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12 Truly Unique Experiences In Arizona You Can’t Afford to Miss

Arizona can offer a variety of unique experiences for travelers. Here are 12 of the most incredible things you can do in Arizona.

12 Truly Unique Experiences In Arizona You Can’t Afford to Miss:

  1. The Desert Haven Park – Phoenix
  2. Mogollon Rim – Flagstaff
  3. Grand Canyon – Arizona
  4. Saguaro cactus bloom in Tucson
  5. Kartchner Caverns State Park
  6. The Apache Trail, 153 miles
  7. Sea World – San Diego
  8. Sedona Red Rock Rodeo – Arizona’s oldest festivals
  9. Scottsdale
  10. Vineyards – Wine tasting
  11. Phoenix Museum of History
  12. Desert Botanical Garden

Let’s know more about these beautiful places in brief one by one.

1. Walk Through The Desert Haven Park – Phoenix

The Desert Haven is an oasis in the middle of one of the hottest, driest places on earth. Arizona’s desert climate might damper your plans, but visiting this desert park won’t – especially if you’re walking through its 2000-square-foot garden.

The Desert Haven Park is located near Dean & Deluca at 14th Street and Thomas Road in midtown Phoenix.

Four gardens; three were designed by renowned artist Mary Ann Lindahl and have a distinctly Native American feel. The fourth garden was created by local artist and engineer Jimmy Lazo.

2. Explore the Mogollon Rim – Flagstaff

The Mogollon Rim runs east of Flagstaff and is as gorgeous as it is diverse. The San Francisco Peaks rise west, and the Mogollon Rim runs east from downtown Flagstaff to Route 66 to the west of town. This rim is a time capsule of our ancient ancestors’ design – it was formed about 10,000 years ago after an earthquake split the earth.

Even more surprising is that this rim took its name from a tribe of Native Americans. The Mogollon tribe built their homes between here and Albuquerque in New Mexico, along this rim that they called “Mogollon.

3. Hike through the Grand Canyon – Arizona

The Grand Canyon is one of the oldest and most spectacular pieces of rock in the United States. More than a mile in depth, this canyon is one of the most impressive things you can see anywhere, for any reason.

Enjoy hiking up canyon walls and exploring subterranean spaces on just about any day of the week. A couple of suggestions: first, wear comfortable shoes – you’ll likely spend more time walking than you will on your hike. Second, if you want to experience sunrise over the Grand Canyon, go during fall or winter, when days are shorter and it’s cooler on the rim. For the best experience, you should book your tour in advance, a Grand Canyon Tour – whether a helicopter tour or a Bus tour.

4. Witness a Saguaro cactus bloom in Tucson

Tucson’s desert floor is littered with thousands of saguaro cacti. This naturally occurring plant is one of the most amazing things you can see in Arizona.

Saguaro cactus are ancient, with some estimates given the age as being more than 400 years old, and each bloom takes place only over a few days each year. Every spring and summer, this cactus produces tiny flowers covering the upper portion of its branches until suddenly, dagger-shaped red flowers burst through the green protectors during fall and winter.

Sometimes saguaro can grow to be over 60 feet tall; at other times, they are smaller at around 10 feet.

5. Visit Kartchner Caverns State Park to see caverns created by water, not fire

All of Arizona’s natural beauty might make you forget that we also have our fair share of caves. Kartchner Caverns State Park is a living, breathing cave open to the public. Based out of Benson, Arizona, this cave is relatively new – it was discovered in 1974 by two brothers who were drilling for groundwater.

Within the next several years, the state of Arizona purchased almost 830 acres of land around the caverns, and in 1988 it was declared a National Natural Landmark by the U.S. Department of Interior. Today, this attraction welcomes about 100,000 tourists for its guided tours and spectacular features.

6. Drive The Apache Trail for 153 miles and enjoy breathtaking scenery along the way

Located between Springerville and Alpine, Arizona, The Apache Trail is one of the most scenic drives in the west. Along this 153-mile stretch, you’ll see new vistas at every mile marker.

The trail was originally used by a self-proclaimed warrior named Cochise (who lived in what’s now known as Chiricahua National Monument) to attack wagon trains and stagecoaches. These days, the highway is used for pleasure rides that overlook Douglas Mountain and Mogollon Rim – two massive geological features that make up most of northwestern Arizona.

7. Swim with sea lions at Sea World (San Diego)

SeaWorld is a popular destination for tourists from all over the world. The park’s beaches are a hit with families, and nearly everyone enjoys its aquatic shows.

“Shamu” is a famous sea lion who performs in Sea World’s daily show. The 12,000 lb sea lion does tricks for his fans and rarely misses an opportunity to splash the audience with his surprisingly large flippers.

Many find Shamu’s show incredibly entertaining; it’s been going on for over 30 years and has made quite a name.

Aside from Shamu, Sea World hosts more than 3,000 different animals from all over the world in its 5 million-gallon pool – but that’s not where you’ll find your true aquatic entertainment…

8. Attend one of Arizona’s oldest festivals – Sedona Red Rock Rodeo

You don’t have to travel to Chicago or Las Vegas for a rodeo these days. Arizona is home to one of the oldest rodeos in the entire country – the Sedona Red Rock Rodeo. This event has been running for more than 40 years, and it’s only getting bigger and better.

Roughly 5,000 cowboys and cowgirls compete in a two-day event that includes bull riding, bronc busting, calf roping, steer wrestling, and more.

The Sedona Red Rock Rodeo takes place every summer at the rodeo grounds on Hwy 89A between Sedona and Cottonwood, Arizona.

9. Stroll through downtown Scottsdale

Like the rest of Arizona, downtown Scottsdale is a popular shopping and dining destination. The area is home to nearly 300 restaurants, bars, and more than 120 art galleries.

The downtown area is also known for its beautiful architecture – many buildings are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Scottsdale’s sister city, Honolulu, Hawaii, was kind enough to contribute some of its street lamps to light up this shopping district during the night hours – very cool!

10 . Tour a winery at one of our many vineyards

Wine tasting is a popular activity in Arizona, and it’s no surprise why. Our vineyards are home to some of the best wines in the world.

Where else can you find award-winning wines at prices that are this reasonable?

11. Head out to the Phoenix Museum of History and see Scottsdale’s history come to life

Scottsdale has been around for a while – not quite 200 years but gives or takes a couple of decades. This huge city has more than its share of history, and now you can head out to the Phoenix Museum of History and see it all come alive.

The Museum was founded in 1894, and to this day, it holds an impressive number of historical artifacts and important works of art.

With more than 150,000 square feet of space, the Museum can house all kinds of materials. There’s an art collection worth a million dollars, and there are even live animals on display.

Located in downtown Scottsdale, The Phoenix Museum of History offers guided and self-guided tours – it’s one of Scottsdale’s best places to visit!

12. Take a tour of the Desert Botanical Garden

You’ll love the Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix if you love plants. It’s the largest public garden in the southwest, with over 17 different gardens on campus.

The gardens are home to more than 20,000 plants from all over the world, with a special concentration on xeriscaping – an Arizona-grown gardening technique that reduces water consumption.

Desert Botanical Gardens offers several different programs for visitors and residents of Scottsdale – it’s one of the best things to do in Scottsdale! You can also take Alcatraz Tour if you want to experience a unique adventure.

I hope this blog is proved useful to you and you will have a list of beautiful places to visit in your future. Thank you.

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