the modern city of Agadir.

From Essaouira by car it takes almost 3 hours and a half. There you will find beaches like those in southern Spain, but without crowds. In Agadir you will have no problem to place your towel on the sand.

Another option to go to the beach in Morocco in a more economical and above all different way.

Check here how are the beaches of Agadir on a route along the coast of Morocco.

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