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Why You Need the Everlasting Comfort Magnetic Screen Door in Your Home

When it’s time to let the outside in nothing can compare to a magnetic screen door. Sure, other doors, like a sliding glass door, look pretty and do their job. But they come with some risks, like breaking or being too hard to open. Not with a magnetic screen!

Here are nine reasons you need the everlasting comfort of a magnetic screen door in your home.

It’s easy to install

A magnetic screen door is super easy to install. All you need to do is take the thumbtacks, typically made of metal, and the large roll of hook and loop backing, and follow the directions that you’re given. Unlike other screen doors, which use additional equipment, a magnetic screen door makes installation a breeze–literally!

Fits most entryways

Magnet screen doors do more than other screen doors. While screen doors typically fit a fixed entryway, where a window or doorway would be placed, a magnetic door can be installed on a fixed or sliding entrance made of other materials like metal or wood. It’s easy to find the size that fits the entrance you want, or you can order numerous ones and put them side by side. What matters most is that you measure your entrance or doorway so that you can order a size that will properly fit.

Closes in an instant

How many times have we forgotten if we closed the door, or screen door? Sometimes, especially in the middle of nice weather, we tend to forget if we left the door open. Then, in the event of rain, it gets in our home. A magnetic screen door opens and closes without a thought. Because they have a middle seam with magnets running up and down the magnets naturally gravitate towards one another to close without having to do anything at all.

Hands-free open

Have you ever had a bar-b-que and had to run in and outside with your hands full? Then, when you get to the sliding screen door suddenly you have to wobble around to open the door, and, oops, something falls. There’s no need to worry anymore. With a magnetic screen and seam comes something even better—a hands-free opening! The retractable screen is easy to push right through without much effort, so you can have your hands full and go to and from inside to outside without fumbling around. Just nudge it open and walk right through.

It’s incredibly durable

Sometimes glass doors somehow seem to break when you least expect, or want, them too. Then there are the flimsy mesh screen doors that tear and leave a gaping hole or rip just enough where you can’t sit it but all of those outside insects can. A magnetic screen door eliminates both of those concerns because it’s made of heavy polyester material with reinforced edges. The polyester mesh is specifically designed with constant use in mind, so it’s built to withstand all types of use and weather. Pets, run-ins, rain, heat, etc. This isn’t material or design, that’s going to let you down. It’s built to last for years to come.

Perfect for sunny days

Feel like you’re outside without actually going outside. The magnetic mesh door screen lets in all of the good feeling of fresh air without the negative irritation. Bugs? Kept out. Pollen? Yes, even that too can be kept separate. The mesh allows all of the good elements in without the bothersome outside pests and problems.

Kids love it

Kids’ hands can be small, and weak, so when they need something and are stuck inside that isn’t much fun for them or their parents. Children love magnetic mesh doors because there’s no handle to try and grab or difficult door locks to try and navigate open and close.  It’s super easy for little ones, with proper supervision, of course, to have the ability to walk in and out through the mesh without getting stuck or feeling left out.

Plus, it’s pet friendly

If you have an enclosed outdoor space, the magnetic screen door can be a huge benefit for pets who go in and out—whether it’s to use the bathroom or simply to play.  Now your dog, or cat, can simply enter and exit the home, safely, without you needing to wait impatiently by the door. Why rush them if they’re enjoying their time outside? Or constantly pester your pet about making a doo-doo? With the magnetic screen door, your home is safe from the elements, you no longer need to wait around, and your pet can come and go with ease.  No barking, meowing, scratching, or begging.

Year-round use

Because of the polyester mesh, and being able to withstand all of the natural elements, it’s perfect for year-round use. Yes, even in winter! Whether it’s 95 degrees outside and you want some of that heat in, a chilly 65-degree night with the cool air for snuggling up, or even if you prefer the briskness of a chilly winter just enough to get that fresh smell of snow inside, this magnetic door is perfect. Don’t just think of it as summer or good weather use. You can be one with nature without ever needing to let it fully in.

When a screen door just won’t do anymore, it’s time to upgrade to a magnetic one. The everlasting comfort of a magnetic screen door in your home benefits you, your family, and your guests.

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