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Cochlear Implant Surgery and Therapy in Children

Cochlear Implant Surgery

The first step toward cochlear implant surgery is an evaluation. Your doctor will evaluate your child’s hearing ability and recommend the best course of treatment. During this initial visit, your child will sleep through the procedure. Then, the surgeon makes an incision in the skull to insert the implant. He threads electrodes into spirals in the cochlea and secures them in place with stitches. After the initial evaluation, your doctor may recommend two cochlear implants. This allows for better hearing in noisy environments. You can also hear sounds better without turning your head.

The Cochlear Implant Team is made up of members from multiple fields. Audiologists measure your child’s ability to hear and facilitate hearing aid trials. Speech and language pathologists assess communication milestones and assess the child’s hearing abilities. A pediatric otolaryngologist and a pediatric neurotologist will perform the surgery. A patient navigator will coordinate appointments, communicate progress and answer your questions.

Outpatient or Inpatient Setting

Cochlear implant surgery can be performed in an outpatient or inpatient setting. A general anesthetic is used to perform the procedure. A team of professionals is formed by the surgeon. Child development specialist, speech pathologist, and social worker. These professionals will assess your child before and after the procedure to ensure the best outcome and the Cochlear Implant Cost In Pakistan. The Cochlear Implant Team will provide frequent programming sessions for your child. And they will help your child get used to hearing again.

The Cochlear Implant Surgery and. Therapy in Kids is performed by a multidisciplinary team. The team includes auditory specialists who measure your child’s hearing and conduct trials of hearing aids. Then, a pediatric neurotologist will evaluate the surgical procedure and ensure that it is safe for your child. The Cochlear Implant Program at UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh invites parents to be a part of the process and follow their child’s progress.

Cochlear Implant Team is Comprise

The Cochlear Implant Team is comprised of a cochlear implant surgeon. Speech/language pathologist, and social worker. The Cochlear Implant Team is made up of audiologists, speech therapists. And otolaryngologists. A hearing aid is placed under the skin. While an electronic device place under the skin. After the surgery.

Following a cochlear implants surgery. Your child will assess by a team of professionals from different medical fields. A speech/language pathologist will facilitate hearing aid trials. An audiologist will assess your child’s developmental milestones, and the speech/language pathologist will determine whether cochlear implant surgery will help them meet these milestones and sofa. A child’s therapy will be ongoing to help them achieve the developmental milestones they desire.

Undergo Physical and Speech Therapy

Once you’ve chosen a cochlear implant, your child will have to undergo physical and speech therapy. He or she will undergo hearing tests and X-rays. He or she will also undergo a hearing evaluation. In most cases, surgery will last for two to four hours. Once the procedure is complete, your child will need to undergo rehabilitation therapy to learn to speak and understand their surroundings.

After the surgery. Your child will wrap in a bandage to protect the incision site. Your child will have instructions for the next few days. You will give medication and activity restrictions. You should also expect some swelling around the incision site. Your child will need to be monitor for a day to be sure that it heals well. A slight bump will remain behind the ear. After the implant place. Hair will cover this bump, making it almost invisible.

Need Several Weeks of Rehabilitation to Recover

After the surgery, your child will likely need several weeks of rehabilitation to recover. Your child may lose some natural hearing in the implanted ear. You may need to recharge the batteries every day, and you will need to remove the external part of the implant when you bathe. You’ll also need to undergo a series of tests before you have your child’s implant removed.

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