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The Benefits of Teaching Your Children Abacus from a Young Age

Abacuses have been around for almost a century, and they’re still in use today for mental arithmetic computations.  Although the abacus was primarily used in China and Japan, it was also discovered in India, Mesopotamia, Greece & Rome. However, what are the merits of teaching children to use an abacus?

Abacus usage is well-known for its practicality in arithmetic,  there are other unnoticed advantages to using one for a child’s entire development.

Enrolling a kid in abacus courses in their early years is critical since this is when the majority of a child’s development takes place. 

The top and lower parts of an abacus are typically separated. A bar is a term for the metal bar that divides the room into halves. With this, you may enhance your mental calculations and do operations such as subtraction, addition, and division more quickly.

Why Abacus In The First Place?

The fundamental goal of Abacus training is to promote the cognitive abilities of the students. This means increased scholastic performance across the board, and not just in arithmetic.

The following are the key advantages that may be reaped by using an abacus

  • Because it simplifies mental arithmetic computations, it alleviates people’s anxiety about math.
  • While abacus training is great for arithmetic skills and for sparking interest in the subject, it also aids in the development of other academic skills, like problem-solving ability and confidence in the face of everyday obstacles.
  • According to research, using an abacus regularly helps grow the brain’s underutilised right side, which helps children develop their whole brain. 
  • To assist impaired children to develop their arithmetic abilities, Abacus Education uses a system that lets these children perceive via contact. This demonstrates that dyslexic children can per se optimise learning by sensing calculations with their hands. 

Using an abacus has several benefits that are less well-known

1 Reduces Demand on Short-Term Memory 

The abacus aids memory in many ways. Students no longer have to learn mathematical equations by heart. After learning the abacus, the learner will be able to tackle any arithmetic challenge. They won’t have to commit solutions or steps to memory since the format will remain constant. The abacus aids their memory in a second manner by showing them exactly how they arrived at the answer. 

They will be able to recognise how other issues and numbers function after they have a firm grasp on how their own work. The child no longer has to maintain the solutions in their short-term memory after they have figured out how to tackle an issue. After that, they’ll remember it forever and be able to recall their problem-solving abilities anytime they need them.

2 Facilitates Overall Development 

To develop self-confidence, you have to have it already. The abacus is a sure-fire technique to increase one’s self-esteem. A. It’s no secret that learning to use an abacus gives you more self-assurance. Knowledge of the abacus puts one ahead of the competition in almost any situation or field. Teachers, parents, and classmates all praise the one who knows the abacus. The child’s confidence grows as a result of this positive feedback, and he becomes more inclined to compete at the national and international levels. 

3 Improves Observation and Listening Skills 

An Abacus-trained youngster may begin processing numbers with only one look after using flashcard courses, one of the mental training methods, and while working on mental arithmetic problems. The child’s ability to observe improves as their abacus training progresses. Children will learn to pay attention and become better listeners as a result of this activity. 

Wrapping Up 

If you’re wondering how old your kid should be to start studying Abacus, they may start as early as 4 years. At this phase, the child’s brain absorbs information correctly, and they have a better knowledge of how to utilise the beads and get their response correct. 


William Peter

William Peter is the marketing consultant at Semas Academy in Australia. His broad business and marketing skills have equipped him as a consumer experience specialist and brand strategist keen to tackle unique demands that provide value to the organisation. He is devoted to creating instructional articles for a variety of blogging sites.

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