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Is Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Packaging the Same?

Before going into the details, first, we need to understand what the packaging is.

What is packaging?

Packaging is used to temporarily contain products, mainly to group product units to make them easier to handle, transport, and store. In addition to these, the packaging fulfills other functions, protecting the content, informing about the content, and transporting it to the destination safely. Inside a store or a large area, business owners can use packaging like pre roll boxes as a tool that helps increase sales and attract customers. At this point, we highlight the structural and graphic design as fundamental factors to achieve customer loyalty and satisfaction. 

Let us see the types of custom packaging boxes and their functions with different attractive and original examples. We will start with packaging thought out in detail to finish with the boxes that transport them. The different types of packaging base their identity on design and coherence with the brand. In each part of the distribution and sales process, they perform different functions in which you can make a difference. This way, you can present your products as more unique and develop your brand reputation more aggressively.

Overall, we can divide packaging into three different types. Let us explain them separately.

Primary packaging (Packaging)

The primary packaging is the packaging that protects the product directly, that is, the one in direct contact with the product and protects it. Inside these glasses, for coffee, you can pour the content directly. This packaging is the one that you can use to expose your products to the final public. Therefore, it plays a significant role, and you can use it to be striking and functional. When they consume the product, if the custom packaging is attractive, they will continue to use it. It simply means that primary packaging is a tool to grab customer attention more aggressively.

Sometimes, the product packaging makes a customer fall in love and moves him to acquire it. However, it does not happen all the time. The reason is that many business owners do not bother packaging a lot. So, they may suffer a lot if they will not follow the instructions of the marketing experts.  Primary packaging is often found in secondary packaging (e.g. folding boxes).

In these cases, utility matters more than looks. However, if the primary packaging is on display, use it as a marketing opportunity. The packaging should convey a clear brand and message about what the product is about. This can be enhanced with the right effects a plain white background with a stylish logo for a beauty product, for example, or cleverly placed windows that allow the consumer to see the product before opening it.

It may also be the secondary packaging that manages to surprise. In the bottle and the box of wine that we have below, which would you say is more beautiful?

Secondary packaging

The dispensing boxes that contain several product units can be an example, but also those designs that allow you to transport one or several product units to the customer. The best feature of these containers is to help business owners transport the product safely. This packaging option is considered the best if you have a plan to present your products publicly. We can easily observe that many companies use large areas to display their products. Here, the packaging boxes are placed on the pallet, and customers can pick these products from there. If you also have the same plan, you need to order secondary packaging solutions. 

Secondary packaging can be further customized, making the product more visible and easier to find in a warehouse or retail store. Going back to our cereal example, the secondary packaging would be the box containing several customized cereal boxes for storage in a warehouse before it hits store shelves. Another example would be a ‘cold pack’ for carbonated drinks, used to store multiple cans together and provide another layer of protection. Sometimes the primary and secondary packaging can overlap.

For example, retail stores often receive shipments of a newly released film in a box that doubles as a display stand. The box serves as secondary packaging to protect the item, but also serves as retail packaging to draw the consumer’s attention, although the DVD case itself represents the delivery of the film to the consumer.

Tertiary custom packaging

It may be the first image that comes to mind when custom packaging options are under discussion. We imagine a large package that contains large quantities of product. More interestingly, we can store these boxes in a warehouse. The reason is that we can transport or sell these products from this point. 

Its main purpose is to protect and transport the goods to ensure that they arrive in good condition at their destination during all processes. Generally, the packaging firms prepare these boxes with sturdy and hard materials. These materials help make the packaging resistant to any external or environmental factors. If we do not do so, it is possible that the custom packaging will lose its shape. And if it happens, we can easily claim that the content will also be fractured. 

Custom Packaging for products – Original packaging

All business owners of small and medium enterprises and corporations search for the best packaging options in the market. However, they do not know much about packaging and its importance in marketing and branding. Therefore, when they work on packaging without consultation, they suffer a lot, and their competitors remain ahead of them.

The best practice that a business owner can make is to partner with a packaging store with a team of professionals. They can guide you about original custom packaging ideas and their types. They provide you with numerous options with customization to make custom packaging boxes attractive and sturdy.

More importantly, you can safely ship your products to far-off locations without worries. So, if you want to attract your customers more aggressively, develop your brand reputation more effectively, and deliver your products at far-off locations safely, partner with one of the best packaging firms in your region. 

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