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How to Save Money During Freshers’ Week?

Students can get a little too riled up during freshers’ week. This is because there are so many events and parties they want to attend. Unfortunately, they often spend a lot of money on such activities and don’t have much left for the rest of the month.

So, in this post, our nursing essay writing UK experts will discuss how students can spend intelligently and save money during freshers’ week:

1. Set a Budget

During freshers’ week, you’ll want to have fun, meet new people, and participate in various activities. But, if you don’t set priorities and spend money carelessly, you’ll find it difficult to survive the rest of the month. Therefore, before freshers’ week, list activities, parties, and events you want to participate in. Then, based on your priorities, make a budget and try your best to stick to it.

There are many instances where students spend most of their student loan investment during freshers’ week and then scramble for money later. Creating a budget allows you to spend within a specific limit without having to use your savings.

2. Never Miss Out on Student Discounts

Stores and restaurants usually don’t advertise student discounts. But it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ask them about it. If you want to splurge less on drinks and entrance charges, always ask stores, pubs, and restaurants for student discounts, especially during freshers’ week.

Of course, you should always carry your student ID or library card with you. Otherwise, you won’t be able to avail such exclusive offers. Also, ask brands if they offer student discounts during freshers’ week because most do. You can also find info online on restaurants and stores slashing their prices during this time.

3. Don’t Sign Up for Every Society

Participating in co-curricular activities is usually healthy. Hence, we do recommend signing up for societies. But, if you apply to every club out there, you’re borrowing a lot of trouble.

Firstly because managing so many co-curricular activities with studies is almost impossible. Also, you’ll have to pay a membership fee to every society you sign up for. However, this expense can be affordable if you apply for one or two clubs. Otherwise, you’ll end up spending a lot and creating a lot of commitments for yourself apart from your studies.

4. Borrow Some Items from Home

Before moving out of your house, look for unused or slightly used items that’ll come in handy. For example, if you’re studying in Manchester, where it rains a lot, you can carry your father’s or mother’s raincoat with you. From shower gels to tins of food, students usually shell out money to buy these items. But you might save a few hundred pounds by borrowing such things from your parents.

Also, don’t forget to take your room’s bedsheet and your favourite pillow with you. Because choosing the right pillow can sometimes be more complicated than finding the right dissertation help! After all, you already know where to go for the latter.

5. Don’t Carry Your Payment Cards with You

This is one mistake many students make during freshers’ week. Almost every restaurant, bar and store accepts cards. So, they keep swiping and may spend limitlessly. Then, when they wake up, they do it with a hangover and an empty bank account.

So, carry a limited amount of cash with you instead of cards. This will help you spend within a certain limit and prevents the risk of carelessly buying everything you see with your debit card.

6. Don’t Buy New Textbooks

During the freshers’ week, students should buy all required courses and reference books. Now, I know the scent and look of new books are somewhat irresistible. You instantly feel the urge to fork out $200 for a book. But hold your horses! You have a limited amount of monthly allowance to work with.

Also, you won’t need these books once you pass the course. So, buying used books or borrowing them from a library is better. You’ll find many massive and iconic libraries in Britain containing millions of books and research papers. So, use your library card there because it can save you a lot of money.

7. Use Online Video Calling Apps to Contact Your Loved Ones Back Home

Even the wealthiest students don’t use international calling to contact people in different countries. Hence, if you’re an international student frequently talking to your loved ones back home, you should use free online video calling apps like:

  • WhatsApp
  • Skype
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Instagram
  • Zoom
  • Google Meet/Duo

You’ll find Wi-Fi everywhere in the UK. And even if you don’t have access to the internet, using mobile data is comparatively cheaper than directly calling on international numbers.

8. Don’t Miss Out on Freebies

During freshers’ week, you can avail a lot of freebies. For example, your university may organise events with free food and drinks. Not only it’s an excellent opportunity to know other students at your university, but one just can’t refuse free food and beverages. Nor should one!

While at a store, you will also find people pushing different brands and offering free samples of their products. These items can come in handy. Also, you can get enough food samples in supermarkets that you won’t need to pay for your next meal.

9. Buy Affordable Fancy Dresses

Attending a party or an event is not just about meeting new people. Of course, you’d also want to look good and turn a few heads if possible. But, you don’t have to buy the most expensive and premium outfits.

You can also look good and wear attractive dresses while sticking to a limited budget. Don’t go after brands because most people won’t be interested in finding out its name. However, we do recommend wearing a nice cologne or perfume. People might forget your dress, but they’ll always remember your scent.

10. Don’t Fall for Card Discounts

Stores and restaurants want students to carry their debit cards with them instead of cash. Why? Because they want you to spend endlessly. Don’t get lured into using your cards on every special discount to students that can only be availed via debit or credit card. These are not the discounts you should be excited about.

Most of you will drink a lot during freshers’ week and spend on it recklessly. If you don’t want to wipe out money from your bank account, keep your card in the drawer before going out. You can use your bank’s app to transfer money in emergencies digitally.

Once the freshers’ week ends, your classes will commence. Academic pressure starts building up on students from the very first day. Soon, you’ll receive your first nursing and medical law assignments, and the coursework marathon will begin. You’ll have to submit multiple papers and assignments while meeting short deadlines. If you find your academic schedule too full and want someone’s assistance, you should opt for our law essay writing services.

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Dr Nancy Luke

Mark Guptil joined our nursing essay writing UK firm in 2021. So far, he has just spent a year with us, but the quality of his assignments, essays, and research papers has been commendable. Besides being an academic writing genius, he also loves writing blogs to help students adjust to rigorous college/university life.

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