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How to introduce the game in children’s swimming?

Swimming is a sport that must be immersed in all stages of human life; In addition, it is considered complete and complex thanks to the physical and psychological capacities that a person requires to carry it out with lifeguard class. However, within this, the game can play a fundamental role .

This sports discipline, specifically children’s swimming, requires a high degree of entertainment and that is where the game comes to play such high relevance.

Play in children’s swimming

Many people come to perceive gaming and entertainment as two negative aspects compared to teaching , many suggest that these are nothing more than useless factors that lead to wasted time.

However, the game is characterized as a fundamental pillar of pedagogy ; not only in children’s swimming but in all the disciplines that a person must learn.

Swimming offers a high degree of difficulty, starting with the change of environment to which the person is subjected; In the case of children, this transition can be fun or traumatic: it all depends on the age and the way in which it is exposed to a pool.

With regard to age, the younger it is, the less difficulty the person has to get used to the water surface for lifeguard class. This is where midwifery contributes greatly by offering a high play-based content.

For its part, the way in which someone is approached to a pool also influences . This process must be gradual, patient and with a high content of play; avoiding experiences that cause trauma related to water .

Game benefits

In teaching, a high content of play must be immersed, focused on children’s swimming in order to bring the child, little by little, to this environment -familiarization-. For the most part, it is necessary for it to comply with guidelines established by the professional in the area.

However, the game is swimming should not be considered merely a series of activities full of objectives and rules . In many cases, children must propose the game and perform it as a guided exploration: this strengthens confidence, freeing the infant from other pressures built a priori .

Play also offers other benefits when it is part of a child’s learning. Among the main ones that we can cite, we find that:

  1. Improves relations interpersonal.
  2. Helps to lose fear of their surroundings.
  3. Develop decision making.
  4. Failure tolerance favors.
  5. It helps to better abstract real life situations.
  6. It allows building better strategies.

Play in children’s swimming: relationship

Everything expressed in the game above must be put at the service of teaching children’s swimming with lifeguard class. Infants should be allowed to explore the environment in which they will develop. This exploration must always be accompanied by a parent and a professional in the area.

The game revolves around the child and through this, concerns and solutions arise that he himself will find. It is not only the change from terrestrial to aquatic environment, it is also the entrance to a different world where you will meet other children and teachers.

For the child, learning to swim should be a pleasant experience that motivates him to continue on the path of sport . The goal of the teachers revolves around enforcing this in the most organized and simple way possible.

Guidelines for introducing play in children’s swimming

Saturating infants with information is not the most recommended but, in turn, not explaining what they do the games for is not the most successful.

  1. Adaptation.
  2. Change of body position.
  3. Body segment movements.
  4. Management breathing .
  5. Temporal and spatial location.
  6. Basic physical abilities.

The game, an aid for change

The change in the style of life to the entering swimming is still an important transition for the child: through the game this change should be as pleasant as possible.

It must be borne in mind that all infants are different individuals and, therefore, perceive different sensations; In that order of ideas, the game must vary according to the needs of each one .

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