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What Is Liability | The Amount Of Responsibility

What is Liability

Responsibility is the achievement of obligations or cares when deciding or doing anything. Accountability is also the fact of being engage for someone or something. Liability is also used to concern the responsibility to respond to a fact. It is derived from the Latin responsum, from the verb responder, which in spin is formed with the prefix re-, which consult to the idea of ​​repeating, return, and verb pondered, meaning “to commit,” “to bind” or “make.” You can also learn vocabulary words that start with I.

The amount of responsibility

The responsibility is to consider the quality and amount of people. This is a positive trait of people who can act and act correctly. In many cases, accountability is given by a position, role, or status, such as a job or parenting.

 So, In a society, the public is expecting to act responsibly, exercise their rights, and fulfill their responsibilities as a citizenry. In many cases, responsibility is due to virtuous and moral issues.

Social responsibility

Social responsibility is the burden, commitment, or obligation that members of society, as individuals or as members of certain groups, have on themselves and for humanity itself.

It is a kind of responsibility based on the ideology and internal policies of an entity. Social accountability can be certain, in the sense of being force to act or do something. And it can also be harmful, referring to avoiding acting or doing something.

Corporate social obligation (CSR), also known as corporate social responsibility, is the commitment and voluntary and active contribution to a company’s socio-economic and environmental improvements, mainly increasing its competitiveness, evaluation, and added values.

Civil liability

The responsibility is the obligation of a person to repair damage in people who have suffered. Civil liability can be obtaine by contract (contractual). Or prescribed by law (non-contractual). When the person responding for damages is someone different from the author. It is calling responsibility for their actions.

Joint and multiple responsibilities

This joint responsibility is the obligation or commitment of a large company to respond if there are debts of contractor or subcontractor workers. Therefore, this type of liability applies to some people who react to an obligation incurred without requiring a declaration of worthlessness from the chief agent. This way, the lender can claim the debt against one or all of the parties at once.

Limited liability

A limited liability business (SRL), or simply a limited company (SL), is a type of commercial company. Where the obligation is limiting to capital contributing. Therefore, if there are debts, members of this organization should not respond to their personal belongings. In this sense, social shares do not correspond to the claims of public limited companies (SA).

Definition of social responsibility

What is Social Liability? Concept and Definition of Social Responsibility: Social responsibility is the commitment, obligation, and duty that they hold.

Responsibility and its true meaning in images

Responsibility and its true purpose in images. Concept and Meaning of Responsibility and its true meaning in pictures. 

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