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Modalert to Prevent Narcolepsy and Extreme Sleep Disorder

The consistent desire to sleep while being awake during the daytime isn’t normal. It shouldn’t happen at least after getting a good amount of sleep at night. In a nutshell, the frequent lapse into sleep or experiencing elements of sleepiness during wake hours is to worry about!

Do you know? 200,000+ people in the USA are influenced by narcolepsy, but only one-fourth of this population is analyzed.

In some cases, narcolepsy is easily evident while others experience lethargy along with intermittent effects hard to analyze emphatically. Your doctor will ask you a few questions by which they’ll examine the level of narcolepsy you’re suffering from. Meanwhile, you may be prescribed oral medications like Modalert (Modafinil) tablets whether or not you’re having symptoms of cataplexy too.

What is Narcolepsy & how to treat it?

Before learning anything else about narcolepsy, let us share that narcolepsy is a chronic sleep disorder with no obvious cure yet. It can only be controll by minimizing the symptoms. But, it cannot be treat completely.

Narcolepsy is a medical condition in which people suffer from the overwhelming desire for excessive sleep during the daytime. Sudden sleep attacks may show up too. This is a chronic sleep disorder in which people struggle from staying awake for a longer period, no matter what the circumstances are.

The most important thing to know about narcolepsy is that it degrades the quality of life by disrupting your routine life. People diagnose with narcolepsy are often diagnose with the sudden loss of muscle tone (muscular weakness) aka cataplexy. It’s because the strong desires for sleep overpower muscular activities. Hence, narcolepsy appear along with cataplexy is characterize as type-1 narcolepsy whereas vice-versa is known as type-2 narcolepsy.

How Modafinil helps in treating Narcolepsy?

As mentioned above, you already know the symptoms of narcolepsy where the uncontrollable or extreme desire for sleep appears. This gives us cues that you’ll need wakefulness promoter medications for overcoming those symptoms. Here comes the need for Modafinil.

Modafinil is an active ingredient in popular alertness promoting medications like Modalert (Modafinil 100mg or 200mg) and Modvigil (Modafinil 200). Alternatively, you might be prescribed Waklert or Artvigil which does not have Modafinil, but Armodafinil as their active ingredients. However, your doctor will decide when, why & which oral medicine you should be prescribed for treating apnea.

This powerful ingredient called Modafinil helps in improving wakefulness and minimizing the tendency of sleep attacks during the daytime. In a nutshell, you can rely on Modafinil for treating narcolepsy and stay fully awake right when desired.

Though Modafinil is extremely beneficial, the patients may see some of its common side effects as follows:





Some rare side effects of Modafinil are as below:


Sluggish feelings

Loss of appetite

Dryness of skin

Runny nose

Shivering or tingling sensations in the skin

Another cutting-edge treatment for narcolepsy is Waklert (Armodafinil) which has almost similar effectiveness. Many people don’t know that apnea is an interminable neurological disorder. Its manifestation could occur at a very young age while it is recognize years later.

Benefits of Modafinil on Extreme Sleep Disorder

Modafinil is a powerful component use in oral medicine for treating sleep disorders like Narcolepsy. It has a wide range of benefits as follows:

It helps in improving readiness and mindfulness towards the situation.

The effectiveness of Modafinil is far better than caffeine. Caffeine could keep you awake for hours but it doesn’t promise improving decision-making, memory, and cognitive boost. Modafinil keeps you awake with a fully alert mind ready to take up challenges. It improves mood and also promotes cognitive enhancement.

Modafinil helps improve focus among extreme sleep disorder patients who have been struggling between sleep and wakefulness.

This wakefulness promoter medication is preferre by students, entrepreneurs, researchers, artists, and more. It’s because of the safe prolonged use benefits it offers.

What if Narcolepsy is left untreated?

If you don’t find an effective treatment for narcolepsy then this sleep disorder might become irreversible. The symptoms of narcolepsy seem to get worse for the first few years and they would continue for life. The following are the signs of sleepiness which would bother you if you don’t treat narcolepsy:


Sleep paralysis

Changes in REM sleep

Sudden loss of muscle tone

Excessive Daytime Sleepiness


Certain effective medicines are available for treating narcolepsy and similar sleep disorders. But, most of them work by interfering with the sleep-wake cycle. They alter the way your circadian rhythm reacts to sleepiness. So, be mindful before using any of them. The best way is to consult the doctor and start using the prescribed medicine only.


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