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Top 8 Tips for Decorating A Small Living Room

You might be wondering what changes could you possibly make in a small apartment to make it supposedly look less small? Well, we have gathered a few tips, tricks, and small living room ideas to help you. There is no need for a bigger apartment to have a beautiful home interior. Although, you have to mindfully plan your area and elements in the room.

At Oye Turtle interior design studio, we have the best interior designers in Delhi who regularly encounter a lot of clients with a small living room wanting to refurbish their homes. If you are new to the concept of interior design then follow this article through. Let us take you on a ride and show you how you can achieve a great home interior with minimalistic changes that don’t even require big space to look magnificent. 

Let’s Start Decorating The Small Living Room!


  • Bring in the Patterns

Patterns. It is probably an unexplored zone for most people new to the concept of interior design. Patterns relate to the illustrative space and ideas. The scope to play around with patterns is quite vast. You can play safe by going for wall patterns and designs. Moreover, this is transformative because of its visual appeal and graphical nature. You should definitely explore this one. 

  • Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the smartest of them all? Of course, the people who use mirrors wisely are the smartest! When talking about home décor, using mirrors to your advantage is an excellent move. You can not only make your room look bigger but also add more dimension to it. You can also bring in more natural lighting by the smart placement of mirrors.

  • Own Your Small Living Space- Mini Furniture

With small space, you have to be mindful of the size of elements in your interior. This does not mean you can not bring in big furniture or a nice bookshelf or your favorite coffee table décor! It simply means that you have to choose which element in your space will be a prominent one. Keep one big item in a room and the rest of the furniture can be mini. There are so many classy living room furniture ideas and styles available in the market these days. You can never go wrong with a piece of modern mini furniture.

  • Get That Big Textured Rug

Again, just like the furniture. If you have a small space, it doesn’t mean that you can’t opt for bigger items. You just have to be mindful of what you add to your interiors and how much. We discussed the importance of pattern in the first and foremost point. And a beautiful rug adds just that. Use a big rug with a suitable design and color. It adds more pattern, texture, and appeal to your space.

  • Use Your Living Room Height

Look up. Look at all of that space. Yes, I am talking about the top part of your walls. Could you use that space somehow? Make good use of the vertical height of your room by bringing in stylish shelving or tall modernized bookshelves to make up for the space. It will give you the opportunity to have some extra space on the floor as well.

  • Organized Living Room Space Planning

More doesn’t mean better. Keep things minimal, bold, and classic. With a small living room, there is no scope for lack of planning. You have to be very specific about the placement of the prominent elements in your living room such as the furniture, table, and sofas.

  • Cubicle? Or Partitioning With Grace

One major issue that small apartment owners face is obviously, a lack of space. And then, there is an urge to separate your areas for sleeping, working, cooking, reading, and more. At this point, many people make the huge mistake of getting “partitions”. A BIG NO-NO. Getting partitions will only make your small room look like an even smaller one that resembles a cubicle.

Instead, you can use clever tactics such as separating your spaces by using distinguished wall colors, sheer curtains, or a small glass partition with beautiful textures.

  • Let there be Light, Let there be life

Natural lighting is the best friend for a small and compact living room. Remember to plan the placement of your items in a way that you receive a good amount of natural sunlight in your room. This will add more to the vibes and dimension of the present elements in the room. Play around with reflections and light in a smart way.


Focusing upon the scale and proportion should be your main concern when thinking about small living room decoration ideas. You can have a luxurious yet small and compact living room with all these minimal changes.

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