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All you need to know before selling your property in Dubai

Do you want to sell your property in Dubai? This blog will guide you about selling property in Dubai, and all you need to confirm is the smooth achievement of what can be a stressful procedure. Whether it’s your investment off-plan properties in Dubai or your apartment that you wish to put on the market, there are specific steps to sell property in Dubai that you need to follow. 

What you need to consider before selling your property in Dubai:

Initiating the procedure for the sale of off-plan properties in Dubai is perhaps the most puzzling part, particularly if it’s your first time. Most people aren’t sure where to start and how to continue, but that ends here. There are a few things you need to do before selling off-plan properties in Dubai

Go to an Authentic and trustworthy agent:

When finding an agent to handle and market your apartment or sell a villa in Dubai, you need to confirm that they are registered with the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) in Dubai.

All RERA-approved real estate agents in Dubai follow the real estate business rules and regulations outlined by the Dubai Land Department (DLD). It fundamentally means that these agents are honest, trustworthy, and proficient in dealings. How can you recognize a RERA-approved real estate agent? Ask them for their RERA card. There are hundreds of RERA-approved real estate agents in Dubai, how to choose which one is suitable for you? To answer that, remember the following aspects:

Are they proficient in real estate and have a vast knowledge of your area of interest? For example, you need to sell your apartment in Six Senses Dubai, find an agent who has a worthy track record of closing property deals at Palm Jumeirah and adjoining areas.

Property Look and Feel:

You will have the best chance of selling your property quickly and profitably if you give priority to the best presentation of the property. This will increase your chances of receiving offers and a higher price for your property. Before you list your property, make sure that there are no cracks, defects, or other maintenance issues. If necessary, we recommend that you paint the property and clean it thoroughly.

Deal with them professionally:

This is necessary because you need a property agent who paints the authentic picture as it is, with all the good, bad and ugly. Also, you should be able to convey your concerns to them and look for specialized advice where required.

The agent will guide you through the procedure, help you to decide a realistic selling cost, create a thorough marketing strategy for your property, and help you sell off-plan properties in Dubai.

Promote the advertisement of your Property:

It is not possible to sell your property in Dubai or anywhere in the world without people being aware of it. To attract potential purchasers, you have to tell and show them what you are selling. For the most part, it is your real estate agent who will take care of the property by putting it at online listing portals like Fam Properties and advertising in local newspapers, social media sites, and other platforms. If you want to buy a new apartment in a luxurious place you can consider a new developmental project the Six Senses Dubai at Palm Jumeirah with advanced amenities.

One of the most significant elements of marketing a property is its presentation. You need to make sure your property for sale in Dubai appears good in videos, photographs, and the 3D imagery used for advertisements. Additionally, you will have potential buyers coming in for property inspecting. The first impression counts and acts upon some tips to sell off-plan properties in Dubai. Prepare your property for the sale.

  • For your possessions to be good-looking to potential purchasers
  • It should be clean
  • There should be no confusion
  • Let the bright light in from the windows to make it look sunny and airy
  • Decorate to make it attractive to the eyes
  • Fix and repair everything that requires it

Receiving NOC:

You require a No Objection Certificate (NOC) to sell your properties in Dubai. To complete the sale procedure of property in Dubai, the Dubai Land Department needs a NOC from the property developer, whereby the developer announces that the seller has no outstanding debt or liabilities towards them and hence, they have no complaints about the sale. 

Charges for NOC issuance can be different from one developer to another. Usually, fees for NOC fall between AED 500 and AED 5000, the NOC charges add up to the cost of selling property in Dubai. It can take around five to seven working days to be delivered. Documents you need to apply for the NOC include:

  • The Title Deed/Oqood (for off-plan properties in Dubai)
  • Your Emirates ID or passport with a legal residency visa
  • Copy of FORM F

Transfer of Ownership at Dubai Land Department:

The last thing in this procedure of selling assets in Dubai is the masaj istanbul ownership transfer. For that, all the concerned parties, the seller, the purchaser, and the agents have to visit the nearest DLD trustee’s office. It is where:

  • The buyer will pay the outstanding amount of the purchasing cost
  • The seller will pay the transfer charges to the DLD
  • A new title Deed will be issued against the buyer’s name 

Showing potential buyers the property

A property consultant will arrange viewings of the property for potential buyers. Your agent is an industry specialist and will be able to show the property and provide information about the community, price, and other factors that can affect the sale of your property. Your agent will present solid leads to you and facilitate negotiations (with your blessing on price range) for potential clients.

These are the essential things you need to consider before selling off-plan properties in Dubai. It will help you to make a good decision without worries and complications. Selling an off-plan property in Dubai has always been a fruitful act, because it leads to a brand new property which is a dream of every buyer.

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