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Prerna Up: What is the Mission Prerna of Uttar Pradesh Government?

Prerna Up: What is the Mission Prerna of Uttar Pradesh Government?

Prerna Up:- Mission prerna up .in was started by the Uttar Pradesh government to improve the education system. This mission also seems to be successful.

School education has so much power that the whole world can be conquer through it. Education starts from the birth of the child. The first teacher is the mother of the child, then the father and other members of the household. Then when the child grows up a little, then he starts going to school. Basic education is provided in the initial phase. To improve and improve the level of this basic education, the Uttar Pradesh government is constantly trying and has started the mission prerna.

If the child’s early education is strong, then he will not face any problem in getting higher education and his bright future is sure. Keeping this in mind, the Uttar Pradesh government started a scheme named “Mission Prerna”. Through this scheme, we are trying to increase the quality of basic education so that students can take advantage of it and increase the level of their education in a better way. Today, through this article, we will throw light on the main points related to Mission Prerna-

What is Mission Prerna

What is the goal of Mission Prerna

March 2022 target

online education system

What is Prerna Up?

Mission Prerna is a flagship program of the Basic Education Department of the Government of Uttar Pradesh.The government is funding 1.6 lakh schools through this programme. Mission Prerna is a one-of-a-kind effort to improve education quality, and it was found with the goal of acquiring fundamental teach skill, i.e. fundamental education.

Under Mission Prerna, emphasis has been laid on develop a social understand and moral value ​​in children, not only in read and basic math calculation and solve question, as well as on teach a variety of art and subject. has also been emphasize

Work is going on in 75 districts of the state under prerna, under which more than 1.5 lakh schools, more than 3.5 lakh teachers and more than 1.2 crore students are getting its benefits.

What is the goal of Mission Prerna?

The main goal of Mission Prerna is that the quality of basic education can be improve and the level of basic education can be improve. Education is the most important goal

Mission prerna (Prerna Up) is a kind of online monitoring system. In which the educational level of student and teacher is regular assess and a motivation table is made for it.

Not only will teacher and student be involve in this, but administrative accountability is also involve. District Magistrate have an important role to play in the mission.

Prerna Up 2022 target

Under Mission Prerna, the Uttar Pradesh government has given time till March 2022 to all 75 districts of the state to enhance the quality of basic education and improve the level of education.

Under this, each district’s education officer has been ask to create a motivational block, and by picking them in their particular block, all teacher, teacher and instructor, and all ARP have been charge with the task of encouraging them.

The goal till March 2022 is that under Prerna UP, whether it is a teacher or an officer, everyone has to move forward with one goal and under the goal that has been fixed, to ensure the progress of teachers and development of students. 

Understudy Corner
The entrance has learning materials and different elements for youngsters. The entry additionally has recordings for reading up for kids. You can download the review material by following the means given underneath.

: Visit the authority site of Prerna UP for example

: Hover on “Understudy Corner” on the landing page

: Now browse the accessible choices:

: On the E-pathshala page, select the class to get to the parts clarification and arrangements

: If you need to see the substance then you need to choose the class.

: After choosing the class, next page will show the date wise learning material of every day, you need to choose the subject and snap on it.

Stage 7: Now all the learning material will show up on the screen. Like sound, video, books, banners, reports and others.

Stage 8: If you click on “Learning Material” then, at that point, you need to enter your class, subject and theme and snap on “Search”.

online education system

As we all know, during the infection of Coronavirus, there was a situation of lockdown. Across the country, due to which there was a huge impact on the education of the students. All the schools in the country, be it private or government or even small primary schools, were all closed.

In today’s world, everyone has a phone, and as a result, everyone uses the Internet. Recogniz this, all of the Basic Education Department’s schools. And colleges began forming a group of teachers and parents via WhatsApp, in which the teacher sends all necessary educational materials. The work has been made much easier as a result of this, and the teacher has also take class via online video conference. All this has been possible only through Prerana

However, many obstacles arose in this because it was a new thing for teachers to teach through this medium and it was a big challenge to keep the children connected with it.

With the efforts of the teachers and the support of the parents of the children,the online classes of the children continued during the Coronavirus lockdown and due to this the educational work of the children continued.

Overcoming all kinds of obstacles, various teachers of the state have made records in online teaching and the government has also honor them. Children also gave their exam by studying through online education system and also got good marks in them.

All this work was done under the Mission Prerna program with the officer of Basic Education Department, from which inspiration should be take. During Kovid-19, the mission prerana up worked according to its name and became a source of inspiration in the society and in the state.


Today, through this article, we have learned what is Mission Prerna Up and what is its goal. Apart from this, in this article we have also learned about the target of March 2022. We also learned about the teaching work that went on during the Covid Lockdown.

how the teachers and students cooperated in this and carried on their education smoothly. We hope that you liked this article.

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