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Web Development

Why Basic Web Design is Dead

The scope of web design is finally getting over. Designers must move to the next level if they want to stay relevant, because web pages are no longer at the centre of the Internet.

Although it’s a bold claim, this article discusses why web design is doomed and what designers can do to change it. Web design has already reached the limits of its potential as a discipline, and new technological and cultural developments emphasise the need for a more comprehensive design strategy. Let’s start-

What is web design?

Website making process is web design. A web designer will walk you through the entire process from beginning to end, helping you to develop your ideas and create a website that looks and feels fantastic. They will collaborate with you to identify your target market and pick the technologies that are appropriate for your company.

To develop visually beautiful and easy-on-the-eye websites, web designers frequently employ various software packages like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. They have also worked with online marketing techniques, so they can assist you in boosting site traffic and visibility.

In the end, having a well-designed website can be the worst now to expand any business online. Therefore, a good web designer was your best bet if you were seeking someone who could handle every aspect while offering top-notch web design service.

If you have a knack for computer languages and a drive to develop websites, web designing classes may be a good fit for you. Learning server programming languages is a must for students taking web design courses in computer science and IT fields in order to create dynamic web pages. Candidates who want to join the IT industry and land high-paying employment must go for web design courses. Both graduates and undergraduates are looking for web design courses to improve their coding abilities and produce artistic designs. But now web design is dead. There is no meaning in studying that. Let’s figure out some reasons why it is dead- 

Let’s begin with the warning signs of this impending demise.

  • Commercialization through Templates

The content you see on the internet today is managed through WordPress, Bloggers etc. Frameworks give you basis and shortcuts, so you may focus more on developing content. 

  • Web design trends are advanced.

What is the most recent advancement in web design that you can name? Adaptive design? That predates digital time. Parallax? Ineffective eye candy. For some time, the internet has offered all the user interface elements which you want. And for this reason, recent web patterns have not been very innovative.

Artificial intelligence and automation are already working when something can be automated with success, and it signifies that its procedures and standards are well-established enough to not require a lot of human input. There will be tremendous competition between services to see which one can provide better designs faster and with less human involvement.

  • The New Small-Business Homepage

Facebook Pages have totally taken the place of this function nowadays. They come with sophisticated features that were only available to large companies a decade ago (such as subscriptions for updates or media posting), are free, and are just as simple to set up as your own personal page. They are so effective at increasing a company’s visibility that they make simple web pages obsolete.

  • The Web is Dying because of Mobile

The mobile web has always been sluggish and difficult. It’s strange typing addresses. It seems odd switching between tabs. An online experience as fluid as the one we have on our desktop computers is not made possible by our underpowered mobile devices and congested data networks.

Responsive web design is crucial because it simply ensures that a user will be able to read your page on a mobile device. Additionally, the minimal mental space anyone has is already mostly taken up by applications.

The development of web services and content that finds you but the content, as it relates to a particular user need, is what actually matters, not how you arrange things on a page. Google is beginning to show actual content in some search results; as a result, saving you from having to go to another website page. Just as an illustration, the search results for a nearby restaurant on a mobile device include a button to call the establishment immediately. Not even going to the page is necessary. The visitor’s counter and the ego of the page designer could take a little hit, but in the end, the user experience is enhanced.

  • UX Design Is Alive and Well, Web Design Is Dead

Designers are still in demand. On the contrary, you can observe that there is still a high demand for UX designers. Everyone is now rethinking their digital goods.

The transformation from web pages to digital tools is responsible for the change of internet design to expertise design. A user’s visiting a brand, product, or service is fascinated by various factors beyond just web pages, including mobile apps, social media, SEO, and customer service channels etc. It is naïve to pretend that managing the web channel will allow you to operate a company or provide value.

And it is necessary to plan, create, and manage each of these touch points. No matter the medium, this position will still be needed. Regardless of what we create in the years to come—smart climate control, virtual reality technology, electronic contact lenses, etc. We will still require unified experiences and worthwhile content. Designers who want to remain in business must be professionals at distributing value and information across mediums.


It’s time for everyone to get mature because they contributed to the issue by fostering conceited websites. They are deserving of attention and praise simply because we took the time to create them. Simple, intelligent, integrated information ecosystems are more important than ever in today’s cognitively noisy environment. Future readiness will be improved the sooner designers recognize this necessity.


Presently serving as the Research and Development specialist in SEO Discovery, Naveen Sharma adds his insights to the company’s strategies. He considers research as the foundational pillar of any project. He stays inquisitive for staying updated and enthusiastic about sharing what he learns. He is also thrilled about the way digital marketing is changing the world, and that’s what you can expect from his blogs.

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