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Top 5 Tips for Making Your Bedroom Look Bigger

Having a beautiful space where you sleep is paramount to your health and well-being. It is very easy to make a small bedroom look bigger with some simple tips. In this article, I’ll teach you all about the different ways you can make a small bedroom look bigger.

1. Choosing the Right Paint

Selecting paint is one of the most significant decisions you can make when remodelling your apartments in Calicut. While this is not always true, in general, the wrong choice of paint can make a room look smaller than it actually is, while a great choice can make it look bigger.

The best thing to do is to take your time and consider all the options, and then do some research and experimentation before making the final decision. This will help you find the right combination of colours and finishes. If you can’t be bothered to choose paint at all, ask a friend who has painted recently what colours they used. On average, this should give you a good idea of what colours to avoid.

Do not assume that because one brand looks good in another’s home it will look good in yours. There are many variables that affect how colours look in different rooms, so don’t trust just one person’s experience.

2. The Style of Painting

Paintings can make a room look bigger. It’s easy to see why: the normal way we measure a room is by standing in it and looking around. Paint the walls of your bedroom in light pastel colours. You can opt for light blue or green or yellow but avoid dark colours. Dark colours will make the room look small and narrow, when in fact it is well-sized. The best colour you can get for this room is white because it is neutral and also goes well with many colours.

Paint the ceiling light green. The walls are light, so you need something that makes them stand out. White is not a good colour for this purpose because it turns yellowish when exposed to sunlight, which will quickly happen if you have a window in the room. If you have an artificial window instead of natural sunlight, use white paint there too.

3. Keep Away From the Clutter

A cluttered room is hard to live in. A cluttered mind is harder. Some people crowd their bedrooms with furniture; others, like the writer Edward Hoagland, who is famous for continuously living in one small room, put it about how much stuff there is in his tiny house.

Both strategies work. They make the room look bigger and they increase the feeling of personal space. But if you want the benefits of a cluttered room without the drawbacks, there’s another way.

The people who have a big bedroom often have a lot of things they don’t really need in there. They have a lot of stuff they haven’t used very often. And they have stuff that doesn’t fit anywhere else in the house. If you can identify all that clutter and clear it out, then your bedroom will look pretty big even since you haven’t moved anything around.

Mirrors are an easy way to make the bedroom look bigger. It doesn’t matter how big the bedroom is; it can still look bigger if you put up a mirror between the bed and the door. The more mirrors, the better.

If your bedroom is small, you can also use mirrors to make it look bigger than it is. Put one on each wall opposite the bed. If that doesn’t do it, put some on the ceiling too.

4. Vertical Storage

There’s a simple trick I use to make the most of my bedroom. I store things on walls rather than floors and ceilings. This is because your eyes get used to seeing things in perspective, and you get the idea that the things you see are bigger than they actually are.

To see what I mean, stand at arm’s length from a wall and look upwards: nothing seems to be rising up against the wall because it looks like it is just sitting there. But if you were standing in front of the same wall, you’d be able to see the tops of all the objects on it.

This works for spaces too: if you put shelves or racks right up against a wall, you’ll think they are bigger than they look. So make sure your bed doesn’t block your view of your bedside table.

5. Upholstery and Textures

One of the best ways to make your bedroom look bigger is to use monotony in colours. The monotony of colour makes the bedroom seem larger because it limits the range of hues that can be used.

This is not new. Well over a century ago, Bauhaus designers noticed that, in some parts of Europe, colourful walls made small spaces seem large. Decades later, monochromatic schemes began to appear on interior decorating magazines. A new generation of interior designers has taken this concept further by using monochromatic schemes on everything- from the floors to the furniture to tchotchkes to accessories and even rugs.

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