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Affordable Ways to Attract and Keep Quality Tenants

If you are already having a rental apartment or house in laurel Maryland then you will be agreeing that finding the right tenant and keeping them longer is not easy.

It is a tough job to convince your tenants to stay for longer. Also, some face difficulties while finding a reliable one. There are chances you will encounter bad tenants. And, they will give you nightmares for sure. Hence, it’s important to hire the right and high-quality tenants for your rental homes in Laurel Maryland.

Most landlords face this problem. They don’t get quality tenants easily. And this is the reason why most go with property management company in Laurel Maryland. If you are new in the industry and have no idea how to attract quality tenants then this article is just for you.

From making your rental home more alluring to writing an appealing advertisement for your investment property, you will have to do it all. And not only this much, but also you will have to consider the other things like- competitive market, etc. Considering everything you will have to make changes in your property to grab the attention of potential renters.

Well, there are many ways through which you can attract quality tenants. Having a quality property in an ideal location at a very affordable price is the best way to hire quality renters. But, is this possible for every landlord? No, not everyone can afford expensive changes. Hence, we are providing some tips that will help you attract good tenants and can keep them for a longer period.

How to Attract Good Tenants Affordably?

People would say you can reduce the rental price to keep quality tenants in your rental property. But, it’s not possible to offer low rent. Even if you do, you may not be able to compete for longer. You will need funds to take care of your property and meet daily expenses. So, you will have to think out of the box to be creative and stand out from your competitors.

Let’s see the creative and affordable ways to attract and keep quality tenants for a longer period.

Know your ideal tenant

Before starting to find a tenant for your rental unit, imagine how you want your tenants to be. Whether you need a group of students or you want a good employee who can afford to pay the rent on time, etc. Things can get easy or tough depending on your actions. Hence, it is advised to hire the right tenants. And layout your tenant criteria beforehand.

If you don’t want pets then you will have to mention this in the advertisement. Also, think about other criteria and find the most suitable applicant. Make a list of the questions that you want to ask our tenants. This will help you to narrow your focus and get the right tenant.

Write a compelling listing

Today most tenants use internet listing services to find their ideal rental property in laurel Maryland. Hence, listing your property would be a great idea. But it’s really important to write a compelling listing. While browsing the sites, tenants will read the description and decide. So, have a good and appealing ad highlighting the major amenities of your property.

After writing, check if there’s something that would pique the interest of your potential tenants. Is the ad is descriptive and informative? Is it easy for applicants to contact me? After getting the answers to these questions you can see if the ad needs any changes. And this will help you to attract a larger pool of tenants, which will eventually increase the chances of leasing your rental soon.

Use good pictures

To make your advertisement more appealing, use good quality pictures. Hire professional photographers, because they know the tricks to click good pictures. This will show the actual size of the house and also you can highlight the best feature of your rental. Don’t let your tenants only imagine your property with a good description rather show them with good pictures. If you have a spacious property or a furnished home with the sunlit double bedroom facing windows, then show it to the applicants. Show both interior and exterior of your rental.

These are the tips to attract good quality tenants without spending too much. Now, let’s see the things you can do to keep your tenants for longer.

How to Keep Tenants for Longer Period?

Cash Back Offers for Good Renters

If your renters are paying rent on time without any failure then you must appreciate them. Show your gesture towards their good behavior by giving cashback offers.

Yes, if they will pay their rent on time continuously for six months then you can give them a 10% rebate. Suppose they pay $1000 then give them a cashback of at least $120. This will excite your renters and they would like to continue the tenancy.

Workspace for Renters Who Work From Home

After the outbreak of COVID-19, most people are working from home. If you will give your tenants the proper environment of office then they may stay longer. Get your rental property furnished with tables and office chairs for your remote working residents.

Free Wi-Fi

It’s difficult for almost everyone today to live without the Internet. Your renters will have to get an internet connection to do their work. Why not provide this service free of cost to them? People, especially the youngsters are just crazy for free wi-fi. Check if your competitors are offering free wi-fi connections to their renters or not. Even if not, you can go for it. This will help you keep your tenants here for longer.

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You might be thinking finding a tenant and keeping them longer in your rental is a tough thing. Yes, it is, until you follow the right steps. So, do follow the tips shared above and get your rental leased by quality tenants.

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