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Digital Marketing

Advanced SEO Techniques for Your Home Repair Business

If you are concerned about the issue of your apartment renovation or home Improvement seo services, most likely, you will be told a lot of things about high competition, high budgets, long terms for obtaining results … And they will be right. But, if you study the audience in detail, its demand, you can find a number of directions through which you can “enter” and “get” into your audience at a lower cost and in a much shorter time!

Some of these directions I will share with you in this article!

We are not going to consider here the issues of technical optimization of the site – this goes without saying. Without this, you will not succeed.

Let’s immediately move on to the features ideas for home repair sites SEO services promotion.

What to do to get a steady growth in SEO traffic

  • Conduct a comprehensive audit of the site itself for technical errors, all kinds of duplicate content within the site, commercial factors, density of occurrences on similar pages on the promoted site and competitor sites (especially young ones).
  • Find the “youngest” (in terms of site age) competitors and study them in detail, each type of landing page, linking, structure, etc. Record everything found in a separate document.
  • Make an implementation plan: from the most important to the “desirable additional”. Without understanding SEO, it is difficult or almost impossible to correctly prioritize.

The general order of work in the theses:

  • fix all technical errors,
  • get rid of duplicates and broken links,
  • bring the semantic structure and content of landing pages in line with top competitors,
  • implement all commercial factors,
  • work out the directory structure,
  • work out the structure of each type of landing pages,
  • regularly gradually increase quality and different links (starting with catalogs – general, thematic, regional, continuing with manually selected links from stock exchanges, from social networks, etc.),
  • elaboration of info-commercial semantics (when people are looking for the best products from the assortment you sell).

Creation of information pages-layings.

These pages can be called guides on a specific subject. The task of these “pads” is to show a person options for further actions.Then  describe all the pros and cons, sequences of actions, etc.

As a result,  the person must follow the link leading to a detailed description of the item that interested him or which is the first in the sequence of subsequent actions you described.

Examples of this kind of slippages:

  • What repairs to do in a new building?
  • What to do after receiving the keys in a new building?
  • How to start a bathroom renovation?
  • What do you need to renovate a bathroom?

How to find ideas for interleaver pages:

  • Analysis of the behavior of your potential customers.
  • Studying thematic discussions on forums and Q&A services.
  • Discussions and groups on social networks.
  • After you have decided on the topic, you need to draw up a page structure and  fill it with expert content.

Do not abuse complex terminology, beautifully design the content, make the page answer the real questions of your customers. The more truthful the page is, the more likely it is to receive an appeal from the visitor.

Most importantly, do not forget to start with non-competitive topics. (where there is no dominance of informational article sites or commercial sites in the issue).

Purchase of eternal quality links.

While many people repeat the mantra that “links do not work”, we are doing spot purchases and our projects are showing regular growth.

Yes, 95% of links are low quality and you should not buy them.

To select those very 5% of quality places for placing a link, you need to have experience and an understanding of which site is of high quality and which is not. There are several methods on the Web, but they do not take into account some pitfalls that still need to be taken into account in order to invest the link budget as efficiently as possible.

It is also important what anchors (link text) should be, in what proportion, to which pages links should lead.


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