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A-Z of Bike Transportation by Train in India

Your vehicle is one of your prized possession and you cannot deny that under any circumstances. After lots of consideration and putting your savings together, you finally found this vehicle and that is what you must take care of no matter what the situation. When it comes to sending the bike to another city, you start dwindling mainly because of this reason.

There are several factors that help you in deciding the right way to send the bike across the country. Some of them comprise affordable rates, types of transportation services, documents required for the move, etc. You may want to send the cars through car relocation services by the packers and movers. But for bikes, you can send them through trains effectively. This is also said to be one of the affordable means to send the parcel across the states.

Technology has changed the face of trains. It is known for transporting various goods safely for a minimal cost. Indians find this very convenient thus, making it one of the trusted means of transportation. At first, due to lack of knowledge you may find it troublesome, hence choose to send your bike through professional packers and movers. For your kind information, even the renowned moving companies rely on Indian Railways to take care of their parcels.

Understanding how the trains can become one of the best means of sending your bike across the country will help in making the best of these services. The right procedure will help you choose the services which will make your life easier.

In Indian Railways, there are two ways to send the bike via trains.

  • Luggage
  • Parcel

To understand the services in a better way, let’s check out both methods. Have a read.

Types of Bike Transportation Through Railways

Bike Transportation by Train as a Parcel

The process of sending the bike as a parcel through a train is a pretty simple one. For this, you need to pick the main station close to your place. You can send the bike as a parcel from this station by following simple procedures.

  • Visit the parcel counter at your nearest railway station. Inquire about the bike parcel charges and by what time will it arrive at its destination. Knowing this will help in getting things done smoothly.
  • Get the photocopy of the ID proof and the registration certificate of the bike. Submit to the counter and get it verified by the officials too. You must also carry the document’s original copy too.
  • As the officials strictly check the petrol tank. So, you need to clear the tank before. After running the inspection, it will be ready to pack and move the vehicle. You can either pack the bike yourself or just ask the packing guys. They will hardly charge you around 300 bucks and would do a good job in doing so.
  • Once you have prepared the bike for loading on the train, you will have to fill a parcel form with the name, address, contact info, cost of the parcel, and the chassis number.

Transporting the Bike by Train as a Luggage

The process of sending the bike by train as luggage is similar to that of transporting it as a parcel. In this case, you will have to first submit the photocopies of the registration certificate of the vehicle and appropriate ID proof before the officials can pack and transport it. Here, are a few points that you need to keep in mind.

  • One must keep the luggage receipt and endorsements of the train ticket safe. You will have to keep them safe as they are required at the time of receiving the bike at the destination.
  • Till the train reaches the station, one must be patient and careful. Take care when they are loading the luggage. With that, you will be carefree that the bike is getting transported with you.
  • On reaching the destination, you need to visit the luggage office. Show them the luggage endorsements and the original ticket of luggage. As soon as you reach the train compartment and platform, grab your luggage.
  • You will have to push the bike out of the platform as there is a strict no petrol policy for the bikes. You can’t carry it in the container also. For this, you can take help from friends and family to bring the petrol to the destination station.

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Rules of Bike Transportation through Indian Railways

A few rules are in place when it comes to sending a vehicle through the train. Here are a few of them that will make things easier for you while conducting car relocation.

  • The petrol tank of the bike should be completely empty. There is an inspection conducted by the officers and if they come to find fuel, the person is charged with a sum of Rs 1000 as a fine. So, ensure that you take care of this thing specifically.
  • In certain situations, the railway police become active and can cause you at least 6months to 2 years jail imprisonment.
  • There is insurance provided by the Indian Railways and in case of train accident or theft, the Indian Railways is entitled to make a repayment. This repayment depends on the value of the goods.
  • In the parcel form registration form, you will have to mention the bike’s chassis and engine number. So, make sure to remember it.


The Indian Railways have simplified the ways of transporting the bike across the country. You can do this by yourself, but in case you are not so sure about it, then it will be best to take help from the movers and packers who specialize in this field. The team takes care of all the formalities, hence giving you a sense of confidence. In case you want someone to send the bike transportation in India through the railways still, you can take help from the moving company. It is not that hard to do it yourself, but if you are not confident then instead of taking the unnecessary load, hire a moving company to take care of it.

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