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Proven Strategies To Get High High Quality Backlinks To Your Website

Creating backlinks isn’t a complex process. There is no exclusive society where members are taught the finer points of connection building. 

1. Skyscraper Technique


The Skyscraper Technique entails locating pieces of content that have received many inbound links, improving upon them, and requesting that the people who linked to the original material also link to your version instead.

How to Proceed

Find the most linked pages extensively. You may start using Ahrefs’ Content Explorer to look up a keyword or phrase related to your topic while filtering results by “referring domains” to include at least 50. Pages that have links from fifty or more different sites will appear.

2. Increasing Inbound Links


You may improve your search engine rankings by obtaining inbound connections from resource pages and websites that collect and organize relevant materials for a specific subject area. It’s a tried and true method, given that these sites exist for the primary goal of providing access to other helpful materials.

How to Achieve This

Start by doing a search in Google like this, but add a term pertinent to your topic: 

Resources, Title, URL, and File Extension: intitle: resources, inurl:resources.html

URL:links.html intitle resources.

With Ahrefs’ SEO Toolbar, you can export your findings alongside their SEO metrics, letting you rank possibilities based on factors like Domain Rating (DR) and projected search traffic.

Then, all left to do is check each page individually to ensure it serves as a resource page and connects to relevant external content. If your resource seems like it would be helpful, you should try to track down the person in charge and send them a pitch.

3. Broken Link Building


When you uncover a broken link, you may develop a new link to your site by writing a new page about the same topic and requesting that other sites that link to the defunct resource instead connect to yours.

Simply put, it succeeds because no one who cares about their website would ever direct visitors to a page that doesn’t operate.

How to Proceed

Inbound link research may be done in several different methods. Searching for a subject in Ahrefs’ Content Explorer, filtering for broken sites, and then setting a referring domains filter with a minimum value of 10 is one of the simplest ways to achieve this. This will reveal all archived pages with links from more than 10 other sites that are now defunct.

4. 301 redirects


In 301 redirect link building, you look for irrelevant 301 redirects and suggest an excellent alternative to everyone linking to it. The same logic applies here in broken link building: no one wants to direct traffic to a dead link.

How to Achieve This

Site Explorer’s Best by links report may be used with the “301 moved permanently” filter to reveal irrelevant 301 redirects on a site.



HARO (Help A Reporter Out), free of charge, introduces reporters to credible sources and allows credible sources to contact reporters. Since the journalists are reaching out to you for comments rather than the other way around, acquiring high-quality backlinks is a straightforward approach. However, getting backlinks from is one more valuable tip to generate top quality profile, contextual and guest post backlinks to your website. 

How to Achieve This

If you register to be a source, reporters from various media will start sending you emails with questions. The New York Times and Business Insider, two well-known websites, will be among those making requests.

There’s a problem: the vast majority of inquiries won’t be of any use to you, so it’s probably best to spare yourself some mental energy and set up a Gmail filter.

6. Blogging As A Guest


Guest blog means to provide a blog post to another website in exchange for a byline and a backlink to your own.

How to Achieve This

Go to Content Explorer, type a term relating to your topic, and then switch the selection to “In the title” to locate websites likely to accept guest contributions. This looks through all the material on all the pages in the world for something that could match. Then, you may use the filters to become specific and locate potential pitch places. All excellent investigations should begin with these filters:

30+ Recommended Domains. You can find sites with a very low authority score through this process. Visitors to the website totaled over five thousand. Those sites with no visitors will be eliminated.

During the past 90 days, this was published. Sites that haven’t been updated in a while are less likely to be receptive to pitches, so this is an excellent way to filter them out.

If you’re overwhelmed by the number of possible pitches, click the Websites tab to view the 100 most popular sites. Websites that provide content from different authors are more open to guest articles.

7. Podcast Link Building


Being interviewed on a podcast means the host will focus on your area of expertise and ask you questions.

Each one will need no more than an hour of your time, and if you pick them well, you can practically count on getting backlinks. This is because episode pages on most podcasts’ websites often connect to the guest’s website and social media profiles.

How to Achieve This

Finding podcasts to pitch is the first step, and you may do so by doing a Google search for the best podcasts in your field. You may expect mostly listicles and a carousel of podcasts when you utilize Google.

Discover appropriate podcasts to pitch by pasting the homepage into Ahrefs’ Site Explorer, using the “Exact URL” search mode, and then seeing the Backlinks report while filtering for results with “episode” in the linking page title.

8. Unlinked Mentions


It is called an “unlinked mention” when someone discusses your brand (or something relevant to your brand) online but doesn’t include a link to your site.

In terms of link development, they are easy targets because you’ve already made significant progress toward your goal. Since they are already aware of your company, just asking for a link to be included in the mention is usually sufficient.

9. Analyze Link Gap


Websites that connect to many rivals but not you can be identified using a link gap analysis. Since someone who links to numerous rivals is likely to connect to you, copying these links is straightforward.

How to Achieve This

To do a link gap study, enter your homepage’s URL into Site Explorer’s “Exact URL” mode, navigate to the report’s “Link Intersect” tab, and enter the URLs of several competitor websites into the empty boxes (also in “URL” mode).

10. Discover Distributor Contact Information


Companies whose goods you carry and sell will provide you with stockist connections. If you sell items made by brands that feature online directories of retailers, you may quickly get these links from their sites.

How to Achieve This

Search Google for followed by the name of each company whose products you carry to locate their respective stockist’s pages. Where to buy OR stockists. If they have a stockist page, you should be able to find it in the search results.

11. Maximize the value of your current memberships


The most accessible places to acquire links are from groups you already belong to. This is because they will gladly include you in their team or advisory board sites and link to you if you want them to.

How to Achieve This

Create a list of all the groups, communities, and clubs you are a part of. A parent advisory board at a school, a local nonprofit, or a professional bar organization are all examples of such groups.

Then, visit each of their websites and conduct the following Google searches: Their website address is: intitle: team OR advice.

If they have a related page, it should load automatically.

12. Link-collecting and -suggesting


Typically published once a week or once a month, link roundups are compiled compilations of the most relevant and engaging recent information published within a given field. It is a simple method of gaining inbound connections, as the writers of such blogs are constantly looking for fresh material to include in future roundups.



Most of these strategies aren’t cutting edge, yet they have shown effectiveness. It’s important to remember to take things slowly and not attempt to do everything at once. You need to get started with just one, get experience, and refine and expand.

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