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How to Create a Language Learning App Like Verbling?

Gone are the days when learners used to search for traditional language schools at their nearest location. Modern technology has made it possible for learners to book language learning classes online with their favorite tutors online. And all that they need is an internet-enabled device and signing up to the best language learning platforms. Language learning platforms are a new rage and the COVID-19 pandemic has given rise to Zoom video calls. Verbling tutoring business model is a great one to adopt if you are looking to enter the eLearning industry.

What are language learning platforms?

Language learning platforms are online websites that connect tutors and learners together to facilitate language learning. The main advantage of online language learning is the availability of experienced tutors and low price. Mostly convenience of learning at the comfort of your home.

Coming to Verbling, it is an online language learning platform that offers one-to-one lessons to learners. It features a built-in classroom and offers a wide variety of tutors and professional teachers to choose from.

Guide to build a language learning app like Verbling

Language learning is a highly profitable industry when it comes to generating money from online tutoring. If you are a language trainer who is experienced enough. Building an online language learning app is an excellent place to start your career as an online language trainer. To tap the rising demand, you can start an online language learning platform to cater to the global learner base. The tutoring business model of language learning platforms

Verbling tutoring business models

Charge a one-off payment

Charging learners upfront is one of the common revenue generation strategies you can adopt. It is easiest for tutors to implement and for learners to understand, when you are launching the language learning platform. Learners can pay for the individual classes they want to take part in or purchase the online courses they want to enroll in.

This business model is great when starting out as it doesn’t impose any long-term commitment on learners which they would appreciate. Once they are ready for more, you can sell your language classes as a bundle which is exactly our next point- Selling subscriptions.

Selling subscriptions

Charing subscriptions is another eLearning business model where learners can access your online language learning classes by paying a subscription fee either monthly or yearly. Then your students have access to eLearning content whenever and wherever they want, as long as they continue to pay for the subscription.

Tiered payment system

If you are planning to adopt a subscription business model, consider creating a tiered subscription structure where you provide different levels of price packages to your learners. Make the packages exciting based on the value it provides. A tiered pricing system allows eLearning businesses to provide multiple packages with different features and product combinations available at different price points. This helps you to cater to multiple buyer personals while also providing easy upsell tutoring business model outgrow each tier.

Creating a language learning app- Development process

Building a language learning app from Verbling from scratch is a challenging task as it takes a lot of time and money. However, the language eLearning app creation doesn’t have to be extensive, there are other simple and cost-effective approaches as well. One of the best approaches to build your own language eLearning app is to use tutor management software to create a customized self-hosted language learning site. Pinlearn is one such professional tutor management software to deliver high-value and scalable language classes. You can customize your learning app based on your unique business requirements while delivering a seamless learning experience to your learners.

Basic principles of building a successful language learning app

Not every learner who wants to learn a new language completes the curriculum successfully. Some might not like the way learning proceeds and some simply lack the motivation to complete their classes. If you wish to grow your language learning app and get 5-star reviews in the app store, you must consider the following principles we are going to discuss below:

  • Offer two-way communication with learners

To successfully grow your language learning app, you must have an option for your online classes and courses to be reviewed within both the website and the play store. This is the best way to enhance your services and you get opportunities to improve to offer the best learning experience to your students. Keep in mind that, when you are integrating such a functionality, ensure that the list is extremely simple in its implementation and usage.

  • Use proven learning resources

When you are creating content for your language learners, make sure you use only proven learning resources benefit learners. Instead of offering an extensive list of different language courses, offer only resources based on your learner’s preferences. Offer one-one personal training along with self-paced online courses to differentiate your language learning app so that people will choose over traditional courses.

Integrating live streaming communication

A great way to increase learner interest in your language eLearning app is to introduce the functionality of live streaming. Develop the option for remote learning so that learners can communicate with teachers in real time. Such an eLearning solution will increase the level of confidence and will make the process of self-paced eLearning more interesting.

Provide the different types of courses to meet the interests of learners

To reach the largest possible learners base, you must create several types of language courses. For example, you can provide language courses for beginners, for intermediate level, and advanced users. This requires more time and effort but you can create a unique template upon which you can build the courses.


Building, launching, and running a language learning app like Verbling successfully requires a lot of thoughtful planning and constant improvement.  The best solution is to offer your competitors offering unique services to provide something new to your learners. Leveraging the right tutoring business model to create your language platform will help you build a successful learning business.

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