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7 IDO Launchpads to Get Your Blockchain Project Off the Ground

In the past few years, the number of platforms where people can put their money in cryptocurrencies has grown by a factor of a million. One way for investors to get involved is through launchpads. Launchpads are platforms for digital currencies that help investors find and join presale rounds for new cryptocurrency projects before they become well-known and widely used. In the past few months, a lot of people have become interested in cryptocurrency incubators.

Decentralized crypto launchpads have lowered the high bar that large, centralised exchanges set for new projects to be listed on their platforms. Before, most startups sold tokens to regular investors through their websites for a set price. The name for this method is “initial coin offering” (ICO). In an initial coin offering, people who buy tokens are required to keep their money in the tokens until they can be traded on an exchange. But scams and rules have scared away investors, so ICOs aren’t as exciting as they used to be.

In the past few years, there have been more alternatives to ICOs. The First DEX Offering is one example (IDO).

What is an Initial DEX Offering (IDO)?

The term “IDO” refers to a strategy for decentralised crowdfunding in which new blockchain projects give out coins through a decentralised trading platform, also called a “decentralised exchange.” A decentralised exchange lets users trade with each other directly on the blockchain. This is made possible by liquidity pools and smart contracts.

IDOs were made to fix problems with earlier models, such as initial coin offerings, security token offerings, and initial exchange offerings (IEOs). IDOs are becoming more popular as a way for businesses to raise money because they are easy to join.

Benefits of IDO Launchpads

Right Away Liquidity

Token liquidity is essential. If you can’t immediately trade a token for another asset, its value may go down. DEX uses a central liquidity pool to make sure that prices don’t slip at any point. In IDOs, the tokens can be traded in the liquidity pool for other cryptocurrencies, but only if the project gives them value first.

Buying and selling in real time

When the token for a project is released, investors can start trading right away. During the IDO, people who bought tokens early can sell them for more than they paid for them. When the first investor buys a token, the price starts to go up.

Reduced Costs

Smart contracts handle the tokens and liquidity pools, so putting up a new one for a project’s token on a decentralised exchange only costs a few dollars in fees.

Ways to Raise Money Safely and Fairly

Unlike other ways to raise money, the IDO launch makes it easy to make and sell tokens quickly. At first, a lot of tokens are sold to individual investors at a discount. Once the token is traded on exchanges, it will be worth more.

Seven of the Best Cryptocurrency Platforms for Getting your Blockchain Project off the ground


UniCrypt is a platform for launching decentralised, multichain cryptocurrencies that came out in 2020. The platform is a starting point for new blockchain projects and investors. It focuses on user trust and community growth to make it the best place for new blockchain projects and investors.

The goal of the platform is to help new projects get started by solving problems like getting money and getting the word out. Using UniCrypt’s platform, anyone can set up events to raise money. It’s easy to start a new project with UniCrypt. For a project to be listed on UniCrypt, it must first release its token and set a range for its funding goal (soft and hard cap).

UniCrypt’s presale can only happen in up to two phases. The first phase is only for people who already own UniCrypt native tokens. The second phase is open to everyone. But projects have the choice of which IP addresses to let in. You can also choose the currency you want to use to sell tokens. Most of the time, presales of tokens end within a few minutes of starting. Another important thing to keep in mind is that projects that want to launch their tokens must lock up at least 30% of the liquidity on UniSwap. But platforms should lock more than what is needed.


This ido platform is a place to start using cryptocurrencies, a decentralised exchange (DEX), and a marketplace for NFTs. UniLayer has a process for vetting new projects to make sure they are real and protect investors from scams. Smart contracts are used to automatically give tokens to investors on the platform.

This ido launchpad is a cutting-edge decentralised trading platform that was built on top of UniSwap. It offers professional traders important features like automated swapping and liquidity management, staking, farming, charting and analytics, and a live order book, all of which can be accessed through its LAYER utility token.

