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Top 6 Different Ways to Tie Back Curtains

Are you planning to adorn your windows using curtain tiebacks? If yes this blog is for you, to know about the different styles of tie back curtains. In addition, along with styles, finishing touches are crucial for the curtain’s hold backs. Extra touches and decorations can make the difference between a magnificent looking window and certainly lackluster. Many people have spent a lot of time thinking about which fabric, style of curtain heading, pole, and tracks to use. Many of them also want to know how or whom to install the tie back curtains. So it is ideal to consider the little finishing touches and accessories that are truly required. Furthermore, you know these changes look like a stunning window and become a talking point. Keep reading this blog to learn more about the different types of tie back curtains.

Different Ways to Tie Back Curtains

Before going ahead you need to understand some aspects.

What is the distinction between tie-backs and hold-backs?

Is it true that eyelet curtains cannot have tie-backs?

What exactly is a curtain boss, and how do you utilise one?

How to style the tie backs for curtains?

What Do Hold-Backs and Tie-Backs Mean?

  1. Tie-Backs

Curtain tie backs are constructed of a soft, flexible type of fabric material. Furthermore, they are generally similar to the twisted, satin rope with an ornate tassel at the front. As they are flexible and don’t rigid, so there is no limit to what they can be made of. You will find them in wire and bead, crystal glass, ribbon, and a variety of other materials. Moreover, they creatively used to make tie-backs, from shells to twigs, branches, and even metal chains.

You will bring the outdoors inside, the home furnishings area with a fantastic range. This range is from ready-made, trendy, and outstanding tie-backs. While ordering the large selection of made-to-measure curtains, it is ideal to include matching tie-backs in your purchase. They are designed to loop around easily and contain all of the fabric in a single curtain. Moreover, you need to select a high-quality tie-back that must be flexible and supple enough to bend.

In case your curtains are full working curtains, you should remove the tie-backs from the hooks. So before the curtains are drawn together you can replace them once when the curtains have been opened. You can select the best one from the fantastic selection of tie-back hooks. It is also important to plan properly your tie back hooks in order to complete your project properly.

  1. Hold-Backs

Hold-backs are often constructed of metal, as compared to flexible or malleable material. You are just surprised to know that they are hard and remain in place. You will find them in a huge loop or hook that is made of robust cast metal with a basic attaching plate. 

In this competitive world, you can easily get the attractive hold-backs to complement most of our metal curtain pole finishes. Whether you are looking for basic types or that match the finals this ironmongery product provides a complete unified effect.

It is suggested when you want to close a hold-back, you don’t pull the hold-back from the curtain. In this case, you need to remove the curtain from the fixed hold-back. These hold-backs are attached to a hook at the front edge of the curtain. This is due to being as close to the edge of the window recess as feasible. Similar to tie-backs that are attached to a hook at the trailing edge.

They are designed specially and carefully so that the eyelet heading looks fantastic. This is due to the fact that hold-backs are only designed to keep the front edge of the curtain back slightly from the window, not the entire curtain. This style is basic yet effective and offers a touch of sophistication to the window treatment’s appearance.

  1. Eyelet curtains tie-backs

You can select an eyelet heading, pole, and modern fabric. All you want is for your curtains to hang in attractive narrow columns of fabric. Moreover, you can hang it on either side of your windows as you desire to do. The eyelets of this tie back are spaced evenly across the top of the curtain. This will result in soft, wide pleats and well-behaved fabric columns that require little dressing.

The pleats stack is arranged together to generate less of a stack-back width on each side of the window.  It is different from other gatherings heading to the front edge of the curtains’ window area.

  1. Curtain Pole with Thin Eyelets

These curtain poles are a bit too structured and rigid for your tastes. But if you still want an eyelet heading, you need to tuck the first pleat on the front edge. It is connected neatly behind a metal hold-back that softens the design slightly without adding fuss and frills.

It is recommended by the experts to use tie-backs with eyelet curtains. The pleats in the curtains are not only wide but also deep. Otherwise, it will not retain the entire curtain in a tie-back and can squash in an unattractive way. Furthermore, it leaves a line of visible creases across the curtains when they are closed.

  1. Curtain Boss

It is also known as ombres or mushrooms, which come in a variety of styles, finishes, and sizes. You can find them in both ornate and simple patterns in metal or wood material to match your curtain pole.

Generally, they are best described as a huge disc or button. Moreover, they are affixed to a spindle that gives them a mushroom-like appearance. As they can be installed at the leading edge of the curtains and close to the edge of the window recess. They are really good to use practically and work similarly to hold-backs. In other words, we can say they are more decorative than a utilitarian one. People commonly use it at the outer edge of curtains because it is a more beautiful option. It is truly ideal especially for anchoring the huge, thick loops of rope tie-backs because of its aesthetic characteristics.

  1. Curtain Hold Ties

These types of curtain hold backs are designed to look attractive, useful, and functional. So in the market, you will find a number of curtains hold back styles. Many individuals want to buy the style curtain hold ties. In addition, curtain hold backs can be positioned in whatever way you want, according to all aspects of interior design.

Need of Curtain Hold 

Curtain hold backs should be placed in a way where your curtains terminate. No doubt, the placement of curtain hold backs is a personal preference. But after you’ve selected them, it is up to you where you want your holdbacks to secure them to the wall. Furthermore, there is no hard and fast rule, no doubt many people prefer to have their curtains hold backs straight. In case you prefer an angled look and find that it still works, you can do so.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, there are a variety of ways to use curtain tie backs. But the style and method you choose will depend on your own preference. We hope you can take advantage after reading this blog and find really useful curtain hold backs ideas. For more products visit our Ironmongery World Store.

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