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What you should know about laser stretch mark removal

Many people have stretch marks, and it occurs naturally, so there is little or nothing you can do to prevent them. However, if you’re not comfortable with your stretch marks, there are ways to remove them with the available revolutionary technology.

One way to remove your stretch mark is by using laser treatment. This treatment can reduce the appearance of your stretch marks. Following laser treatment, your skin will likely look refreshed, renewed and tightened.

Does laser stretch mark removal work?

Different medical studies have found laser treatments to stimulate collagen production, which helps improve the appearance of scars and stretch marks. Laser treatment is one of the most effective treatments for reducing stretch marks’ visibility.

Laser treatment modifies the affected area, which thickens collagen, and the absorption of light promotes the growth of new skin. The new cells aid tissue changes until they form healthy skin. To achieve a noticeable change, you need several laser stretch mark removal sessions.

The laser technology uses a ‘heat and heal’ strategy to enhance the appearance of the skin surface. When the laser heats the skin surface, the energy damages the cell beneath the skin surface, stimulating collagen production. This is the healing phase, and it occurs throughout the skin. The collagen produced will help enhance a healthy and smooth skin surface.

Causes of stretch mark

Different factors are responsible for stretch marks. They include:

  • Pregnancy
  • Weight fluctuations
  • Weight lifting
  • Accelerated growth in adolescent years
  • Genetics

Stretch marks start from thin grooves with a reddish look, and as the mark gets older, they have a silvery-white appearance. Stretch mark grooves can affect both women, men and adolescents in the following areas:

  • Hips
  • Breast
  • Stomach
  • Buttocks
  • Underarms
  • Thigh
  • Upper arms

What are stretch marks?

In most cases, stretch marks result from weight gain or loss and pregnancy due to collagen breakdown. Although stretch marks can’t disappear, you can undergo treatment to make them less visible.

The red, purple or white lines on the skin are due to rapid and excessive expansion of the skin surface. When your skin stretches, collagen-based formation on that area can break or rupture. The rupture makes the marks stretch and becomes thin, forming scar tissues that create a rad and long mark, known as a stretch mark.

Stretch marks

Stretch marks are a very common type of skin imperfection. In some cases, people mistake the lesions for scars. New marks on the skin are usually red and purple, but the older marking is silver and white.

When you have a stretched area that is red, the laser helps reduce inflammation to enhance the formation of new skin.

Pregnant women are more likely to have lines on their abdomen. About 90% of women develop stretch marks in their sixth to the seventh month of pregnancy, while adolescents develop skin lesions around their puberty period. Stretch marks on the stomach and thighs are more common for young, maturing adults.

Although stretch marks do not result in any medical issues, most people find them to be a concern cosmetically.

Who is suitable for stretch marks removal using laser therapy?

Most people can undergo laser treatment to remove stretch marks, but those with olive, light or slightly darker skin tones and a fair complexion are ideal for this therapy.

People have varying stretch marks, and there’s no standard procedure to suit everyone. This means each person who wants to undergo stretch mark removal with a laser has a customised treatment plan.

  • Newer stretch marks

These stretch marks are seen as lifted red lines. To remove these stretch marks, you need an Excel V laser-focused on your blood vessels. Lines with extensive pigmentation have a better chance of improving.

After about 6 months to 2 years, the marks become thinner and whitish, which are harder to improve. However, there are some exceptions. If your stretched marks are thicker, laser treatment can make them thinner, and the depressed stretch marks can fade with time.

This laser can regenerate beautiful, smooth and healthy skin. Using this laser reduces the visibility of stretch marks and gives better results than other methods for removing skin imperfections.

Does laser treatment for stretch marks hurt?

Most people who have undergone laser treatment to remove their stretch marks report slight stinging during the procedure. This occurs because as the energy from the laser radiates on the skin, it produces pulsations. You may decide to have a topical anaesthetic applied before the procedure.

How many treatments are necessary?

During your consultation, the cosmetic specialist can tell how many treatments you need to notice changes. In most cases, laser treatment for removing stretch marks is effective. However, the success of the treatment usually depends on the age and prevalence of the stretch marks. Extensive areas and older stretch marks may need more sessions.

How long will it take to notice the results?

Most people notice changes within a couple of weeks, but the final result may take months to become noticeable. Most patients need about 2 – 4 treatments done 1 – 3 months apart.

Are there side effects?

Similar to other cosmetic procedures, laser treatment for stretch marks has some side effects, but they are few and rarely severe. Possible side effects may include reddening and slight swelling of the skin. Some people may also notice slight bruising.

Following the procedure, the affected area may turn red and tender because the laser eliminates the layers of damaged skin to allow room for new and healthy skin.

What are some benefits of laser removal treatment for stretch marks?

When you undergo laser treatment for stretch marks, you enjoy the following benefits:

  • No treatment downtime
  • Minimal side effects
  • Comfortable treatment sessions
  • Smoother and more attractive skin without surgery
  • Enhanced skin appearance

For smoother and stretch mark-free skin, you can visit Fiore Aesthetics to undergo laser treatment. You can also call on 020 7240 8600 to book a consultation, make enquiries about our treatments or discuss your concerns with our cosmetic expert.

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