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How to Recover Formatted Images from Pen Drive Easily?

You assemble your picture folders with great forethought as well as planning, and they are invaluable! Thus, it is crucial to saving these picture folders in the safest possible position. The solution to recover formatted images from Pen Drive, in this case, is a pen drive. Awesome! It has hundreds of images stored in it because of its mobility and capability.

The information that is kept there, nevertheless, is vulnerable to unintentional deletion or loss under various conditions. Whenever you seek to attach the USB stick to your computer or another machine to access it. This displays a blank directory while also making the drive’s storage capacity look to look up.

The Remedy to Recover Formatted Images from Pen Drive

Camcorders, memory sticks, USB drives, and various internal and portable hard disks all have missing or erases photographs that were successful recovers with the USB Recovery Software tool. You can also recover MXF videos in addition to this. The utility additionally allows for the recovery of HD-MOV movies and Adobe EPS documents. You may restore your missing or erased images off of a USB stick by downloading this program for free.

On all flash drives, misplaced or accidentally erased photographs and movies are really recovered. Various varieties of damaged or formatted USB drives have their data retrieved as well as restored. Diverse data structures and other hardware utilize the Pen Drive recovery program. NFTS, FAT32, ExFAT, and other file types are examples of them.

Stage Process Instructions to Recover Formatted Images from Pen Drive

  • Firstly, run the USB Data Recovery Wizard after downloading & installing it.
  • Choose the disc or memory medium to analyze as well as retrieve from. Whereupon select Scan.
  • Its Advanced Properties symbol up top lets you select to alter the restoration procedure. Regarding the response to the growing, you choose a particular file format, establish a new file format, or modify the Header.
  • The outcome of the scan is that the number of folders detects as well as the quantity of the data is displayed in a dialogue box that reads, “Scanning Completed Successfully!” All of the retrieved material is displayed in the primary screen’s left panel. Within the right panel, you explore things in a sample.
  • It is also possible to retrieve only the selected photos – just tap on the photos that you need, right-click, & choose Recover.
  • After that, pick a location to store the multimedia content that recovered out of the pen drive.

Column perspective, Cover Flow perspective, or Icon perspective are the options the application gives you to choose from while viewing the photographs on the application window.

CMD Instructions for Recovering Pictures from a Pen Drive

Employing CMD, one can retrieve data out of a USB stick. By reading the instructions beneath, you will learn about using CMD to retrieve missing or erased files off of a USB drive by reading the instructions.

  • To open the Command Prompt window, press Windows+R or type cmd in the Run terminal.
  • Press the Enter button after typing “chkdsk H: /f”; ( changed H to the computer’s drive letter whose pictures were missing or destroyed).
  • Now, Press Enter after you input “Y.”
  • Press Enter once more while typing H, (changed H to the computer’s drive letter whose pictures were missing or destroyed).
  • Execute the command H: > attrib -h-r-s/s/d *.*

Here’s how to retrieve erased or misplaced images. Those files are located in the newly created folder on the pen drive.

What Leads to the Loss of Pictures on Your Pen Drive?

Despite the fact that you lose contents out of the pen drive for a variety of causes. We have noted a few of the frequent occurrences:

  • Whenever the pen drive is improperly removable from the device.
  • Loss of data is a result of malware as well as virus assaults.
  • Involuntary removal of images out of the flash drive.
  • Having connections to several computers causes the system files to malfunction.
  • It’s possible that you wipe the USB stick and all the material is lost.
  • Neglecting warning signals when using a memory stick may result in degradation.

Preventative Steps to Safeguard your Images include:

Here are some precautions you take to avoid your multimedia content from getting damageable or unreachable:

  • In order to regain erased & misplaced images & video data out of the pen drive, you use a reputable pen drive recovery program.
  • Demo editions of many Pen Drive recovery software destroy data since they include hazardous viruses whenever we utilize them.
  • It is advisable to securely disconnect your removable storage medium since improper extraction of a USB stick out of your computer results in a partial overwriting operation.
  • Never attach a memory stick to a machine that is accessible to the general public, such as the one at a bank or internet café.

Advantages of Pen Drive Recovery Software

  • All erased photographs are retrievable with their exact timestamp information along with naming conventions whenever you retrieve misplace or erased images with the Pen Drive Recovery program.
  • Content out of the pen drive is delete, corrupt, or format is either recovered in excellent quality towards the place that the user has to designate on their computer.
  • You are permitting to analyze a disk with a storage capacity of more than 2 TB when retrieving multimedia content with the aid of this pen drive recovery program.
  • Considering that it works with a wide range of media types, including USB drives, digital cameras, memory cards, hard drives, and external storage media, it regards as a cost-effective solution for data retrieval.


We also save certain documents on removable media, particularly when we really need to transport sensitive information, as USB sticks are the best choice because they are small enough to put in your pocket. On the other hand, it is exceedingly difficult to recover data that has been lost on a pen drive. As a result, we’ve included some useful techniques in this post for recovering erased material from USB flash drives. A third-party solution that is used to recover lost data is also described.

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