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How important is it to build an SEO Strategy for ranking at #1 Spot?

If your goal is to increase traffic & revenue organically, then you must have a good SEO Strategy. Some digital marketing executives do not know how to create an efficient SEO strategy because they are not acquainted with the basics.

Your Business needs a Good SEO Strategy because it helps you to:

  • Recognize the requirements of your Business

    • Where are you?
    • Where do you need to go?
    • Which are the best ways to get there?
  • Make the maximum use of: 

    • Budget
    • Resources
    • Timeframes

In this guide, you will understand the concept of 

‘Framing an Ideal SEO Strategy’

Consider ‘What Strategy Do You Want?’

First of all, you have to decide whether you want a ‘Tailor-Made Strategy’ for your Business or you want to consider a ‘One-Size Fits All Shoes Kind Of Strategy.’

Have a Look at Your SEO Performance

If you are not aware of how your website performs, you will find it challenging to frame a proper plan that will help you progress. It is the main reason you need to analyze your current performance. Here are a few things which you need to consider:

  • Organic Visibility
  • Branded & Non-Branded Traffic Split

Keyword Ranking – You Needn’t Do Much Effort

Collecting such data manually is an error-inducing and time-consuming process. So you have various tools that can help you with that. These tools provide you with accurate data and help you gain proper insights.

What Is The Benefit Of Knowing Branded & Unbranded Split Of Your Website? 

By branded searches, we mean the traffic that is visiting you by explicitly typing in your name.

For example, your Business’s name is ‘John Pepper Pizzeria.’ And some people are searching directly for – ‘Menu of John Pepper Pizza.’ It is a branded search.

When we are talking about unbranded searches, we refer to the traffic that is searching for a particular thing and is willing to consider any service provider.

For example, You are just searching for ‘Best Pizza Menus.’ And after going through so many service providers, you have finally come up with ‘John Pepper Pizzeria’.

It means our SEO strategy should not only aim at making Business only through branded searches but with the help of unbranded searches as well. Usually, our SEO strategies aim at enhancing unbranded searches.

So Let’s begin by studying the critical points of an efficient SEO strategy: 

Elements of a Good SEO Strategy

  1. Setting Goals 

The SEO strategy’s central part is to understand ‘What goals do you want to achieve?’ Setting goals also requires you to track your performance with the help of KPIs.

goal setting

  1. Know the Keywords 

The first step of building an SEO strategy requires defining the keywords. You can’t achieve the goals if you are unaware of ‘Which keywords should you target?’

Researching for keywords does not require you to put in so much effort. You need to put yourself in the place of your potential customer and think from his perspective. Then everything will be sorted. This way, you can target the right keywords and hope to get the best results.

  1. Enhance & Optimize The Content Of Your Website

Every piece of content that you write is undoubtedly fresh in the beginning. But over time, it gets stale. You must keep on regularly optimizing such content. If you won’t, then your website will never rank.

Now, you must be thinking of how you can audit the content. Right?

You can easily do it with the help of a content auditing tool. This tool can help you to know which content should:

  • Remain on the website
  • Be Updated
  • Be Deleted

If earlier, you have focused on increasing the quality of your content, then now there are chances that you can use that content by optimizing it a bit.

Did you know? 

The websites that update content and optimize it are prone to achieve results faster.

Content Audit is usually of much help. You can frame your content in the best way by:

  • Clustering the topics
  • Embedding the keywords in a more natural way
  • Defining & Sharpening your intent

If you feel that your content needs to be rewritten most efficiently, then consider all the elements that can make it high-quality content.

Please Note: 

As I have mentioned, your content should have keyword embedding done in the right way; if you are stuffing your content with the keywords, then google can penalize you, and it would affect your rankings.

  1. Creation of Attractive Page Titles 

‘Titles say it all.’ It would be best if you create highly engaging titles. Your titles should be catchy enough to grab the user’s attention. Titles are triggers that convince the readers to read their content.

Your title should be easy to remember and understand. The character count limit for the titles keeps on fluctuating as per the guidelines issued by Google.

  1. User Experience 

The main focus of SEO services should be to enhance the user experience, as we all know that it is the user experience that can help you rank at #1. Here, it requires establishing perfect coordination between an SEO executive & developer since the following needs to be worked on:

  • Intuitiveness
  • Easy Navigation
  1. Fixing Technical Issues 

If your website has technical issues regarding SEO, it will not let your website perform well, and you can not aim to rank at #1. For that, you need to carry out an SEO audit.

  1. Strategy Analysis 

Do not think that your work is over once you have created and implemented the strategy. Your strategy will never come out to be fruitful (Result-Oriented) if you have not tracked its growth. Regular monitoring of your success will lead you to success.


Final Comments!

Are you willing to see your website rank on #1? If yes, you have to make sure you are following the right strategy and regularly tracking your growth. The core metrics of the right SEO strategy are mentioned in this article. If you find them useful, please inform us as it gives us insights into what our customers like to read and appreciate.

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