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Salesforce Testing: Types And Levels


Salesforce testing is used to perform Functional Testing, Manual Testing, Automated Testing, Load & Security Testing services. It helps in identifying the problems and fixing them at the early stages.

In addition, it is one of the most important processes that help in fixing issues. Salesforce is a software that facilitates a huge number of Client Relationship Management activities and any issue in this tool can prove to be hazardous for a business.

Therefore, testing in salesforce is done to avoid any chances and to ensure that every business process works accordingly. One can look for Salesforce QA Testing Online Training to learn about the workings of this software.

Salesforce Testing Types:

  • Manual testing- This testing method does Salesforce testing using traditional methods. The QA team conducts it for functions such as happy path testing, integration testing. Etc.
  • Automated Testing- A computer program conducts this testing by using tools such as selenium, Assure Click. Etc. Above all, the computer program validates and reviews or app.

Levels Of Salesforce Testing:

Salesforce testing is of five levels, that are Unit testing, System testing, UAT testing, Production Testing, and Regression Testing.

  • Unit Testing- It facilitates writing the clauses in their code that tests its coverage. Further, it helps in assessing the number of records that are affected. In addition, Apex developers do this testing.
  • System Testing- It assists in providing a solution for a program with mechanized rules. An expert in Salesforce conducts this testing and it includes evaluating a system’s technical process thoroughly.
  • UAT Testing- The application users do this testing. It identifies whether the system can support the business process or not.
  • Production Testing- It helps to identify whether config and code have been correctly deployed or not. In other words, it is just a repetition of System testing but in a productive environment.
  • Regression Testing- This testing is executed after deploying enhancement to the production. In addition, it is done to know whether the code and config released are affecting the existing user process or not.

Need Of Salesforce Testing:

Salesforce testing lets a user test the utility of time-based events. It can fix the issues of a system and is loaded with features that let a user check the working conditions and the functionality of a system.

Above all, Salesforce testing facilitates a tester to confirm that the initial build of a system can meet the requirements. Above all, it also helps to verify that whether the system can support a client’s business process.

Requirement Of QA Team:

QA team is responsible for understanding the requirements of a company. They execute manual testing and team members need to compute the data and set it up. Apart from it, this team is accountable for the following tasks-

  1. It creates the test data to perform testing
  2. Facilitates the system enhancement
  3. Providing new and useful ideas.
  4. In addition, it assists in Allocating SFDC and TWOD
  5. Organizing the demos for clients
  6. After that, granting the developer tea with detailed documentation.

Job Opportunities In Salesforce Test:

Salesforce is the leading Client Relationship Platform and has uses in a number of businesses. Moreover, this CRM tool will be highly demandable in near future too, as it has great significance in uplifting a running business. Those professionals who have experience in QA testing are able to jump to various other IT careers too.

In addition, the career in this stream is vat and one can achieve it by developing great Salesforce skills. In addition, there are many Salesforce QA Testing Training Institute in Delhi and other cities that can help you. Here are some job titles that are open for salesforce QA testers.

  • Senior Manual Tester
  • SFDC Manual Tester
  • Salesforce QA Analyst
  • SDFC Test Lead
  • Software Quality Engineer
  • Salesforce QA
  • Salesforce Quality Assurance Tester
  • Team Lead
  • Automation Tester
  • IT Quality Assurance Automation Analyst
  • Consultant
  • Senior Tech Specialist
  • QA Manager


As Salesforce plays an important role in the progress of a business, it’s very important to get it tester on a regular basis. Salesforce testing helps in identifying and solving the issues in a system. In conclusion, there are various career opportunities for a Salesforce tester and this skill has a bright future in it.

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