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Your Business is Missing Out If You’re Not Using Outdoor Signage

Your Business is Missing Out If You’re Not Using Outdoor Signage

What exactly is outdoor signage? Outdoor signage includes the following types of signs: real estate signs, billboards, real estate listings signs, bus stop signs, and directional signs are just a few of the many different types of outdoor signage. And if you think that your business doesn’t have any use for these kinds of signs, then it’s time to rethink that decision. The use of outdoor signage can benefit your business in multiple ways, including increasing your brand exposure and increasing the visibility of your products or services. Here are some more benefits that outdoor signage offers to businesses just like yours.

Benefits of outdoor signage

Advertising isn’t dead, but it has evolved from an in-your-face screaming match to a subtle nudge in your customer’s mind. One of those subtle nudges you should be considering is outdoor signage. Today, there are many reasons businesses need to take advantage of digital outdoor signage technology. Let’s explore four of them. 1) They have more value than traditional advertising methods Digital signs offer unique benefits that make them a smart investment for small businesses, according to Inc. Magazine.

Traditional forms of advertising

Traditional forms of advertising can seem outdated and impersonal compared to digital options like LED screens and video walls. 2) They can save money Small business owners don’t always have a large marketing budget—especially if they are just starting out or trying to get their business off the ground. Investing in outdoor signage provides an affordable way to reach customers without breaking your budget. 3) They can increase sales The right kind of signage can help boost sales by drawing attention to special offers or products that may not be on display inside your store or office space. When customers see what they want at first glance, they might buy it immediately instead of browsing through all your other products first and then making their decision later when they already know what they want.

Common mistakes made with outdoor signs

The most common mistake with digital outdoor signage is not understanding who your target market is. As simple as it may sound, you have to figure out who you want to attract and what they want from you, in order to make effective digital signage. The next most common mistake in using outdoor signs would be using them incorrectly. What do I mean by that? Let’s say there are several businesses near each other and they have all installed outdoor signs that look very similar to one another, they could all be working at cross purposes because their messaging isn’t different enough for people passing by to know which business they are trying to get into or perhaps no one took a second to think about how it could work with their current brand image or color scheme. The result?

Advantages of having an outdoor sign

The obvious advantage of having an outdoor sign for your business is that it provides you with exposure to a lot more potential customers. Since people drive by businesses all day long, outdoor signs are a great way to catch someone’s attention when they’re just driving by. Having an attractive, easy-to-read sign can really help increase your business’s visibility and cause people to take notice of your company. This can lead to increased foot traffic into your store and an overall increase in sales over time. In order to get full benefit from having an outdoor sign, you need to make sure that it not only has good quality, but also that it’s properly maintained on a regular basis—this will be different depending on what type of signage you have.

How to design an effective outdoor sign

Before you can use digital outdoor signage, you have to come up with a creative and eye-catching design. Use colors that pop and don’t be afraid to be loud or bold. Simple logos like Nike’s swoosh work well when displayed on outdoor signs. The colors should catch people’s attention before they notice what type of business your sign represents. Think about adding bright neon lettering for an even bigger impact. Once people see your logo, take advantage of available space by including your phone number and website address where appropriate. So interested customers can learn more about your business without having to drive down Main Street.

Different types of outdoor signs

From billboards to A-frames to sandwich boards, businesses use a variety of outdoor signs to get their message across. There are three basic types of outdoor signage, each with different advantages and disadvantages: temporary, permanent, and mobile signs. Because outdoor signs tend to be fixed in place, they can be more expensive than smaller indoor signage like business cards or brochures. Still, if your business needs something eye-catching that customers can’t ignore such as for a restaurant or shop front. You’ll probably want to spend some money on a colorful sign that’s sure to attract attention. The right sign will help you reach new customers and remind old ones that your business exists and offers valuable products or services they can’t live without.

Where should you place your outside sign?

The type of sign you want to use will ultimately depend on where it’s going to be installed. No matter what kind of signage you decide to use, though, it’s best if you place your sign near your business’ entrance. That way, passersby will have a clear indication that they can enter and explore your store or restaurant. Before deciding on an outdoor sign location, take a walk around your business and see where people typically park and enter. This will help you determine whether or not it’s a good idea to put up an outside sign in that area. For example, if most people pull into your parking lot from one direction.

Then it might make sense to install a sign there so they know exactly where to go once they get out of their car. But remember: It’s also important that your sign isn’t too distracting for drivers! Make sure you don’t put anything too close to street corners or intersections—this could cause problems for drivers who are trying to turn at those spots. For more information about how much visibility different types of signs provide, check out our guide here .

Just because you can install a big billboard doesn’t mean you should: A huge billboard might seem like an ideal option for advertising your business. And it certainly has its benefits but there are some things to consider before installing one.

The five elements of design – Here’s what it means

Balance – The state of equilibrium achieved by distributing weight or objects equally on either side of a fulcrum. Composition – Arrangement and distribution of design elements in a manner that’s pleasing to the eye. Proportion – Measured relationship between parts. Rhythm – Pattern of repetition found throughout all design, whether it be visual or sonic (think: beat). Unity – The principle that binds all components together so they appear as one harmonious entity. Rule No. 1: When designing outdoor signage, don’t let your business blend into its environment; attract attention with bold colors and shapes to help people identify your location easily! Rule No.

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