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Reduce Last Minutes Hotel Cancellations

Last minute hotel cancellations are common, but guests have to pay heavily for it. But times change within seconds, bookings are usually made days or even months prior to the actual traveling date. There is so much that happens in between, as a hotelier when you reduce last minutes hotel cancellations you really do a favor to the guests. But hotel cancellations policies should be in the favor of the guests and the hotels. There are many things a hotel looks into when finalizing a cancelation policy and rate, such as saving that room on that specific time and not giving guests the room. Also prepping the room with the best amenities such as the softest towels in USA from DZEE store, the right furnishing, and more. So that also needs to be factored in.

But finding a middle ground with last-minute cancellation policies for the hotel and guests improves guest-hotel relationship. This also gives guests the motivation they need to book a hotel again for their next visit.

Reducing Last Minutes Hotel Cancellations Tips!

Here are some ways to can create a healthier line between your hotel and guests with a better hotel cancellations policy:

·       Extensive Well-Prepped Hotel Cancellations Policy

Safeguard your and your guests interests and ensure they know what the policy is before they finalize their booking.

A good cancellation policy doesn’t rip the guest’s pocket and doesn’t hurt hotel revenue either. You have to find the middle path for both. Also, you have to get your guests to read and understand all points before agreeing to the bookings. Along with a last-minute cancelation, you don’t want your guest to start a last-minute argument that they didn’t know anything about it. Keep the policy strict, implement it properly; and cutdown on fraudulent bookings that hurt your business.

·       Pre-Booking Deposits

The guests are not physically present when making their bookings; safeguard your cancellation amount by charging an online card deposit to finalize their booking.

When guests have already paid a part of the sum; they are less likely to backout at the end moment. When you make sharing the card details and payment mandate, your guests know what they are getting into. Along with that, for a better booking experience, you can offer pre-authorization and discounts to guests.

·       Mandatory Stay Length

Online bookings especially during busy days should have a stay length restriction; this reduces the last-minute hotel cancellations frequency for many.

When making a one-night booking most guests wouldn’t have a problem paying the cancellation fee. But when they have booked a longer stay and have a hefty amount at stake, they are more likely to show up. It also keeps confused guests away when they are not sure if they would be traveling or not. This should be especially put to action during peak seasons or during occasions and festivals. You can send them updates of all the latest happenings during their stay time. This would let them make a better plan of action for themselves.

·       Reminders to Avoid Last-Minute Hotel Cancellations

Interact with your guests in a periodic manner; keep the conversation going to avoid any change of mind.

Every guest wants to feel special and by giving them a personalized experience; you pique their interest prior to their visit. Send out booking reminders, deadline reminders, and stay in updated with their plans also. When you have everything in writing through a continuous period of time, you know you have done your job. Guests also have the time to change their minds before it gets too late.

·       Encourage Direct Bookings

Instead of online travel platforms, encourage your guests to directly book through your website; that way you are in-charge of everything from the beginning.

Guests are less likely to make last-minute hotel cancellations when they make bookings through your hotel website. This is because since there are no intermediaries, you can directly monitor your guests and pursue them into showing up for their bookings. By offering direct booking deals and discounts you can significantly reduce last minutes hotel cancellations.

·       Don’t Be Afraid to Overbook

If you’re a big hotel, overbooking has less impact on hotel cancellations; and you’re able to find replacements faster.

For smaller hotels, this point is a risk, as they are already short on space. But hotels with numerous rooms, some end time cancellations will not have a significant impact. You can also have a waiting list to fill in for no-shows and cancellers.

  • More Business Less Last-Minute Hotel Cancellations

As a smart hotelier you need to create all your policies where your guests know they are the priority; but you have to find the middle-ground where you do not lose out on revenue.

When you reduce last minutes hotel cancellations you add to the appeal of booking at your hotel for more guests. But at the same time the  last-minute hotel cancellations policies should be such that guests know they cannot take an advantage of your good-will. Hotel cancellations are not always the guests fault, as no one knows what may happen last minute. The more understanding you are, the more likely you are to create loyal customers.


What are your thoughts on reduced hotel cancellation pricing and policies? Let us know in the comments below!


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