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6 of the Very Best Review Plugins for WordPress in 2022

Picking the Right Plugin for Your WordPress Critique

You should take the same precautions while selecting a review plugin for your WordPress website as you would with any other plugin: ensure that it will be trustworthy and secure.

Before you go ahead and install a review plugin, you should check to see whether it has receive positive feedback and ratings first.

When viewing the available plugins, you will see that each one has a star rating and, in brackets, the total number of reviews SEO company in india.

The quality of a product or service may be gauge by both the average star rating and the total number of reviews .

You should also examine the number of active instals that the plugin currently has.

Again, a bigger number of active instals is preferable since it indicates that a greater number of users are making use of the plugin on their own websites.

And last, check to see that the plugin has been validate with the most recent release of WordPress.

install and provide feedback

Screenshot taken from WordPress, showing ratings for June 2022

June 2022 screenshot taken from inside WordPress

The following are my top six suggestions for WordPress plugins. Your website will be given a review system that is both aesthetically pleasing and simple to navigate as a result of this.

Each of the review plugins that are feature below has been validate with WordPress 6.0 and has receive outstanding ratings from in excess of 20,000 users.

1.WP Review Pro was first.

Plugin de WordPress WP Review Pro

capture from’s screen taken in June of 2022

If you are searching for a plugin that provides reviews that cover a wide range of topics, you simply cannot go wrong with WP Review Pro SEO company in india.

WP Review Free has all of the essential functions, but if you want to access the whole feature set, upgrading to the pro edition for an unlimite number of sites will cost you $67 and is well worth the investment.

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When you purchase WP Review Pro, you will have access to an infinite number of colour choices, as well as a selection of different rating systems, including stars, percentages, thumbs up/down, points, or a circle rating.

In order to broaden your audience, this plugin supports 19 different rich snippets and integrates smoothly with reviews on Facebook, Google, and Yelp.

The pre-defined styles are highly customisable, making it simple to match them to your company’s logo or to other popular review sites.

2. Site Reviews Screenshot taken from

WordPress in June 2022 using the Site Reviews plugin

Site Reviews is a straightforward review plugin that enables users to submit reviews by making use of a bespoke submission form SEO company in india.

The ratings range from one to five stars, and you may filter them.

You also have the option to “pin” positive reviews to the very top of the page, making them the very first reviews that buyers see.

You may also utilise Site Reviews with WooCommerce with the help of a free add-on that will allow you to replace the WooCommerce Reviews with Site Reviews for the goods that are sold in your WooCommerce shop.

The plugin supports native Elementor widgets and may function as a shortcode, a custom Gutenberg block, or a widget. Additionally, the plugin is free to use and can accept a wide variety of theme and builder types.

3. Plugin for Google Reviews Plugin for Google Reviews plugin for Google Reviews plugin for Google Reviews

June 2022 screenshot taken from inside WordPress

With the use of a public Google API, Plugin for Google Reviews shows, as its name implies, ratings and reviews originating from Google.

Showing more than five Google reviews will require upgrading to the paid Business edition, which costs $85 per year for a single site and utilises an API to connect to your Google Business account. This unlocks the possibility of displaying an infinite number of Google reviews.

The upgrade will also sync your accounts so that you will get automatic updates and will provide you unlimited reviews on both Yelp and Facebook.

You may also combine reviews from several platforms, and consumers can submit reviews for use on other sites directly via your website.

Do you want to prioritise the reviews that you think are the best?

You may see reviews in the order that you wish to see them by using the filter option.

There are five different themes to choose from, and you can show off your evaluations using a widget, a shortcode, or Universal HTML/JavaScript.

4. Customer Reviews for WooCommerce Plugin for Customer Reviews for WooCommerce (Customer Reviews for WooCommerce)

June 2022 screenshot taken from inside WordPress

Consumers who have previously made purchases from your store will be able to give written evaluations as well as images with the Customer Reviews for WooCommerce plugin. This will help to enhance your social proof and bring in more customers SEO company in india.

When a client makes a purchase, you have the option of having an email sent to them automatically requesting them to offer feedback in the form of a review. You may also offer vouchers to customers who have left a review for your business.

In addition to this, the plugin is able to connect with a service that checks the genuineness of reviews.

Customer Reviews for WooCommerce make use of star ratings and voting as review kinds, in addition to photographs uploade by customers. There is also the option to filter the reviews.

There is a free version available call Basic, but if you want more customization options and features geare more toward professionals, you might consider upgrading to the Professional version, which costs $49.99 a year.

5. Starfish Reviews Plugin for Starfish Reviews Starfish Reviews

Snapshot taken from Starfish Reviews in June of 2022

A funnel method is use by the Starfish Reviews plugin to sort positive and negative reviews in a certain order.

The plugin may connect to Google, Yelp, Facebook, and a variety of other third-party review networks. The configuration for the plugin is done from the dashboard of WordPress SEO company in india.

At the beginning of the evaluation process, an option between a good and a negative review is shown.

If the favourable review is selecte, you may provide the client a single or numerous locations at which they may submit their feedback, depending on their preference.

In the event that a negative review is selecte, the feedback will be forwarde back to you, and they will be given the opportunity to be questione for further information.

You have the option of allowing someone to publish a bad review or disallowing them to do so, and your decision will be influence by the constraints of the review platform(s) you are utilising.

There is a free, extremely restricte version of the plugin that can be downloaded from the website. In addition, Starfish Reviews offers many subscription levels, the lowest of which is $37 per month.

6. Taqyeem Taqyeem plugin

June 2022 screen capture from the website

Using the Taqyeem WordPress Review Plugin, you can generate stunningly unique reviews that can then be place to articles, pages, or custom post kinds on your site.

You have infinite control over the colours use and the review criteria, and you can choose from more than 500 different Google Fonts to get a look that is tailore to any number of different brands.

There are three different types of ratings: stars, percentages, and points, and there are a variety of choices for the rating picture. The reviews may be arrange in one of three ways: best, most recent, or randomly.

The Taqyeem plugin takes use of Google Rich Snippets in order to provide the best possible viewing experience inside search engines SEO company in india.

The plugin is available for a one-time purchase from CodeCanyon for a price of $29, and this price includes six months of support. You have the option of purchas

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