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Invoice Books: How to Use Them More Effectively in Your Business

You’ve probably been using invoice books to record your business’s financial transactions for years, but if you haven’t updated your system recently, there may be a more effective way to use them that you haven’t tried yet. Invoice books are one of the most affordable business tools you can use to increase your organization and create better accounting processes, so make sure you’re using them as effectively as possible. Here are some ways to use invoice books more effectively in your business, along with examples and a tutorial on how to get started right away.

Why use invoice books?

Invoice books, also called sales journals or cashbooks, serve as an essential tool for recording financial transactions and tracking expenses and income. Invoices are a significant expense for any business but if you aren’t using invoice books correctly, it could end up costing you more money than it should. While using invoice books doesn’t seem like a complicated process, there are several easy mistakes that people make all of the time. If you want to be able to keep track of your finances quickly and easily without spending too much time on bookkeeping tasks each month, try these tips for using invoice books printing service more effectively.

Coherent & Neat Invoicing

Poor invoicing can be a big missed opportunity for your business. Many clients will simply not pay invoices if they’re unclear about how much is due or what it’s for. So, do your customers and yourself a favor by making invoices neat and clear. This will make it easier for them to see exactly what they owe you and when it’s due. Clients won’t worry about missing any information, which means they won’t delay payments either!

Enhanced Brand Awareness

By using invoice books, small businesses can achieve a number of objectives. For example, a logo or slogan prominently displayed on an invoice book is an easy way to enhance brand awareness. Further, by including important information such as business hours and contact details on invoices and coupon books, small businesses make it easier for customers to interact with them more frequently.

Competitive Edge in the Market

Using your invoice books correctly can give you a competitive edge over your competitors. With how easy it is for information to be transmitted nowadays, it’s easy for customers to request an invoice from someone else if they aren’t satisfied with their current service provider. Make sure you’re differentiating yourself from your competition by using invoices as an opportunity to stand out and show off how great your services are!

Quick & Easy, Instant Invoicing of your Bills to customers

Ever since I was introduced to invoice books, i’ve been using them more and more on a daily basis. They are a great quick and easy way of sending invoices directly to customers. Here’s how you can do it too…

On-the-Go Invoices and Receipts

It’s one of those things we all love and hate at once. The invoicing. It’s how we get paid by our clients and it’s what reminds us that we have bills coming due…and more than likely, not enough money in our bank accounts to cover them all. But there are some tricks that can help with an invoice book system work a little better for you! Here are some of my top tips for using them more effectively.

Really Easy Recordkeeping

Keep your invoices all in one place, for easy access. Invoices can be very important, especially if you are trying to collect outstanding payments from clients. They will make it much easier to track how much money you have coming in, and what’s being paid out. Keeping them organized is vital; otherwise it becomes a lot harder for you to get an overview of your finances on paper or online. The very best way of keeping them organized is with invoice books! Check out our suggestions below.

Better Paper Quality

The quality of paper you choose will greatly affect how well your invoices are received. Cheap, flimsy invoice paper can cause your invoices to look like junk mail. As a rule of thumb, always use good-quality paper that is thick and textured.

Legal Matter

It is important for businesses to keep a record of all payments and transactions within an organization. The three most common ways of doing so are using an invoice book, using online invoicing software or using cloud-based invoicing services. Each of these options has its own benefits and drawbacks and should be considered before making a choice as to how transactions will be recorded.

Easy Customisation Solution

Invoicing is no fun. But you can use a bit of creative customisation to make it less painful and even a little enjoyable! Think about your business, where you want it to go and what’s important to you. What colours do you associate with your brand? Does it focus on one particular niche or industry? Do you like typography or are there other aspects that might reflect who you are? Customise your invoice books printing with these things in mind – after all, they should reflect your business perfectly.

What are invoice books?

Invoice books are often used for smaller business owners. They can be purchased either online or at a local stationary store. An invoice book is great for keeping track of your expenses and work hours. The most common form of an invoice book is a small ledger where you can easily jot down information that relates to your small business, such as dates and names of clients, amounts billed and received, etc. You can then use these notes when it comes time to filling out larger tax forms at tax time.

Why you should know your business numbers

Many business owners are surprised at how little they know about their financials. In most small businesses, one person wears multiple hats, which means accounting and bookkeeping tasks often get short shrift. If you don’t like numbers or simply find it difficult to understand them, consider hiring an accountant to review your books every quarter. Remember: The more you know about your business numbers, the better equipped you’ll be to make smart business decisions.

Why use an excel spreadsheet (instead of an invoice book)

It’s easy, cheap and flexible. The software program is free, you can use it on your computer and change it as many times as you want (just remember to save a copy), plus everyone at your company has access to it—and since most people own a laptop or computer, there’s no extra equipment costs.

Benefits of using an Excel spreadsheet over an invoice book

An Excel spreadsheet has numerous benefits, including that it is portable, cheaper and easier to create. When creating an invoice book from scratch you have to first design a template which can be time consuming. But if you start off with an Excel file then all you need to do is copy and paste your business information into each column. The spreadsheet also means that you are not tied down to using one provider.

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