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Web Designer: what it does and why it is different from Web Developer

Web designer and web developer: what exactly do they do? They are the same thing? Perhaps you have happened to ask yourself, especially if you are trying to understand which profession is right for you, which path to take, which course of study to choose.

Don’t worry: having doubts is normal, especially when it comes to new professions, often link to the world of the web and IT (Information Technology). Often there are no translations into Italian yet, or in any case the English definition is considered more prestigious. To this linguistic difficulty is add the fact that there are still few people who really know the characteristics of these professionals. (Unless they are part of the industry, of course!) So it ends up that at home, at school and even in the company you don’t know who to turn to to really understand what those who deal with web design do and what those who deal with the web do instead. development.

So what exactly do web designers and web developers do?
What do they have in common and what are the differences between these professions?

And finally (most important question of all): would you like more to become a web designer or a web developer?
Let’s try to answer all these questions, a little at a time.

Web designer: what it does, characteristics and peculiarities

Being a web designer means designing and creating individual web pages essentially from the point of view of graphics and usability, making sure:

  •    that the site is graphically designed and consistent with the colors of the brand
  •  that it is simple and pleasant to use
  • that it can be viewed and navigated in the best possible way from PC, tablet and smartphone.

Design, communication and usability are therefore fundamental knowledge for those who define themselves as web designers. This figure must therefore have graphics skills, experience of programs such as Illustrator and InDesign and software platforms such as blogs and content management sources (CMS) such as WordPress.

Web developer: what it does, features and peculiarities

Being a web developer, on the other hand, means following the design of a website more closely and taking care of its assembly, structure and automation, making sure that everything works correctly. For this reason, the various activities at his expense also include the actual programming of all the necessary functions of the site, the execution of tests and simulations to verify that there are no bugs or various problems, assistance or advice to provide a constant technical support to those who own the site.

From a technical point of view, those involved in web programming must know both the network protocols, the web servers and their main modules, and the databases, the principles of IT security and the main programming languages.

As you can imagine, having all this information on users for free is an excellent help to study or improve in a targeted way the marketing strategy defined with the reference company, regardless of whether you are freelance or employee. But first you need to know this and much more.

Web designer and web developer: a perfect collaboration

As you can see, web designer and web developer are two very distinct profiles who can certainly collaborate in the same project, for example the creation of a site, but who have different skills and knowledge.

If the activities and information we have presented to you so far are still unclear and very technical, don’t worry, you can discover and learn everything along your path with Clickwdcl.

Do you prefer to become a web designer or web developer?

If your dream is to take one of these two paths, Click Academy can provide you with the right route. Which direction do you want to take? Do you prefer to become a web designer or web developer?

By enrolling in the master of Digital and Web Graphics , you can acquire the main graphics tools and programs necessary to become a web designer and propose yourself as a freelance or as an employee of a company within the marketing and communication office, advertising division or graphic department. In addition, you have the opportunity to obtain Adobe certification recognized around the world and required by many companies.

If, on the other hand, you want to become an expert web developer and apply to work in large companies or software houses , choose the Web Programming master to acquire all the skills and tools necessary to be a certified web programmer.

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