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The Experience of Studying in London as an Asian Student

Every Asian student wants to go to developed countries. They want to build their careers. The living standards of developed countries attracts them. Landing in the UK is the dream of Asians. Students also apply there for education. They want to learn new skills and explore the world. The Asian culture is different from that of Europe. During their stay, students also learn about their culture. The norms and values of Europe are also different.

So it is not easy for Asians to live there. They face many problems that other international students may not face. It is important for Asians to learn about the points that helps them in future. We are going to share the experience of Asians studying in London. This article is helpful for those who are going to study in London.

The quality of education is very good in London. Students experience new things on a daily basis. They learn new skills by doing it. Students find many great opportunities while managing their studies. The environment allows them to find their hidden talent. Students do not find any gap in the quality of education. Other things are present that create problems for Asians. These things belong to their personality. Now we share major points that belong to most Asians.

Asians are introverts

Asian student is introvert. They don’t want to come out of their comfort zone. Their behaviour is not good for them either. The people of London are outgoing. They love to explore things. Further, they are good in social dealings. They build relations to increase their social circle as well. Asian student lacks these personality traits and fail in making new relationships with them. According to Wijewickrama (2020), introverted people fail to build good relations. Besides, they do not perform work well either.

The class’s environment also fails to support introverted people. Students and teachers interact to share experiences for understanding the concept. Schools of London have many co-curricular activities. They take part in them. Asians lack confidence. They don’t take part in these activities at all. Asians need to change this approach. They have to explore new things and increase social circles. If not, their comfort zone may not allow them to.

Future planning

Asians make short-term plans. They don’t see the bigger picture. Most Asian countries have strong family structures. They live with their families. Decisions of their lives are dependent on the head of family. Their parents manage all their expenses. So they don’t care about planning their expenses. This behaviour creates problems for them. They don’t manage their expenses and face problems there. Students have to understand that their families are not there to support them. They feel independent here, so they don’t care about spending. They buy things that are not necessary for them. Their extra spending causes a big loss for them. In some cases, they failed to pay their tuition fees. They have to plan budgets for meeting the expenses.

Language issue

Research by a dissertation help firm shows that most Asians are not good at the English language. They don’t get how interest is increased for learning English. It is their biggest mistake. It is the biggest challenge faced by Asian student to study in the UK (Khanal, 2019). The people of UK give importance to their language. They don’t accept people who are not good at English. Most of the universities take IELTS before giving admission. Still, there are universities that give admission without them. Asians need to learn English language for living in the UK. Language bridges the gap and positive feelings for each other. They face difficulties if they don’t learn it.

Misuse of independence

Most Asians are dependent on their parents. They do any things without their permission. When they land in London for study, they misuse this independence. They don’t take an interest in education. They start getting involved in different activities. Further, they start going to parties on a daily basis. They choose to spend time with the bad company that distracts them. They also start taking drugs. This behaviour doesn’t allow them to continue their education. They lose a large amount of money. This behaviour also disturbs their families. Students need to take things in balance. They have to choose people that helps them in the study process. Moreover, they explore things in a positive way.

Rigid behavior

Most Asians are not flexible in nature. They stay stuck with the same process. They don’t want change. This behaviour is not acceptable in Europe. They change their plans according to the situation. They are not rigid to single processes only. While staying in London, students have to be flexible. Not everything will go according to the plan. Students have the confidence to deal with this kind of situation. If they don’t show flexibility, they won’t be able to deal with things. People don’t want to work with rigid people. They want to do things in different ways. Flexibility provides many positives sides to difficult situations.


London is the destination of preferred by every Asian student. They want to live and study there for a better future. It is important to note that every region has its own culture. Before moving to another region, understanding its norms and values is important. Asia has a different environment than Europe. Before moving to Europe, students have to become familiar with the environment. Asian people are introverts.

They love to remain in their comfort zone. This kind of behaviour is not acceptable in London. Students have to go outside but not enough to disturb their studies. They don’t misuse independence. Further, they have to focus on learning the English language. They have to plan their budgets to meet their expenses as well. Flexibility is crucial for their stay in London. Students need to work on this area. Otherwise, they will have to bear a big loss.

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