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The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Refurbished Phone [2021]

Have you considered purchasing a refurbished iPhone, Samsung, or another brand? Not sure what a refurbished phone means or if it’s the best phone for you? Do you even have no idea how to assess the quality of refurbished phones on the market?

We’ll go over what a refurbished phone is and why you should buy one the next time you need a new phone in this guide to purchasing a refurbished phone.

We’ll also go through the many choices to purchase a refurbished phone or sell broken cell phones for cash and what to look for to avoid making a huge mistake. We want you to acquire the perfect phone at the right price while also positively impacting the environment.

What is a refurbished phone?

The terms “refurbished” and “secondhand” are not equivalent. It is a prevalent misconception – and a cause of ongoing concern – but the difference is significant.

It refers to the second hand. On the other hand, Refurbished signifies that the maker or a third-party specialist has worked on the phone to improve its condition. The amount of work required varies to sell old broken phones. It might range from a minor update, such as a new screen, to a total re-manufacture, in which it changes every part of the device. Our primary partner is an iPhone remanufacturer who can fully restore an iPhone to its original state.

It implies that not every refurbished phone is the same. Even if someone has only opened the package and opted to return the phone, it tags certain phones as refurbished. These premium phones, rated 5.0, have a new battery or screen installed.

From scratches to technological faults, there are various reasons why a shop, reseller, or customer can return a phone. Still, most refurbished phones fall into one of three categories:

  1. Used phones that have been repaired with new parts to make them operate as well as new phones.
  2. People have opened new phones and then returned them since they didn’t want them.
  3. The manufacturer resolves the brand new phones that had technical concerns and are now available for purchase.

Why choose a refurbished phone?

There are two key reasons to choose a refurbished phone over a new one: cost and environmental impact.

Our planet

Let’s start with the element carbon. A smartphone’s typical carbon emissions are roughly 80 kg during its lifespan, with 80 percent occurring during the production process. By opting for existing equipment rather than a new one, you may save a significant amount of carbon.

Choosing a refurbished phone over a new one benefits the environment in another way. Electronic garbage, often known as e-waste, is the world’s fastest increasing waste stream. However, each refurbished phone purchased means one fewer item will end up in a landfill.

When you buy a refurbished phone, you’re not contributing to the e-waste problem. What could be wrong with that?

Your wallet

As if protecting the environment wasn’t enough, buying a refurbished phone also saves you money.

You can purchase a newer iPhone from Apple, but it will cost you more. You can get a refurbished one for a lower price. In reality, refurbished phones are frequently 20-40% less expensive than new phones.

You’ll save money on more than simply the first investment than trade in your used cell phone for cash. We all know that brand new automobiles depreciate the moment you drive them off the lot, and it turns out that phones aren’t any different; they’re much worse.

Phones lose between 38 percent and 76 percent of their value in the first year, whereas autos lose roughly 20%. Instead, buy refurbished and let someone else take the burden of the initial depreciation.

Getting the right refurbished phone for you

Here are some of the most important questions to consider before making a payment.

  • Is it truly refurbished?

Remember the first instruction on refurbished phones? Secondhand and refurbished are not the same thing. Unfortunately, some fraudulent resellers may label an item as refurbished when it didn’t repair or improve in any way. You might get a decent deal, but you won’t receive the same level of quality, and there’s a high possibility you won’t get a warranty.

  • Is there any warranty?

Are you surprised to know that a refurbished phone comes with a warranty? Don’t be that way. With all sales, several resellers provide a free 15-days to one-month warranty to sell broken phones. Any trustworthy seller should follow suit.

  • Is it viable to unlock it?

If you buy a locked refurbished phone, you’re more likely to lock into a lengthy contract. Purchase an unlocked phone to switch between networks and SIM-only plans. You have complete freedom to explore the market and select the most cost-effective and flexible solutions.

  • If used any official parts?

Check to see if used official parts in the phone’s repair. If you don’t, you’ll lose a lot of shelf life, and it’ll almost certainly need repair again relatively soon.

  • What should you look for in terms of a condition?

The condition of all brand new devices is the same: brand new.

Refurbished phones are available in a wide range of states, and it litters the resale market with many methods for determining quality. These are frequently basic and misleading ways to sell your old phone online.

  • What kind of packaging does the phone have?

Since secondhand does not imply second best, you have the right to demand high-quality packaging when purchasing used or refurbished products, just as you would when purchasing new. Some people are happy to send their phones out in a precarious situation. However, that is not the case. When purchasing refurbished things, the unboxing process should be just as enjoyable as when purchasing new items.

New vs. Standard Refurbished Products

New product: There is a process to manufacture products by the firm name inscribed on them. However, in layman’s terms, we consider a well-known and well-known product to be a unique product.

Refurbished product: Sellers or buyers discard the products owing to a problem, and then they fix and refill. Refurbished phones are less expensive than new items. If the manufacturer refurbishes a product, it is more reliable. The refurbished product comes with the same guarantees and warranties as a new one.

Conclusion: Your buying refurbished checklist

Hopefully, you’ve learned everything there is to know about purchasing a refurbished phone. If you now have a significant question, don’t hesitate to ask. But first, here’s a simple checklist to keep in mind while looking for a refurbished phone:

  1. Is it refurbished or merely used?
  2. What is the warranty period?
  3. Is it possible to unlock it?
  4. Have any official items been used in the repairs?
  5. What am I looking for in terms of a condition to buy broken phones?
  6. What criteria do they use to determine the phone’s condition?
  7. What kind of packaging does the phone have?

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