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What Are The Uses Of Informatica?

Informatica is a data integration tool that provides quality service by facilitating ETL. This tool is capable enough of connecting and extracting data from multiple sources. In addition, this data integration software is available in three different versions that are standard edition, advanced edition, and premium edition. Every edition has been used at separate levels and one can pursue a course in them from Informatica Training in Gurgaon.

What Is ETL?

Extract, transform, and load (ETL) is a process that has uses in extracting, transforming, and loading data from multiple sources. Above all, this process is responsible for joining the data from various sources and transforming it into a single store. It is a significant way to process the data and is the building block of data analytics. ETL has uses in various sectors because it helps in the following tasks.

  • Extracting the data
  • Cleansing and organizing it
  • Restructuring the keys
  • Packing the organized data into the database
  • Managing advanced analysis
  • Providing the business assistance
  • Indexing the data

Apart from these, ETL is used, to sum up, the data and manage the metadata. Moreover, this tool is capable enough of tracking and recording the changes that are made in the source data.

Functioning Of ETL

ETL works on three basic concepts that are (extract, transform and load). Usually, it takes place when the traffic is lowest during the off timings. The best way to understand this process is to know about the workings of every particular step.

  • Extract- This data extraction process is responsible for exporting the data from different locations or sources into a staged area. In addition, SQL or NoSQL servers, CRM, and ERP systems, Email and Web pages are some of the locations from which ETL can extract the data.
  • Transform- After Extracting, the data goes through some processing so that it can be used analytically. In this process, the data goes through filtration and validation. Moreover, ETL also conducts audits to check the quality of data. After that, performing calculations and formatting the data into tables takes place.
  • Load- This is the last step of ETL and in this, the transformed data is moved to the data warehouse. This process includes loading the data initially as well as periodically.

Uses Of Informatica ETL Tool

Informatica has uses wherever there is an availability of data systems. This tool conducts various functions like cleaning and modifying the data and assists in performing the tasks at the backend. In addition, Informatica has plenty of useful features like integrating data, scheduling data tasks. Etc.

To know about the uses of this software, one needs to understand why data integration is so necessary. Data is the requirement of every company nowadays and moreover; large companies have huge pieces of data collected. Data Integration helps in collating, combining, and comparing various databases so that they can communicate and interact with each other.

Informatica has many real-time uses such as data migration, application integration, data warehousing. Etc. Informatica makes use of Extract, Transform & Load (ETL) architecture to integrate the data. This tool has multiple uses in various sectors and businesses. Give below are some of the sectors Informatica is used.

  • Government Organizations
  • Healthcare Industries
  • Financial Sectors
  • Telecom Sector
  • Insurance Services

Career Options In Informatica

The need of combining the data with the cloud has made Informatica one of the most useful tools in the corporate world. Above all, this has opened various doors of career opportunities in this tool. In addition, this career is very promising for professionals in this skill as ETL is highly demanding.

Informatica has multiple uses in various organizations and a number of educational organizations provide training in it. Above all, metropolitan cities have an abundance of job opportunities related to this and someone who wishes to peruse a career in it can look for Informatica Training in Noida. Given below are some of the job titles that a professional in Informatica can achieve.

  • Informatica developer.
  • Informatica Consultant.
  • Customer Success Manager
  • MDM developer.
  • Informatica Administrator.
  • Informatica Application Developer.


Informatica is a data integration tool that has uses in loading the data and exporting the functions. It works on the components of ETL and is beneficial for multiple sectors. This tool has high demands and is better than its competitors as it facilitates a user with a wide range of products. In conclusion, Informatica comes with good career opportunities.


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