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8 Delightful Heart Shape Cake Designs For 2022

The heart is the most known emblem of love. If you are sending a heart smiley, a heart-shaped chain, heart-shaped chocolates, or anything in the shape of a heart to a cherished one, then you are using them to express your love. The shape of the heart has been the emblem of love since eternally, and we people send hearts to someone we love virtually every day.

We all know how impressive the shape of a heart is when it arrives at the emotion of love. Suppose your cherished one is commemorating a special event like a birthday, anniversary, job anniversary, valentine’s day, or any other special celebration. At that point, you should review our array of heart shaped cake designs that will make your wonder even more special and full of love. 

A heart shaped cake is the ideal type of cake to amazing a particular person in your life. If you desire the best heart shape cake design, all you require is to check out our array of stunning heart shape cake designs, place your order through Online Cake Delivery services, and get them delivered at your doorstep. 

Heart-Shaped Chocolate Truffle Cake

A heart-shaped truffle cake decadent in chocolate inside-out. The cake is embellished with chocolate curls, munching, & hearty chocolate marbles. Each piece of the cake will make your enthusiast experience gooey romantic vibes.

Heart-Shaped Chocolate Cake

Chocolate & love go hand-in-hand. The chocolate layers are absorbed & covered richly in dark chocolate frost. And the top is covered with white mist. It is one of the romantic Valentine cakes that are too tasty to miss.

Red Velvet Cake Heart Shape

Red velvet is a cake savor that scrutinizes as pleasing as it tastes. If you desire a cake that skims stylish, lavish, and killer, then the red velvet cake is what you are hunting for. The vibrant shade of red velvet would adhere in everyone’s brain. The yummy tangy savor of the cake will present no one with a sugar kick. A red velvet cake in a heart shape would be an excellent pick of cake when you are commemorating a special event like your anniversary or valentine’s day. The shade red also expresses the feeling of love & passion.

Love is the most lovely sensation in the entire world. The occasions that commemorate the feeling of love are the most scrutinized forward to commemorating. So what’s more excellent than a red velvet heart-shaped cake for such love events? If you are planning an anniversary wonder for your better half, then check out our array of heart-shaped red velvet cake designs- Online Cake Delivery In Bangalore is available. 

Love-Infused Chocolate Cake

Let this Year’s Valentine’s Day be all about passion, romance, & chocolate cake. A creamy, rich chocolate cake in heart shape. The cake is designed with buttercream piping layouts & white chocolate hearts on the lid.

Chocolatey Pleasure

Revel in the unfamiliar taste of love & romance by sharing a piece from this heart-shaped chocolate cake. A basic & fudgy chocolate cake with white chocolate marbles in round shape embellishing the cake.

Black Forest Flavour Cake Design

There has to be a cake in the extravaganza whenever there is a unique event. Be it birthdays, marriages, bashes, bachelorette, and any other occasion, a cake is a must. Every extravaganza begins with the cutting of the cake & all the people in the room having lovely bites of the yummy cake. So bringing the most lovely and mouthwatering cake to a party is essential. If you are commemorating a special event & you require some cake ideas, check out our array of heart-shaped Black Forest cakes.

Black Forest flavor is an incredible one. Combining several layers of chocolate sponge cake with whipping whipped cream between each layer with chocolate sprays and shavings is just so excellent. Let’s not overlook the cherry on the lid to top it all off. If this doesn’t engage you, then what would? Hurry up & grasp yourself some delicious Black Forest cakes now.

Amour Ambrosia

When words are not adequate to say I Love You, let this heart-shaped vanilla cake make them undergo all the sweet love. A compelling look topped with a pineapple, chocolate blossom, and juicy red cherry.

Heart-Shaped Strawberry Cake

Valentine’s Day is all about Roses. How about some delectable ones? Rob the heart out with this finger-licking strawberry heart-shaped cake whose every inch is covered with buttercream swirls that look identical to roses.


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