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What is Unlocking of Your Phone?

Smartphones are used with Sim cards. The SIM cards have different types of phone numbers that we can give anyone to contact us. Many carriers and operators in the market present will provide you with the Sim card and your choice of number. However, there are many random numbers available with you can buy for the lowest cost. If you want a personalized or customized number then you might have to pay some extra amount.

Although, you might not want to stick to the same carrier for years and decide to change it. This might be possible only if you have the option of switching to another carrier by using the same device. Most mobile phones might come with this feature but some might want it.

However, if you still want the option to switch to another carrier while on the same phone you can try to unlock your phone using free lock phone calls. You do not need to sell your phone online if it is capable of unlocking.


What is unlocking your phone? 

Unlocking your phone is not unlocking it to the password or passcode. Unlock your device will provide you with many other options in the market. Just as there is jailbreaking for iPhone and the options are unlimited. Similarly, anyone can get the phone unlocked and keep the usage of the carrier to a broad perspective.


Is it legal to unlock your phone on many carriers? 

This question might sound ridiculous to you as it is your device. However, yes you can do anything with your phone just there are some conditions. If you have taken the mobile phone on a loan or EMI basis then you must be it off before you take any other steps. The same would be applied to any other phones that you have purchased. If you have not done paying the whole amount according to the contract then you might be not eligible for the service. You can always check that some carriers might not have any problem with this process and you can switch to them. It is also advised that you proceed with the further procedures only once you are hundred percent sure that you do not want to turn back once you unlock your phone.


How can you unlock your phone? 

It is simply an easy process to unlock your mobile phone. It might look something complicated as you have not done it before

  1. But unlocking your phone you need to contact the service provider and request to unlock the mobile phone.
  2. Contact the original services of the service provider or the operator, not the Sim card that you want to switch to.
  3. Once you get the confirmation for the unlocking process from the company, you can go ahead.
  4. You simply need to power down the phone and insert a new Sim card that you want to switch to. Once you have done this, you can turn back the phone on?
  5. You can try to place a call after a certain period as instructed by the operating company.
  6. If you are unable to connect then there might be some other procedure that the new Sim card operating company wants you to follow before you start placing calls.
  7. You can always contact the service related to the carrier operator to clear your doubts.

If you have any other doubts you can always take professional help at any mobile repair shop.


Precautions to take before you unlock your phone? 

  1. Know your IMEI number

The IMEI number of your mobile phone is the most important digit that you need to keep in mind. Is identification core for each device. It is uniquely designed for all different smartphones. The IMEI number is the international Mobile equipment identity code. It is a 15-digit code and is important to know about the user. If at all you must place your phone is there any problem, you can always have the help of the IME a number in process of identification. If it is stolen or some other problem has occurred and you can always choose to block any services on the mobile phone for privacy concerns.

You can simply find IMEI a number of your smartphone on the original packaging box that you got it in. You can also dial *#06# on your smartphone to know the IMEI number instantly.


  1. Labels of your smartphone

You can also check the labels of a smartphone that come along with the packaging placed under the battery of a smartphone. Mobile network users might ask for this code to unlock and switch off mobile phone carriers. It helps in working with Sim cards or other telecommunication-based activities. Once you get the label number or IMEI. you can unlock the mobile phone using the same IMEI code. So while you contact the operator or the carrier provider you must know the IMEI number or labels of your smartphone.


  1. Enquire about the phone carrier services

Depending on which carrier provider you have chosen, you can always enquire with them about the unlocking process. Unlock in the process might sound like a different process for each color provider or operator. To always be secure and have a successful unlocking of your mobile phone.


  1. Surrender your phone to a genuine and verified service

If you are unable to unlock your mobile phone with your help you might need professional help. Surrender your device to a trustworthy and verified source you unlock your phone. It is better to research the source before you surrender your mobile phone completely to them. To unlock and follow the whole process might take a little time but you can still be present with the professionals that you choose. Many online websites will help you to do so.



However, today we have the options of having multiple SIM cards in one smartphone which does not restrict us from using different types of carriers. Though, you might want to sell your old mobile for cash in exchange for a new smartphone that might come along with these features.



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