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Challenges You May Face While Studying in Dubai

For every student, college time is challenging, in some or the other way. However, when it comes to studying abroad, the pointers in that list automatically get increase. So, studying in Dubai is, of course, an exciting and worthy venture.

Wherein you learn about a new civilisation. And, receive top-class teaching from a distant organisation. And build new connections that might even stay throughout the rest of your life.

However, as excellent as studying Dubai recesses are, they are not without hurdles. In this blog, you will learn about some of the challenges students might face when studying in Dubai.

What Are the Challenges? Have a Look Here.

1. Money and Finance

Ensuring you have sufficient money for paying your university fees sometimes becomes tough. It needs a lot of planning and spending accordingly to maintain on top of everything else and adopt the culture that you’re engaging in.

No doubt, there are specific upfront expenses to study in Dubai, like any other one. This contains courses, aviation, and different expenditures. However, it’s a pleasing view to consider extra expenses.

How do you pay for train tokens if you want to see any adjacent place, city or country while being away? Or what do you say about any fun evening out? Or visiting an attractive gallery that you so wish to go to? Well! These unimportant expenditures will stack up, particularly if studying abroad may be for a shorter or longer period of time.

It is good if your family is assisting you with such expenditures. Moreover, if not, it’s essential to plan accordingly for such emergency cases to transmit or acquire money while voyaging overseas.

Also, you should not drain your money to study there, setting in a place where any unexpected expense would force you unnecessary anxieties and concerns.

You may even consider obtaining a part-time job while being a student in Dubai to help with the economic stress. Moreover, Many studies abroad agendas can be merged with administration language education programmes.

While studying in Dubai, you train your actual lingo to youths at any regional academy. Many of these country agendas present wages, accommodations or maybe full-time earnings.

Moreover, other reasonable professions for being in Dubai to study pupils include being a tour guide, being home sitting for somebody out, or entering an institution, which enables learners to partake in provincial agrarian work for lodging or board.

2. Transfer of money internationally

As a global learner (or, in some cases, a guardian of an international scholar), you will require to move money usually between regional and global bank reserves. No matter it is a one-time transmission for education or residency expenses or a frequent transmission to the country, you will require a capable money source to evade the issues on money.

Moreover, the Banks are often not just famously unserviced acquainted but even expensive, with enormous transfer expenses and inadequate charges. It’s extremely challenging for the global pupils in Dubai because banks often cost a more increased charge on money rates when negotiating with unfamiliar currencies, Dirham being one among them.

3. Residing away from the family

If you have got admission to a college that is away from your family, studying abroad, in this case in Dubai, may be difficult for you. And, you do not have your family with you to motivate you during tough times.

And, you often see yourself missing them more than regular or maybe feeling worried about keeping to handle economic and different hardships by yourself.

4. Language Problems

Even after studying the lingo of the land where you are transiting, a collision is probable that you may face language difficulties while learning abroad. Individuals seldom articulate as in the course books, and even you might be upsetting for you if you attempt to maintain what seems to be an irregularly fast linguistic rate.

Furthermore, as a scholar, learning their tongue often seems more challenging and even more tough to write the assignment. Well! For such students who are battling with language concerns or other assignment difficulties, you may seek UAE assignment help and overpower such obstacles.

5. Cultural Adaptation

Residing in a foreign country is completely different from just dwelling. While studying abroad in Dubai, you might find adapting to the new standards of culture challenging.

Therefore, you should keep a backup strategy always ready in position. A plan to help you while any tough situations, maybe homesickness or cultural adaptation, will help you in the long run.

Well! It may be any crossroad shop, having some of your favourite sort of sweet bars, or any photo or such stuff to make you feel connected to your home. Moreover, carrying or keeping some foodstuffs you like always helps in destressing the mood.

6. Struggling through Unexpected situations

Well! Preparing for the poorest and hoping for the finest is a great idea. Prepare yourself for the most difficult cases, as in what if you suddenly fall sick there? Whom to contact if you need money urgently? Where to go in case of any medical emergency? Or with whom to celebrate the festivities?

Learn where to go if you are not able to make up for the accommodation arrangements, maybe at the last minute, or in case of any dispute at the last minute.

Some Additional Difficulties of Studying in the UAE

Education is a major area in the UAE, where the government prioritises it so heavily that it has its own Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MOHESR). However, despite these efforts, higher education, in particular, continues to encounter obstacles, the most notable of which are:

  • the difficulty of meeting and keeping up with the educational strategy demands of a rapidly growing sector posed by developed countries;
  • aligning graduates with the job market;
  • meeting and keeping up with the strategic educational needs of a rapidly evolving sector.
  • misalignment between university curriculum provided and job market requirements in the UAE; and
  • flaws in the existing government database.

The majority of these obstacles are solved through better cooperation between policy and practice. Here are some ideas for harmonising educational policy objectives in the UAE:

  • Quarterly curriculum sub-review and harmonisation of all reviews by the end of each year
  • adapting tertiary institution curriculum to the labour market
  • the formation of concrete coordination between higher education institutions and the job market
  • enabling the competent authorities to do more in the field of database updating; and
  • speeding growth in technical and scientific education in order to achieve excellence.

What effect may these techniques have? Well! (a) remove the barriers to further growth in the education sector, (b) establish an environment in which graduates from higher education institutions would meet the expectations of the UAE labour market. (c) Students in higher education would be more motivated to pursue their particular careers if they saw a link between their studies and the macroeconomy. In relation to society, (d) achieving excellence in technology and science would be the rule of the day, allowing the country to keep up with industrialised countries.


While studying in Dubai or elsewhere is well worth the experiences you’ll get, it’s critical to be prepared for any eventuality. Know how you’ll fund your vacation and costs. Well! The best ways for relatives to send you money overseas (and how you may get those cash), and plan ahead of time for unexpected events like illness to get the most out of your trip.

For more such informational and interesting posts, visit here.

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