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Shopify Elegant Reports- The Generator Could Save Your Business Hours of Time

The retail and e-commerce industry turned out to be quite competitive in the market.  And it’s the responsibility of the merchants to thrive businesses and produce several reports which can be useful to grow the business. Shopify is a complicated jargon, but their tools make the job easy. Shopify elegant reports, analyse your store activity, understand who is visiting the site and analyse many more. Here in the article let’s learn more about Shopify’s elegant reports and how it can save lots of business resources. 

Who are Elegant Reports?

Elegant Reports are the special summaries that are offered to people who like to design reports on Shopify data. It could be utilised by every marketing manager, merchant,  e-commerce consultant,  store manager,  SEO professional, and more people. That offers insights into business sales & conversions. Elegant Report is a network that aggregates info from the Shopify account to the strong charts & reports. That one can be personalised to suit your needs. 

These elegant Reports unravel the company’s requirements to understand and control the data. It accesses them to go with good decisions regarding their budget and business operations. Elegant Reports could be incorporated with Google Sheets. So, no need to export data while generating a report.

Being a Shopify reporting app, elegant reports enable users to populate & create custom reports for the store. You could utilise them for tracking the store’s progress & performance. Then compare point-to-point statistics.  It is the best app for Shopify stores which access users to track progress, and performance and review individual products’ performance.

You can also track your sales over Shopify with Shopify plus agency. Not just that, these Shopify experts help you keep an eye on your sales performance, highlight which products and channels are performing well, and identify your most valuable customers.

What does Shopify Analytics do?

 Shopify got an analytics tracker built within that access users to generate data depending on the performance of the store. This info involved high-level metrics such as sales numbers, total store sessions,  returning consumers, and AOV of orders. Shopify Analytics’ dashboard offers a good snapshot of the store’s high-level metrics.

 Metrics such as these get a picture of how people engage with the store. So, you could specify components of the site to update or tweak depending on what info is notified. Then continue to enhance the metrics. Here are the vital metrics that you can get through elegant reports. 

  • Stores’ total revenue without taxes and shipping 
  • Online store sessions metric to know your store visitors
  • Return customer rate displays customers percentage who purchase from you 
  • Conversion rate tracks visit for a purchase 
  • Average order value 

How To Use Elegant Report?

Elegant reports is a perfect application for Shopify stores that helps merchants track the performance of their products. 

It could turn a Word doc into an HTML or PDF format for the people to browse the whole text of the online report online. That offers a great advantage as it eradicates the process of printing the bulky report. Also, with the elegant reports software, merchants could access the internet and see what was inaccessible doc before. With it, one can produce several Shopify reports rapidly. also read this topic here 7 Reasons Why Online Learning is the Future of Modern-day Education

It doesn’t just produce accurate reports. Yet, even designs beautifully. Elegant Reports can save merchants tons of time. And also offers you expertise-quality Shopify reports. You don’t have skill in or should know CSS or  HTML to work. As it’s made by having both technical & design aspects in mind. The best thing about this app is that users can view and create several reports.  Thanks to their rich set of features which are made to enable you to understand the brand performance.

Why do we need Shopify’s elegant reports?

A smart decision for the business can be made only after you take a data-driven strategy. That is tied to eCommerce marketing and your company goals. Shopify analytics offers you the data that you require to track store activity. These also analyse transactions for helping you look at strategic and powerful decisions. Decisions can guide your brand into having better eCommerce sites. Knowing how shoppers interact and behave with the content could assist you with:

  • Enhancing shopper interface.
  • Marketing product catalogue online.
  • Up-selling to the audience.
  • Designing effective promotions and product bundles 
  • Boosting average order value in the store.

So, in case you have queries regarding marketing and customers, you could get them from these Shopify analytics apps. Or else you can hire a Shopify agency who will teach more about your store business. 

What are the benefits of using Elegant Reports?

Elegant Reports can help you tons of time for the boring task of formatting, cleaning, and exporting data before you send it to another software. Typically, it’s a program to get the word-processing documents and then turn those into reports.

It allows merchants to produce reports quickly depending on key metrics such as average checkout time,  average order value, sales, Orders, and the whole count of Products Sold. There are export as Excel files in case you want them in Microsoft Excel format. It is simple to utilise & offers an innate insight into the business performance. With the help, one can generate many Shopify reports with just one-click ease. 

What are the main features of Shopify elegant reporter?

This custom reports app enables merchants to produce several reports to grow their brands.  With pre-built templates for helping users see several reports. Here are the main features  of the custom elegant report app:

  • Design custom reports
  • Export the reports in the CSV
  • Auto ate & Schedule  Reports
  • Graphical articulation of the order associated reports
  • Graphical analytics summary
  • Syns Real-time
  • Devoted database to  enhance performance
  • POS reports are accessible

What can you do with the Elegant Report?

Elegant Report software lets store owners produce many reports which can help to grow the business. The tools offer pre-built templates which access users to see several reports. That includes inventory reports,  sales reports, tax reports, and more. 

Export your reports in CSV: You can create several reports and then export those reports to the Hymel, Pdf, and CSV file

Design custom reports: It’s simple to utilise an interface for creating custom reports. Merchants can design personalised reports with the products,  shop orders, analytics, and  Line Items.

Report scheduling & Automate: Schedule the reports then send them to google drive or email. It could schedule the reports monthly, weekly, daily, and hourly so that you could configure bespoke time & date.

Graphical representation: With the tabular reports, you can even graphically visualize data which assists in having better insight into the reports. 

Real-time sync:  Shopify store data can sync with the classical reports in real-time, You could find the modifications in the reports in real-time, one doesn’t have to sync or wait so the sales can grow. 

 Prebuilt Templates: Elegant reports offer pre-built templates that service the consumer’s several needs. The Shopify team keeps on adding more templates to it Shopify Elegant Reports- the generator could save your business hours of time. 

 Shopify Elegant Reports have various plans for various store budgets & sizes. Go for a smart choice for your business and reach a Shopify expert today.

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