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A Modern Approach to Pillow Box Packaging

Whether you are running a mailing order business or using other ways to send gifts through posts, pillow box packaging could be the answer you are looking for. Of course, not everybody appreciates stationary, nut pillow packaging is gaining fame, and there should be an excellent reason for it. These boxes aren’t limited to sending and receiving gifts. They can be a great promotional tool for the retail product as well.

Though there are many other ways of sending and receiving boxed items, not all of them have such a unique shape and a personalised touch that many people look for. 

The more conventional use of pillow boxes can be seen in retail stores. Many high-quality and expensive product manufacturers use pillow boxes to upscale their packaging, and gracefully present their product. To learn about a modernised approach of using pillow box packaging, keep reading. 

Bring Novelty

If you are using pillow boxes to increase the sale of your retail product, you might want to bring new designs and graphics with it. A new way of presenting your product will bring curiosity to the consumers, and such interest will bring a boom in your sales. 

You bring novelty in your box in a number of ways, and customisation is one of them. Custom pillow boxes can make impressive changes to the box. With this, a simple box can reflect the image of the brand. As retailer boxes will be the only thing that will show what your companies’ values are and what are your priorities when it comes to providing quality packaging. 

Through customisation, you add hot stamping that can make a simple box into fully custom novel packaging that has the ability to speak to the consumers and pursue them to buy your product. 

Pick Better material

In order to make your simple pillow box more beautiful, it is essential to pick the right material based on the requirements of the product. Pillow boxes can be made with both kraft and cardboard material which is one of the most appreciated features of the pillow boxes. Both kraft and cardboard are biodegradable and light in weight, this makes shipping and transporting of the product very easy and very practical. 

Apart from being lightweight and sturdy, both materials are very easy to print and make add ons like embossing, hot stamping, debossing, etc. such extras look really good on kraft and cardboard. So, for custom pillow boxes, there isn’t a better option than kraft or cardboard. 

Other uses of Pillow boxes

Pillow box packaging is being widely used to a variety of products and not just to merchandise, but they can be a great gift box as well. The best thing about pillow boxes is that they can be easily assembled and are ready to use if printed with festive designs then you don’t want any other details and can look beautiful as it is. Turning simple pillow boxes into festive seasonal boxes is an easy task. With pillow boxes, buyers don’t need to go through layers and layers of packaging to get to the product. Based on the product types, a pillow box can have a top, side, or front closure access to the product. 

You can use pillow boxes to pack both small and large products, as they can hold heavy weight products easily. However, they are known to present products like jewellery and small accessories. 

An Economic Approach

While you are onto getting a more modern approach to the pillow boxes, you also need to have an economical approach as well. As mentioned above the material used to manufacture a pillow box is kraft paper. Being sturdy and durable, it is also very inexpensive and fits best to make economical packaging. 

As kraft paper is eco-friendly and light in weight, this feature gives manufacturers another economic benefit. See a lot of companies export their products and weight can cost these exporters a lot. At the same time, kraft fits best here and can be weightless to exporters. 


Moreover, when you order in wholesale, even the highly custom box can cost you very less. Kraft pillow boxes UK give special discounts on purchasing packages in wholesales. 

New ways to customise

At first, it might seem that boxes constructed in the shape of the pillow are harder to modify. However, this is a very widespread misconception. They can be altered in a number of ways due to which they can be more pleasing and acceptable to the eyes of consumers. The best way to do so is by making a small window on the box. 

Pillow boxes with window cuts have a transparent portion through which the observer can peek through the product and have an idea of what effect is enclosed inside. Boxes with clear windows can be used for every type of product, including apparel, bakery items etc. This way a lot of retailers have increased their sales just by showing a little bit of their product to the consumers before they actually purchase it. 

Modish way to present gifts

Today a pillow box is being widely used for packaging and present gift items to the loved one. Even with its default brown colour, these boxes can still look exceptional. If you have a low budget and need to send a gift to a number of people on occasions like Christmas, then pillow boxes can be the best option. 

With pillow boxes wholesale UK, you don’t worry about the security of the product. You can also print your name as a sender on the box to make your gift more welcoming. If you want to pack wedding favours, you can print celebrants’ names on the box as well. Different sizes of a package are available in the UK to surprise the recipient and to fully secure the item enclosed inside. 

Moreover, these boxes are dust resistant. So, regardless of how far you are posting your gift, it will stay in its best condition even after months.

You can also have them as personalised according to your need.

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