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Medieval browser games to play online

All the best medieval browser games with a medieval setting.


A popular MMORTS browser game set in the fictional Middle Ages . Players act as the lords of the kingdom, developing their own castles and located around the city, seeking to prove their right to ascend the royal throne.

In addition to endless battles in Throne: Kingdom at War , a lot of attention is paid to urban development – hundreds of different buildings that can be upgraded. True, all this requires a lot of resources and the discovery of certain technologies – in total, more than 600 technologies are available in Throne: Kingdom at War, allowing players to create their own unique development path.


This browser-based strategy will make you feel like a Jarl commanding the harsh Vikings . The main gameplay elements such as construction , resource extraction, hiring troops, upgrading buildings and the army are not too different from other representatives of the genre. Therefore, the developers decided to focus on clans – only together with strong allies in this game can you really achieve something.

Vikings: War of Clans constantly hosts clan events, by participating in which you can earn gold and various bonuses such as hike or construction speed-ups, shields that protect the city from attack, and other useful things. It is also much more fun to capture neighbors and take revenge on offenders together.

There are also RPG elements – in addition to troops, players have heroes and shamans who are pumped separately and can wear clothes that significantly affect both the outcome of hostilities and the economic development of the city.


Forge of Empires is practically “Civilization” in the browser. You will become the leader of a small settlement during the Stone Age , and your wards will live almost in caves and wield clumsy clubs. But, if you can correctly apply your leadership qualities, your people will learn and develop, miserable shacks will turn into scientific centers, and clubs into futuristic weapons.

The gameplay of Forge of Empires will seem familiar to every lover of strategies: you need to provide the settlement with resources, and its inhabitants in a good mood, follow the development of science and culture. At the same time, one should not forget to look around – suddenly a greedy neighbor decides to rob your possessions.


A bright and exciting browser-based online strategy game. Although the “Game of Emperors” is dedicated to the Middle Ages, visually it is very different from most other similar browser-based strategies with its cartoonish graphics .

As for the gameplay, everything is more or less familiar here: we get a run-down village at our disposal and try with all our might to turn it into a prosperous kingdom that inspires fear and horror in the lands of other players. If you wish, you can form military and trade alliances, and even enter into dynastic marriages – diplomacy plays a very large role here.


When it comes to browser-based strategies, one cannot fail to mention the real classic Travian , which was release back in 2004 under the auspices of German developers. Travian Kingdoms is its improved version, which appeared thanks to the fans, and, like the original, feels at ease among modern projects, having a large audience.

Although the game is more early medieval than what you think (even closer to Antiquity), the gameplay still offers to turn a run-down village into a powerful kingdom, train troops for conquest, extract resources and do other things familiar to the genre. The game will delight you with excellent graphics, polished gameplay and a friendly community.


Medieval browser unblocked games 66 in the genre of strategy, and in the foreground there are not battles (although they are present), but the construction and development of the castle. To do this, you will have to extract useful resources, conduct profitable trade with other players, sow fields and take care of your subjects in every possible way. Well, if peaceful pursuits have become tiring, you can always test the sharpness of the blade on hostile NPC barons or other players with whom it was not possible to establish good neighborly relations.


Browser real-time strategy in which you need to build your own castles and participate in epic battles on a global map . In addition to the army, each player has at his disposal a hero commander who can be developed in one of several directions, equipping him with the best equipment and opening more and more powerful and useful skills over and over again.

The setting of the unblocked games is a harsh medieval fantasy, in the framework of the plot of which three factions are fighting among themselves: the Order of the Golden Claw, the Warriors of the Wild Lands and the Knights of Ash.


Kingdoms is a browser based strategy game in the Stronghold series . Like single games , it sends you into the harsh Middle Ages, where you will lead one of the many castles on the global map. The gameplay of the game is no different from other browser strategies – construction, resource extraction, automatic battles, research and other activities and other activities are waiting for you.

But there was also a place for unique mechanics, some of which remind that this is still Stronghold. For example, the game has an honor system, and trade can only be carry out with the capital. There is also vassalage, which gives advantages to players who are in clans.


Yes, Game of Thrones : Winter is Coming is a fantasy strategy , but it still has a medieval spirit, which is why it got into our selection. The game is based on the popular A Song of Ice and Fire universe created by George Martin. The player will become a little-known lord of distant lands, who will develop his kingdom and challenge his neighbors, making his way higher and higher to power.

The player’s army may contain various characters that may be familiar from books or TV shows (Arya Stark, Jon Snow, and so on). A nice bonus will be a personal dragon that sows fear with its very appearance.

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My Little Farmies is a browser based farm set in the Middle Ages. Then there were no combines, electricity and technologies that make life easier, but people still worked with their sleeves rolled up. You will find yourself on the territory of your own farm, which will initially be launched. The goal is clear – you need to build a whole medieval village.

The game has standard activities for the genre – the construction of buildings, growing crops, breeding piglets and the production of various goods. The great atmosphere of the Middle Ages is impressive – the inhabitants walk around in funny costumes, and it seems that they are not worry about anything except the coming harvest.

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