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How to Setup a Perfume Company in Dubai

Are you a foreign entrepreneur, planning to launch a perfume business in Dubai? If so, starting a perfume business will put you on the road to success in Dubai. The UAE’s perfume company market is estimated to be worth more than $500 million on average and is projected to reach close to $700 million by the end of 2023.

Additionally, the perfume sector gives foreign investors access to a global market. It opens the door for buyers from throughout the world, which is valuable for the perfume industry. The Dubai perfume industry offers a lot of benefits, making it a very desirable investment for foreign investors. This article will give you a thorough understanding of the Dubai perfume market as well as all the requirements needed to establish a perfume business there.

Furthermore, the perfume industry opens up a global market to international investors. It benefits the perfume industry by allowing access to customers from around the globe. For foreign investors, the Dubai perfume industry is an extremely appealing venture due to its many advantages. You will gain a complete awareness of the Dubai perfume market and of all the prerequisites for starting a perfume company there after reading this article.

What Are the Steps involved in Starting a Perfume Business in Dubai?

Beginning a perfume business in Dubai is subject to rules and regulations, just like starting other kinds of enterprises. For foreign investors, launching a perfume company in Dubai is a straightforward procedure that starts with strategy, is followed by implementation, and is authorised by the appropriate afuthorities.

Like launching other types of businesses, starting a perfume business in Dubai is subject to rules and regulations. Launching a perfume business in Dubai is a simple process for foreign investors that begins with strategy, is followed by implementation, and is approved by the relevant authorities.

Step 1: Make A Business Plan 

Start with a business strategy and formally record your goals for the perfume business, the products you want to offer, the capital you will need, and your projected budget.

Step 2: Innovation 

Pick professionals and researchers to help you create your original scents. You can look for several perfume recipes or create a custom blend by purchasing some essential oils with your favourite scents. Start a massive production with the most well-liked perfumes after combining and testing with a few others.

Step 3: Purchase Bottles & Design Packaging 

Then, design the containers or packaging of your choice after conducting research on aroma testers, samples, and bottles through wholesalers. Even the bottle’s size and form can be chosen to match the way your perfume smells.

Step 4: Build A Brand 

Create a logo for your perfume company and register your trademark with the relevant authorities in Dubai. You need to hire designers to help you create a unique perfume logo that will draw in your target market. 

Step 5: Obtain Business License 

Obtaining a licence for a perfume business in Dubai is the most crucial step in starting a business. Your firm will be set up in the UAE with the aid of business setup advice from a team of experts at Ontime biz.

Step 6: Set Up A Manufacturing Facility 

There are numerous free zones that are open to international investors wishing to launch a perfume business in Dubai. A few locations that provide capabilities to develop perfume production units are the free zones in Dubai and Jebel Ali. Contact us to learn more on Freezone company formation.

For foreign investors looking to start a perfume business in Dubai, there are many free zones available. The free zones in Dubai and Jebel Ali are a couple of places that offer the ability to establish perfume producing units. To find out more about forming a corporation in a free zone, contact us.

What Documents Are Necessary To Establish a Perfume Business in Dubai?

Any foreign investor wishing to open a perfume business in Dubai must have a few more documents in addition to a perfume trade licence from the Department of Economic Development. They include:

  • Laboratory Test Report of Perfumes
  • The registration certificate of your company
  • Assessment of the perfumes you want to sell
  • Certificate of free sales

How Much Does It Cost to Start a Perfume Business in Dubai?

In Dubai, the average startup cost for a perfume business is between 40,000 and more AED. If you are an Indian investor, you must figure out how much it will cost to launch a new perfume in Dubai. The price depends on how your perfume brand is created, put together, filled, designed, and packaged.

The average beginning cost for a perfume company in Dubai is 40,000 AED or higher. Find out how much it will cost to launch a new perfume in Dubai if you are an Indian investor. The cost is determined by how your perfume brand is made, assembled, filled, styled, and packaged.

Additionally, you could have to pay extra expenses like employee salary and rent for your Dubai business location. However, as part of the establishment fees, foreign investors and expatriates must pay one-time and ongoing costs.

You might also have to pay additional costs like employee salaries and rent for your Dubai office space. However, foreign investors and expatriates are require to cover one-time and continuing charges as part of the establishment fees.


For both domestic and international investors, the perfume sector in Dubai is flourishing. Dubai is a well-known tourist destination, and visitors from all over the world come here to find the desired perfume brands. In addition, Dubai offers a greater variety of perfume items than any other fragrance hub. Additionally, foreign investors benefit from unrestrict trading in Dubai and the other Emirates when businesses are establish on the mainland. You can speak with our professionals to assist you with transaction work, banking, and licensing for your convenience. 

Dubai’s perfume industry is booming for both domestic and foreign firms. Dubai is a popular tourist location, and people travel there to find the perfume brands they’re looking for. Furthermore, compared to other fragrance hubs, Dubai offers a wider selection of perfume-related merchandise. Additionally, when companies are found on the mainland, international investors profit from unrestrict commerce in Dubai and the other Emirates. For your convenience, you can speak with our experts about transaction work, banking, and licencing.

Contact us today to learn more.


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