LAYER stakers can get FREE tokens as a reward for flash staking. Projects will have the option of airdropping to UniLayer stakeholders anywhere from 1% to 3% of their total supply. The LAYER community also gets 1% of all the ETH that ANY project on the UniLayer Launchpad raises.


Binance, one of the biggest centralised exchanges, built the BSC Pad as a place for IDOs to start on the Binance Smart Chain, its decentralised blockchain. BSC Pad is one of the first IDO platforms built on the Binance Smart Chain. Its goal is to give investors a way to get paid back for their investments and a fair place to launch new projects.

The launchpad development company gives blockchain-based businesses a way to reach a wide audience and get money. The platform gives token holders a guaranteed allocation slot and makes it easier for new people to join.


With Polkstarter, you can get your idea for a blockchain project or token sale on the Polkadot platform off the ground. The currency used by Polkstarter is called POLS. Token sales are prioritised for POLS token holders. The general public can also join public launching pools on Polkstarter, not just people who own POLS tokens. Depending on the project and POLS pool, token prices and amounts can be very different.

Polkstarter was built on top of the Polkadot platform, which is very easy to use with other programmes. Polkadot makes the most of all of its benefits, such as the liquidity of Ethereum and other top blockchains. For the platform to reach its full potential, it needs to grow across chains. Polkstarter is a way to start projects with token pools that can be changed and can talk to each other. Because popular platforms like Ethereum and Bitcoin are still having trouble with network congestion, the Polkadot ecosystem and the Polkstarter platform may be very useful for future projects.

As an early adopter of DeFi in the Cardano ecosystem, offers a set of DeFi-optimized solutions for the Cardano blockchain, such as a launchpad, a DEX, and a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO). Emurgo and cFund, two companies owned by Cardano, give money to (IOHK). So, it has grown much faster than any of the other platforms in the Cardano ecosystem. was the first complete ido launchpad development for the Cardano ecosystem, and it was also the first DeFi product that the team released. has held 7 IDOs, and some of them sold out right away.


Ignition is a decentralised trading protocol that uses the PAID Network and Polkadot to help blockchain-based projects hold private and public token auctions. Holders of PAID tokens can take part in curated, one-of-a-kind public and private token auctions through Ignition.

Ignition is a very effective way to get new projects off the ground. Ignition provides both the infrastructure and a strong support system to help new projects with liquidity auctioning and the chance to achieve exponential market growth in record time.

At first, Ignition only worked with Ethereum projects that followed the ERC-20 standard. However, it quickly added support for multichain projects through Polkadot. Ignition puts a lot of value on building a group of loyal users for the long-term benefit of their projects and their investors. IDOs can only be joined by Ignition users who have at least 10,000 PAID tokens. Investors in the project are also told to keep their new project tokens instead of selling them. The longer people hold on to new tokens from earlier Ignition offerings, the more likely they are to win lottery tickets for later Ignition IDOs.


With the help of SOLPAD, Solana’s first multichain IDO platform, a company can raise money on a decentralised platform based on the Solana blockchain. Solpad wants to connect all important Layer 1 blockchains, like Ethereum, Binance, Cardano, and others, which would make it the IDO platform of choice by default. Crowdfunding, private and public sales, liquidity mining, staking, multichain trading, and many other services are all available to Solpad users in a safe and trustworthy environment.

With SolPad, anyone can contribute money to IDO projects. Holders of PAD tokens are given the ability to buy IDO through a tiered structure. People who are interested only need to stake a certain number of PAD tokens before the sale date. Users will be put into different pools based on how many PAD tokens they have staked. All of the buyers in the group will get the same number of tokens.


Like the technology behind these auctions, crypto launchpads are still in their early stages. The launchpads will need some time to figure out ways to keep security while allowing for decentralisation. There is a chance that the launchpads will eventually be better than all other blockchain-based fundraising platforms.

Top development firms can help you plan the launch of your IDO so that you can make the most of this alternative source of funding.

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