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Your Guide to Home Decorating Styles

Are you thinking of redesigning your home? There are many home decorating styles & ideas that you can use, whether you’re looking to create an industrial-style studio home or incorporate Feng Shui into your living space.


People often think of minimalist homes as having white walls, minimal decor, and uncomfortable seating. Minimalist design focuses on clean lines, functional layouts, multipurpose furniture and keeping your space bright, open, warm, and inviting.

How To Decorate: This style is best achieved by using neutral colors such as beige or blush and incorporating lots of storage, like hutches, ottomans, and furniture that has lots of space. Soft touches of texture can be added with fuzzy blankets and pillows. Don’t clutter your space with useless furniture and knick-knacks!


Modern decorating is often confused with contemporary decor. It focuses on sleek furniture and removing unnecessary details. Modern style tends to emphasize reflective surfaces such as glass and horizontal lines.

How To Decorate: Use colors of grays, blacks, whites and metalics to create your color scheme. Throw pillows and decorative vases can add color to your coffee table. Set up some black leather bar stools with straight backs if you have a kitchen island. In your entryway, you can hang square mirrors and metal wall art & modern wall clock.


Modern and contemporary decorating styles can be used interchangeably. However, they are very different. Modern style, for example, is defined by straight lines and solid textures. Contemporary style, on the other hand, has curved lines and soft edges and uses bolder colors.

How to Decorate: Choose colors such as blues, greens and pinks that compliment the large furniture. To contrast with a sculptural floor lamp, or a metallic dining table, choose furniture that is both soft and sturdy.


Bohemian interior decorating is a popular trend that is often associated with people who are free-spirited. This style encourages you to show your individuality through unique color schemes and mismatched furnishings. Boho-inspired decor could include vintage light fixtures and patterned rugs that are globally inspired, as well as beaded pillows and chairs in a variety of shapes.

How to Decorate: Hang a crystal chandelier from your ceiling. Place large orange floor pillows around your green coffee table. Place a few family heirlooms or vintage wine bottles with flowers on the mantel. Attach fringe curtains to your windows or a silk canopy above your bed.


Traditional style is the best home decor style. This trend is centered on rich colors, finished wood and intricate fabrics like silk and velvet. It’s rooted in Colonial and 18th-century European styles.

How to Decorate: Place wingback velvet chair around the dining table or make a table with glass top and claw feet the centerpiece of your living area. You can replace a wooden bed frame with a plain headboard and ottoman by using a tufted headboard. To add luxury to hardwood floors, lay a kashan carpet.


Transitional decorating is about combining traditional and contemporary styles. This decoration combines elements of contemporary decor such as glass and curved edges with traditional elements to create a space that is both elegant and welcoming.

How to Decorate: Use warm shades of white and tan for a calm and serene atmosphere. Add dark brown coffee tables to add depth and interest. To counter an ornately carved wooden bed frame, place a geometric lamp on the nightstand. Place a cushion with a blue or yellow stripe on an espresso European bench.


Rustic style can bring out the natural beauty of the outdoors in your interior design. This style embraces natural textures and colors, as well organic shapes that help to bring warmth to the space. The rustic furniture is primarily made of leather, dark-stained woods and wire accents.

How to Decorate: Use beige and brown colors on walls and in furniture fabrics. Decorating the walls with antlers and a wire mosaic. Orange lighting or a stone fireplace can add warmth to your home. This option is more affordable. To warm dark-wood floors, lay down sherpa or cowhide rugs.


The coastal decorating style creates a comfortable and relaxing environment. This design style, also known as Hamptons style, features elements that are inspired by the ocean and beach, such as plush white sofas and beige woods. Sometimes, you will find seashells or ropes.

How to Decorate: Use large wicker baskets for extra blanket storage. You can paint your kitchen gray or blue and use sand-colored hardware. Place your bed on a white frame, and add green throw pillows and an aqua rug to offset it.


Scandinavian design is similar to minimalism. It emphasizes simplicity, natural light, and functional furniture. However, it also emphasizes stark structures. Scandinavian design is often monochromatic and features minimalistic color schemes, simple wooden and metal elements, as well as abstract decor.

How to Decorate: Hang copper pendants from ceiling beams or wood beams. In the corner of your bedroom, place vases of flowers or tall plants on coffee tables. Decorate your couch and the end of your bed with pillows in geometric prints. Modern prints on the walls can add a splash of color to your space.

Mid Century Modern

Mid-Century Modern can be used in any room, including your bedroom and living room. This retro design style is inspired by 1960s and features bright colors, unusual patterns, and modern furniture.

How to Decorate: Keep walls neutral by using whites, grays and beiges. But add accent pieces in yellows, greens and oranges. Tapered legs are a good choice for beds, tables, chairs and tables. Furniture with tweed fabrics should be considered. Mix and match patterns, colors, shapes, and artwork.


Do you want a more urban feel? If you want an urban feel, industrial style is for you. It draws inspiration from warehouses. This style is most popular in apartments and lofts, but you can still use it in your home with exposed brick walls and hardwood floors, concrete countertops and a mix of metal and wooden furniture.

How to Decorate: Add wrought-iron nightstands in the bedroom, or a dark wooden desk in an office. Pendant lighting can be suspended from your ceiling in the kitchen or dining room. For furniture color, stick to browns, blacks and grays. You can reuse old drafting tables or metal bar stools.


The eclectic style is for you if you love home decor styles that incorporate a variety of different styles, colors and patterns. Although eclectic decor may seem like a jumble of different styles, it is actually a well-thought out way to combine the best of each style. This is possible by choosing a color scheme and building your design around it.

How to Decorate: Pair some Art Deco chairs and a vintage French dining table. To accent a wall, use patterned wallpaper. Modern couches can be adorned with velvet pillows or fur blankets. Bookshelves can be used to store knick-knacks or books of different sizes. Hang black-and white photos with abstract paintings on the walls.

Modern Farmhouse

The modern farmhouse style is most well-known as it’s use by Chip and Joanna Gaines of Fixer Lower. It has also become a popular choice for home design. This interior decoration style combines elements of rustic, industrial, and minimalism to create a home that is cozy. It uses a mixture of high and low-contrast pieces with barn-like details to make it look cozy.

How to Decorate: Use white paint colors, neutral tones, wrought-iron barstools, distressed wood tables, large windows, lots of natural light and a variety textures such as wool or canvas to create farmhouse decor. You can use barrels to create accent pieces such as wooden ladders or tables made from old barrels.

Feng Shui

Consider using feng shui to decorate your space! This decorating technique requires you to identify which areas of your life require more attention: wealth, health, relationships, creativity, and so on. Then, embrace decor that features the feng shui elements–fire, earth, water, metal, and wood–associated with that life area to start the flow of positive chi.

How To Decorate: Want to create a creative oasis in your home? To inspire creativity, you can use metal elements such as a silver mirror or end tables. You want a home that is full of happiness. To bring out the energy and excitement, paint walls with shades of red or use pyramid furniture. You need a boost in your health? You can add some sunshine yellow accents to your bathroom or kitchen.


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