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Easy Ways To Execute Test Cases In Jira Testing


Testing is the most significant part of the application development lifecycle since it identifies defects or errors that occurred during the development process. Thus, in order to eliminate such issues and create a bug-free program, testers evaluate the software under several expected and unforeseen scenarios. Though multiple software is available to eliminate errors, Jira Testing is a popular tool used by a large organization. With the increasing need to become technologically adaptive, it also gets preferred in small & medium-sized organizations. Therefore, to get familiar with this tool and execute test cases, it is necessary to have Jira Testing Online Training.

Jira Tool: Meaning

Atlassian, an Australian Company, created JIRA. You can use this program for bug tracking, problem tracking, and project management. However, the term JIRA got its name from the Japanese term “Gojira,” which means “Godzilla.” The primary function of this tool is to track issues and problems in your software and mobile apps. Also, you can use this tool in project management. Moreover, the JIRA dashboard has several useful tools and features that address problems. It helps out in increasing out operational efficiency of businesses by timely completion of projects in the organization.

How to Execute Jira Testing Process?

While executing the Jira testing process, if you discover any defects, the software is returned to the development team to be fixed so that users do not encounter any glitches or faults when using the program. However, you can execute the testing process using a Jira standalone tool for maintaining test cases within the project environment. Thus, list down below the steps that will walk you through the Jira Testing process and how to determine test results on Jira.

Customize your Jira Issue Type:

To customize your Jira Issue type and to start your Jira testing journey, follow the below steps:

  • Add a new issue to your Jira account.
  • Then, from the main menu of the Jira, you need to go to Settings and choose Issues.
  • After that, select the Issue Types option.
  • Select the Add Issue Type option in the upper right corner to create a new issue by entering the name and type of error.
  • At last, press the Add button. Now your error has been added to your Jira account.

Add Custom Fields:

With the help of this feature, users may determine what details their test cases must show. As a result, they need to follow the below steps to add custom fields.

  • First, navigate to Settings, Issues, and Custom Fields in the main menu.
  •  In the upper right corner, select the Add Custom Fields option.
  • After that, the “Select a Field Type” window will appear on your screen, showing multiple fields.
  • Choose the data type and give it a meaningful name.

Create Custom Screen:

You can design custom screens to add the previously built fields to Jira Testing. Thus, to create a screen, follow the below steps:

  • First, navigate to Settings, Issues, and then select Screen in the main menu.
  • After that, click on Add Screen option.
  • Now, you need to create a screen by providing the relevant name.
  • After the screen creation, a page will pop up where you may add the previously generated fields to the screen.

Develop a Screen Schema:

You can construct a new Jira Screen Schema in this step and associate it with the screen you built in the previous Jira Testing stage. However, you need to follow the simple steps below to create a screen schema:

  • First, navigate to Settings, Issues, and then select Screen in the main menu.
  • An Add screen scheme dialogue box will appear on your screen, where you may create a new scheme by entering a name, description, and default screen parameters.
  • Now, you need to click on the Edit option to see a set of screens used for error operations.
  • After that, use the drop-down option to navigate between displays, and click the Update button to save your changes.

Create Issue Type Screen Schema:

Follow the below steps to create an issue-type screen schema in the Jira Testing Process:

  • First, navigate to Settings, Issues, and then Issue Type Screen Schema and choose to Add issue type screen schema.
  • Then, in the Add Issue Type Screen Schema window, you need to fill in the data for name, description, and screen schema. Once finished, click the Add button to complete the Issue Type Screen Schema.
  • After this step, you must configure it with the custom issue types you created in step one.
  • At last, create an entry by selecting the “Associate an issue type with the screen scheme” option in the top right corner.
  • Also, choose the Add button after completing this Jira testing step.

Connecting the Configuration to the Jira Project:

Follow these steps to connect previously developed test cases in the Jira Testing Process to the Jira Project:

  • Locate the Project’s main overview page, where you first built your test cases. Then, choose Project Settings, followed by Screens.
  • After that, click the Actions button in the upper right corner of the page and select a different scheme. Also, choose the proper screen scheme for your Project from the options provided.
  • To save your modifications, click the Associate button.

Add the Test Case Issue Type:

To add the test case issue type, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • First, navigate to the Main Menu under Global Settings, then to Issue type schemes, and then to the Edit link for the Project you are working on.
  • After that, drag the test case problem type from the Available Issue Types Box into the current scheme box, and click the Save button at the bottom to save your changes.


Hopefully, you find this article informative. We have compiled the easy and effective ways to execute test cases in the Jira Testing process. Thus, to get familiar with this tool and gain hands-on experience, it is necessary to go to Jira Testing Training Institute in Noida Organizations are also looking for professionals who have adequate knowledge of Jira testing tools for the proper optimization of operations.


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