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How To Dramatically Increase Your Instagram Follower Count?



Do you feel like you’re fighting an uphill battle against the Instagram algorithm to enhance the reach and engagement of your posts? All across the world, Influencers, Creators, and marketers like yourself spend a lot of time thinking about how to improve their Instagram profiles in order to attract a larger audience and generate more comments and likes. And given the platform’s volatility, it’s understandable to feel powerless against it. Luckily, there are steps you can take to boost your Instagram’s interaction rate.


Boost Your Instagram Likes and Comments


Many content creators and influencers are reluctant to approach businesses for partnerships out of concern that their Instagram engagement rate is too low or increasingly worse every day. There are a lot of others who share your sentiment. Although, this is why we’re explaining everything to you the way we do to the Creators we collaborate with at Side walker.

Let’s discuss the inner workings of the Instagram algorithm, what it means to calculate your engagement rate and some ways to improve your numbers.


Instagram’s Secret Algorithm Exposed


If you want to know how to enhance your engagement rate on a certain platform, you need first learn how that platform functions. After all, it’s possible that the lack of interaction with your Instagram posts is due to the fact that no one is being directed to them. Getting people to interact with your content on social media depends on your content appearing in their feeds. That’s how simple it is!

What’s trickier is adapting your plan daily to meet the requirements of Instagram’s algorithm and using the finest practices. In its most basic form, the Instagram algorithm is the technique Instagram uses to decide what people would like to view and hence what it ends up displaying to them. This is what creates the visual differences between your feed and someone else’s.

Instagram has revealed the following information regarding the current state of its algorithm. It, like other technological and social media algorithms, is subject to ongoing refinement, so it’s important to stay up-to-date. Consider these Instagram algorithm tips as you work to expand your Creator or Influencer brand.


The Form Of The Content:


Have you shared any visual content recently? Publish a tale? Even while this isn’t a magic bullet for gaining followers, it’s no secret that Instagram is prioritizing video content, so understanding How To Use Reels is essential.


Relevance Of Content:


Newer Instagram postings are prioritized above older ones. Either the algorithmic or chronological feeds of the individuals you follow will only show you posts from the past three hours, not three months.


When Choosing Your Companions:


If you like someone’s post even once, you’ll start seeing more of their content. The goal of the algorithm is to provide you with relevant material. Moreover, a person’s interest in you is determined by how much time you spend interacting with them.

Investigation Questions:


Instagram users may indicate their interest in certain material through the keywords and phrases they select in the app’s search box. Henceforth, Instagram will be more likely to show them a post that contains those phrases or ones that are closely linked to them.



Although you may have heard this before, we honestly think that consistency is the only cheat code. Although it may take some time, we found that maintaining a regular publishing schedule led to increased visibility and interaction with our Instagram posts.

Insta-Question: What Constitutes a Satisfactory Engagement Rate?

It’s true that various people use different metrics to determine what constitutes a high engagement rate on Instagram. Instagram hasn’t released an official method for calculating an account’s interaction rate, but we can help you figure it out.

Your Instagram post’s engagement rate may be calculated by looking at:

  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Shares
  • Saves
  • Impressions
  • Clicks

Launch Instagram Insights and observe the wide range of responses your posts receive. Check out the changes between this week and last. Find out how many people saw a certain post or collection of posts. The app provides a wealth of tools for analyzing your audience’s interaction with your content, and this is exactly the kind of feedback we look for when partnering with Creators and Influencers from our friends at brands.


Ways To Boost Participation Rates


1. Create A Post That People Will Want To Share


Asking yourself if a piece is worthwhile, savable, or shareable is crucial as you plan out your material. If you keep them in mind from the outset of your preparation, you’ll have a far better chance of producing content that attracts more readers.


2. Make Use Of Incitement Devices


No one expected it to be so simple. Communicate your expectations to your audience. Even though it may seem unusual at first, you must explicitly state your expectations if you want your audience to follow them. Make sure your content has a call to action, such as asking readers to share or comment. We guarantee you’ll notice a major improvement. A little prod is sometimes all that’s needed to get someone to interact with a post.


3. Get Social


Having a conversation with other Instagram users is a great strategy to increase your own following. Instead of sitting back and hoping others would approach you on Instagram, you should go out of your way to connect with other users.


4. Make Use Of Instagram Stories


Instagram Stories’ effectiveness is often underestimated. Although they may not attract new viewers as a Reel would, they are excellent discussion starters. To persuade people to interact with your Instagram Story posts, you should share content that is either entertaining, relatable, or interactive. Checkout to increase auto views for your Instagram stories.


5. Use Captions With Relevant Keywords


Learning to write captions that inspire engagement and that target your unique audience is essential if you want to increase your engagement. Also, this tells Instagram who your target demographic is. Without the right tags, Instagram will have no idea who to share your content with and may share it with the incorrect people. Is there any chance that someone who isn’t interested in what you have to say will read it if it somehow makes it to their page? There’s a good chance that it won’t.


6. Hold a Contest


Instagram contests are a common approach to gain a few more followers and increase interaction. It seems to us that some people put too much stock in freebies, thinking that they would bring in a flood of new, dedicated customers. Even if that’s not how things really work, it’s a great way to show appreciation to your audience, mark a special occasion, or start a lively discussion. If you use it correctly, you may increase your audience and activity level over time.


7. Join Forces With Linked Accounts


Two Instagram users can share the same photo on their respective profiles by using the app’s built-in collaboration tool. To what extent does that affect you? The combined might of two posts in one!

The collaborator’s followers may see your post in their feeds in addition to your own. In doing so, you are effectively stealing their following in the hopes that some of them will follow you.


Want More Instagram Followers And Likes?


Don’t freak out if your Instagram likes and comments fluctuate. If you want to collaborate with businesses, it might be disheartening to feel like you’re publishing but not receiving the engagement you anticipate. But if you’re willing to put in the time and effort, we guarantee you’ll see the kind of interaction on Instagram that you’ve been hoping for.

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