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Pick the Best Aftermarket Air Strut for Replacement

So you’ve just purchased a brand new Acura or other SUV and now need to know how to replace air suspensions. Replacing the air springs on your own is not only doable, but many people have successfully completed this task without any specialized training. There are some basic, practical tips that you should keep in mind while working on your replacement. Follow these tips at we provide below, you will be able to get your job done smoothly and efficiently.

what is an air strut

When do you need to replace your air struts?

Before you do anything, you should observe the condition of your suspension system carefully.

Check your air strut before you replace it

First of all, before working on your air strut, you need to make sure that it is not damaged or out of order. There are two ways to do this.

  • One is to simply take it for a visual inspection.

This is best done by looking at the entire strut system, including the strut brace, tires, and other vehicle applications. If you find any wear or damage, you should replace it right away.

  • The other method of testing your air strut is to bring the vehicle up to a normal ride height and then lower it again.

What you are looking for is a loss of ride height as displayed in the steering angle when the car is lowered without increasing the engine speed. For an automobile to return to its originally installed ride height, the air springs must have sufficient suspension pressure to overcome the weight of the bumper and to keep the car from jumping out of bed. There is more information available on this topic if you visit the website link below.

Signs that show possible problems

Cracks in the airbags always lead to further problems. Those problems often worsen with time. If your car is sagging, there might be a problem with a damaged air line. And many other issues may occur after years of driving. Tiny damages will become worse if not solved immediately.

Check these signs out before a complete failure is happening.

  • Sagging or a consistently working air compressor indicates leaking.
  • Losing control feeling with an unstable sway while taking a turn.
  • Even the smallest bumps give you an unbearable choppy ride.
  • Steering is hard to control, sometimes no response is shown.
  • A worn-out strut leads to tire cupping.
  • Dipping or droopy struts/shocks.
  • Lower stance than normal.

What are the best air struts that you need?

Best air struts always share a lot of similarities.

what air struts are the best

  1. Exactly the same load capacity the OEM one has.
  2. Completely identical handling and ride features as the OEM strut.
  3. A complete assembly includes brand new shocks, bump stops, rings, tight seals, baffles, and canister.
  4. Specific air struts for a type of car. In other words, it’s specially designed to meet the needs.
  5. Direct-fit replacement: no modifications are required. You can literally install it once you bring it home.

How to change your air struts?

Now that you have inspected your air suspension system and found no signs of wear or damage, it is time to look at how to replace your air struts. Again, there are several different procedures that can be used. The most popular method is to install pre-load airbags under the air struts. The idea here is to have more spring tension on the struts so that more air can be supplied to the tire.


You should never turn on your vehicle suspension until you have thoroughly inspected it, using both the steering wheel and brake lights. If you suspect that your tires are overworked or even inflated too much, it may be time to replace the air suspension compressor. Also, check your brake fluid in the same way. If any of these problems are noted, you should consider replacing or repairing them.

Increasing the height with an extra strut

You can increase the ride height by adding an extra strut brace, known as a strut hold-down kit. There are also hydraulic air-adjustable suspensions that can raise or lower the vehicle suspensions by using a remote control. However, there are some potential drawbacks to both of these options, and in most cases, the extra cost and added stress of installing a self-leveling suspension system will be well worth it in the long run.

Why air suspension with air struts but not traditional springs?

Using a conventional spring system will be very heavy, very expensive, and will require a tremendous amount of effort to install. As such, most air suspension systems use a semi-reciprocating spring. Air struts have a dual purpose: they balance the vehicle’s weight, and also provide an anti-rollback effect. Semi-reciprocating springs are extremely light and therefore need only a single coil to properly regulate the spring’s load. Furthermore, they provide a smooth ride, which is why they are often used on trucks, performance cars, and lighter vehicles such as sedans.

Air strut suspension-your trusted suspension solution

The most popular and effective method of raising an automobile’s bodywork is through its air suspension, which uses some aftermarket air struts.

Is an aftermarket air strut reliable?

Yes. The aftermarket provides drivers with high-quality air suspension solutions including air struts. The air shocks/struts, air springs they sell are as good as the original ones. Some even exceed the OEM parts. And often, you can save a fortune by purchasing some from online stores. Because you have more options before you place an order. On the other hand, you can do it yourself after you get the component.


  • Check your current struts before you order one or before you start to work on it
  • Remember the obvious issues that may happen to your struts, then you know when it’s time to replace it.
  • Make sure you select the best struts/shocks that your car needs.
  • Air suspension struts are believed to be better.
  • You can add another strut to increase height.
  • Find a trustworthy online manufacturer like Vigor Air Ride for professional support.

Enjoy your ride with air struts in your car!

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