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Asymmetrical multiplayer online games

.If standard multiplayer games are boring and the soul asks for something more original, the best solution in this situation will be games with asymmetric multiplayer. Fortunately, today there are a fairly large number of such projects, and a significant part of them are of excellent quality.


A series of cooperative zombie survival games, whose name, when mentioning asymmetric multiplayer, sounds more often than others. In fact, the first part of Left 4 Dead was the first really successful attempt to bring to the masses the idea of ??\u200b\u200basymmetry in network gameplay. And so successful that both parts of the series are still unimaginably popular.

The general principle of the game in Left 4 Dead is straightforward: a group of survivors makes their way through the infect area to the extraction point. In what they are actively interfere with by another group of players who control unique monsters, each of which has its own abilities and weaknesses, significantly differing in style of play.

Of the advantages of Left 4 Dead, the most obvious are the pronounced atmosphere of the zombie apocalypse, interesting and dynamic shooting, the unpredictability of the game, the pleasure of teamwork, the ability to feel like a monster and give free rein to your hunting instincts and excitement. Moreover, all this action is distinguish by a clearly calibrate balance and thoughtfulness.



A relaunch of a series of fantastic shooters about the confrontation between three completely different life forms, an important place in which was given to a very unusual and innovative multiplayer for its time.

In the early parts, it was rather chaotic and in some places completely ill-conceived, but in the 2010 version, the developers corrected all these shortcomings. Now players are greet with balance, dynamics and a variety of tactical options. The design and number of cards have also improved in quality and quantity. Finally, the most important feature of Aliens vs. Predator – the uniqueness of the game for each class – has also not gone away, delivering a lot of pleasure to fans of the Aliens vs. universe. Predator.



A free-to-play multiplayer horror game with asymmetric gameplay, set in a frighteningly isolate place from the rest of the world, in which several strangers come to their senses and find out that some of them are infect with a terrible virus that turns them into monsters. Who exactly is unknown.

From this moment, the gameplay itself begins, the essence of which is to find out which of the survivors is a disguised monster and find a way to get out. Such an unusual approach to cooperative survival horror , an atmosphere of distrust and paranoia, well-designed environments with numerous puzzles and traps – all this sets Deceit in the best light among all other horror games with asymmetric gameplay.



One of the best survival games in the zombie setting, in the gameplay of which a significant place is given to parkour , crafting , pumping and an unusual combat system . In addition to the most interesting story mode in Dying Light, there is also a curious Be the Zombie.

Be the Zombie is a special co-op mode that allows the player, as a unique infected, to join the game session of any other user whose game world has fallen into the night. The features of the unique monster are higher speed, dexterity and strength compared to the rest of the infected, as well as the presence of a hunter’s supernatural instinct. True, he can only be in the world until dawn, after which the session of the joint game will be interrupt.



Most gamers remember Blacklist as a great continuation of the famous series of spy stealth action games with an exciting story campaign. But at the same time, the game also has a great Spies vs. Mercenaries multiplayer mode that uses classic asymmetrical gameplay.

All players in this mode were divide into two teams, whose goals, means and capabilities had tangible differences between them. Mercenaries play from a first-person perspective , have powerful firearms, mines and grenades, and prefer open combat. The Spy game is play from a third-person perspective, and involves stealth movement and silent killing, for which Spy players are given great maneuverability and a large number of all sorts of ingenious gadgets and traps. By the way, for the first time such a mode appeared in Pandora Tomorrow, but it was only in Blacklist that it properly “strengthened” and formed.



And again we return to the network horror, in which the maniac player is engaged in tracking down and brutally exterminating his virtual victims, who are under the control of other users. This time we have an adaptation of the legendary horror film “Friday the 13th” with the great and inimitable Jason Voorhees as the central character.

It should be note that the creators of Friday the 13th: The Game managed to capture and accurately recreate the atmosphere of the film, as well as add novelty to the asymmetrical “victims versus maniac” gameplay that has already become quite familiar. There is a well-known scene here, and typical for the horror genre, but at the same time charismatic and interesting characters, an excellent soundtrack , brutal and spectacular murders, as well as high destructibility and interactivity of the environment, which directly affect the gameplay.



A multiplayer fantasy shooter with elements of strategy, in which two opposing factions are radically different from each other. The first is the well-arm and trained Space Marines , whose main advantage is endurance, discipline and teamwork. The second is animal-like aliens , using their incredible strength, agility and furious onslaught in battle.

Plus, in addition to ordinary fighters, there are commanders in the crazygames online they observe the course of the battle, give out valuable tactical instructions, give bonuses to the best fighters, collect resources and build . It is this feature that brings a tangible strategic element to Natural Selection 2. And makes it so unusual compared to other online first-person shooters.

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One of the best projects among online horror best crazygames with asymmetric gameplay, which opened this direction to the broad masses of players. Perhaps, among the same type and poorly made fakes on the theme of “victims against a maniac. Dead By Daylight really looks like a product of the AAA class .

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